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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We Told The Kids The Truth

I know plenty of parents will not agree to what we did but hey we may as well start while they are young. Not to mention I can care less what other parents does about the whole celebration in about nine days.

Our oldest is nine years old and our youngest is three. We both know that the youngest one will never understand but, we both know he will catch on. We (DH and I) that we will not celebrate Christmas with a Santa Claus. We like them to know that Christmas is not about gifts, Santa, and Christmas Tree. Rather as a celebration when our Savior was born. We still have gifts for them but not gifts from Santa anymore. But gifts from us because we like them to have it.

I was never brought up to believe about Santa and gifts anyway. I rather have my old tradition put into works with ours. DD already opened one of her present and all my boys wanted to wait until Christmas to open theirs. Yes, we gave them a choice to open the gifts early or wait.

I was brought up to go to church early Christmas morning. We always have plenty of food and delicacies to munch on. And what I like the most was visiting every family member to catch up on things, chats, singing Christmas Carols and just simply hanging out (and Meeting plenty of cousins (2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on). Listening to old people telling stories way back when, on how they survive not having technology and other things that we can't live without now a days. Common law was widespread back then.

I want my kids to at least appreciate what they have now and to learn to be grateful. I don't want them to grow up believing with none-sense that was brought up by the corporation to earn money. We are not religious and we don't have religion but we believe in spirituality. We believe in the bible and we don't like calling "God" god because it spells Dog backwards. We call them our "Creator or the High Almighty". Bible has been written so many times and we think that someone somewhere trying to sabotage the name of our Creator. Then we come to the word LIVE, and you know what that means when written the other way.

Why did GOD become DOG and the bad become LIVE? What are they trying to say with this words? That GOD is and will always act like dogs and the EVIL will and always be LIVELY/LIVING and live forever? I refused to acknowledge the two, I believe the CREATOR and the High Almighty.


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