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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Claimed 100 Percent

Apparently, my MIL is the whole reason why we have a very curious little daughter, who wanted to learn about everything and anything she lays her eyes on. DH and I have nothing to do at all about her personality. (eyes rolling) She can't wait for someone else to praise her on what she did for her. The more I know here the more I'm starting not liking her.

She was our baby sitter on the first six-month of life, let's make that four months of her life. I went back to work when she was 2 or 3 months old. Mind you, she refused to change her clothes because I do not put it out and tell her which clothes she needs to wear for that day. I told showed her which drawers are her but her argument was she don't want to go on someone else drawers. So, she rather left her soaking yet clothes the whole day while I was at work.

I will agree that she talked a lot to the kids, but how much will they learn from that age? She also claimed that she always held her everywhere she goes, and oh that's why she (DD) feel off the couch a few times. She said that she turned away for a second and the next thing she heard was a boomed. Yea right, I bet her that she totally forgot about her on the couch, and I remind her not to leave her on it. Just put her on the floor where she can roll and do whatever and not to worry about falling.

I also hated it when she feed her and not even bothering holding her in her arms. She just put a pillow under her head and let the poor kid try sucking on air because she doesn't know how to hold a baby bottle yet the correct way. She hardly wiped her face after eating and has dry milk all over her face when I get home in the afternoon. She held her like she is holding a 1 year old kid. I would think that you will hold a baby so delicately.

I know this whole post is pathetic, I feel despair because she was claiming that she was the perfect sitter. She was also claiming that home schooling was not an option when her kids are little. Did she even watched the old show that the kids never went to school and their mother's are the one responsible for their education? How can she claim that she doesn't know about it? What I think is she refuses to get stuck with her kids while her husband was at work. And every summer she sent her kids away in some camp and claimed that she wrote them a letter everyday and reminded them on how much she misses them. Oh my the lies, and she also claimed to be very religious. So, white lies are not a sin for her. We all know that every mother/parents can educate their own kids at home, then and now.

DH and I just let it go because we are afraid that his father will hear all of it if we make her mad. We always thought of her as missing some screws and arguing to her about stuff like that will make her loss some more. Why is it so hard to for people to understand the right and wrong. It depends on an individual is not suffice. Wrong is still wrong and right is still right however you present it, isn't it? Just thinking about the whole thing is making my back hurt again, ugh.


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