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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Working Outside in the Storm

Yes, we have another snow storm today. It started early in the afternoon, the grocery stores are packed again this morning when I went out. I tried to get out there early to beat the rush but they all have the same idea to come out early too. I hate shopping when the grocery stores are crowded. I can't take it.

DH is out making some money from the storm. He will not come home until it is over and every customer is plowed. I packed him, some snacks and plenty of coffee. The coffee will not be enough but Wawa is everywhere and open 24 hours. He also bought a water proof boot today to stay warmer.

He will be very tired when he gets done and probably will sleep all day tomorrow. Yes, someone has to shovel and plow snow. And one of them is DH. Keep warm DH. The bad thing about it, our driveway is always the last one to get plowed because he does it when he gets home.


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