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Saturday, November 21, 2009

They Are Disappearing

I am talking about good farmers in my area. First our friend who sells us raw milk and organic beef. Then the state made him quit because they are asking too many things to be certify. Now, he moved away and started working for someone else instead. He is glad because he don't have to deal with government officials telling him what to do and how to do it. We would gladly take the cows from him but we don't have a big place to pasture it.

We were buying raw milk from a farm that is not organic. Plus they mass produce their milk and not even close to our friends raw milk. It made us feel icky just buying from them because they don't even believe about the common law. We finally had it, and a few days back DH pick up the phone and ask our friends who got his cows. We went there today and bought 6 gallons of raw milk. DH the the owner got into little discussion and he was also thinking about quitting because the business is slow. Our friends costumers did not follow the cows there apparently. He is hurting and he doesn't even own the place. He is only renting it.

DH and I was thinking, maybe we can find other people to go with us and buy a property big enough for this cows and move the cows there that would be a lot better. We already have a farmer, he can live in the farm to take care of the cows and we will have a never ending supply of milk. Almost like P2V or V2V Migrations, not really because we are moving cows. The farmer can earn money buy selling organic eggs, meat, cheese and raw milk. We don't have really have planned lay out but we think it will work.

The problem is where to find people to put shares on doing this. We are getting sick of the government coming and putting this good/organic farmers out of business. Free market is a very good idea, and I know corporation people will not agree because they have to compete with tiny businesses. That is the beauty of it, plenty to choose from.

We should just move to the boonies where is not accessible for this people. You will need to fly a helicopter just to give me a message. That would be my dream. Self sufficient, off the grid living.


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