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Sunday, November 15, 2009

What A Nice Day

We had a high of 66°F today. Of course my kids and I were outside playing and trying to soak up all the sun and vitamin C that we can get. Not to bad for the next few days because 55° F is pretty much tolerable in our area. And don't get me started with one of our neighbor, she will be out there in the thirties and regular clothing. However, she is much bigger than me and I think she have extra layers there to keep her warm. Even the wasps are out and about all over today. I killed a few of them, I don't want them making nests outside my own.

My in laws came to visit, as usual they brought us raw milk and as usual they are still not understanding what is really going on in our country. There is my PIL who can understand most of it and can never explain the other side of what we tell them, and my MIL who simply refuses to acknowledge that we are not free, that we don't have laws except for the common law and the constitution. That all others are not law (e.g. speed limit, taxes) but simply statutes, codes, and regulations. She is fine with all of it until it something is affecting her. It's ok for her not to wear a sit belt as long as other does. She is against us making our own hydrogen but she is fine with it when someone else (professional) can put it in her car for her own use.

She is amazing and I know plenty/many/lots of people is just like her. People will be for cleaner air but it does not bother them when they buy products that came all the way from China. Your SUV that you drive 15 minutes to work will be ban, but they don't ban the big freight that travels from Asia to North America. They will ban you for making a garden in your land to have your own food, but they don't see that by doing so they are making more pollution to our environment because of this big shipping lines. And you call yourself environmentalist, I think you people are just after the money like the government, churches and other organizations approved by government.

I take care of my environment but it does not bother me when property owner do something in their property. It's their property not mine, cut your own trees, make it as crappy as you want, I can care less. I do not tell you how to live your life but please stay from mine and everything that belong to me. What I do with mine is not your business and what you do with yours is not my business. But when you start telling others how to do things and make ridiculous regulations to accommodate what you want, we have a problem.


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