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Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Lot of People Still Doesn't Know

DH and I was very surprise that one of his friends still doesn't know about the "global warming" was/is a hoax. We are pretty sure that they will come up of something next to get other people believe in it. DH knew all about this since it started a long time ago. Even his mother who is somewhat awake talks about this thing that she never likes people cutting trees. Ok, tree lover what do you have to say now. Well, that is what I call her inside my head. I can't really answer back to her because I feel bad for her husband. When she gets going/arguing about these things she gets mad at him, and he will hear it all the way to their house and even until they go to sleep.

Are people these days needing something to believe in and are so brain wash that they can't think for themselves? They believe so many lies, and they also spread such lies. And I bet you they will still argue that the North Pole is still melting. Do you mean that the North Pole or South Pole should stay frozen forever? Our world is very old and climate change so much. Did you get it, "IT CHANGES EVERYDAY"? Go right ahead and take care of our environment, but don't you ever tax me for it.

CARBON TAX my behind. We need carbon dioxide to inhale oxygen, do you know that? Without carbon dioxide, there will be no oxygen. Get over it people, if you really want something to believe in, try believing the high power, the high Almighty, the creator, the common law. Then only then you can talk to me about what you believe.


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