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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Are You Protected?

If you work outside your house, you are likely to be around other people. Unless you work in the lab somewhere that you are the only person in the room then you don't have to worry about the pandemic that is all over the news these days. I am lucky enough to teach my children at home except for one who's in high school. I would suggest eating healthy meals and washing hands every time you go to the bathroom. If you are still scared of what will happen, you can buy swine flu kits. We don't go out much however, I take precaution by giving my kids vitamin C before going out and washing hands when we get home.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pictures From the Party

As I promise here are a few pictures from DD friend's birthday party. I did not take much pictures because other parents might complaint about pictures taken.

Today is the only time I got on my pc since I brought her to the party. DC is hugging it playing Wolfenstein most of the time. I can't find the driver cd for my camera and I can't transfer the pictures from my camera to the laptop. So, I don't have any choice but to wait for my pc to be free. And today is the day.

It is very hard to take pictures because they are like ticks. They moved too fast for my camera.


Monday, April 27, 2009

The Best Of Time

Mother's day is less than two weeks from now, do have a gift for your love yet? I would suggest to visit website and browse what you get her. As for me, I don't expect much; just a roof over my head and money to pay bills would be the best gift for me. However, I have a mother and a mother in law to buy gifts for. Anyway, best of time dot come is very reputable store because they are a member of better business bureau. That means to me that they take good take their costumer seriously. They also offer a live support if you have any question during your ordering process, or simply call 888-721-1979 and speak to their customer representatives.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Time Swimming

For 2009 season that is. We had the real feel of 90°F today. As soon as we woke up today our house was already warm. Then I cooked breakfast and lunch and the warm turn to hot. DC kept on asking going swimming in the pool today. Being a mom and I can't stand whining i went outside and skimmed the dirt floating on the top and they just dive in (not literally of course). The first time I wet my legs I could have jump out of my skin. Mind you the water is less than knee high for me.

While they were enjoying the cold water I turn on the hose and added more cold water. I think we are half way done with the water. We stayed for almost 4 and 1/2 hour. The sun was beating on us so hard, I put some sun tan lotion on them. I can't get myself swimming in that cold water plus I was getting tired of collecting flower pieces in the water. I left them there for 30 minutes longer because they refuses to get out.

The best part of the day is, my skin have a little tan. Getting it little by little throughout the year is better than getting it at once and getting burnt in the process. DC have color on them too. Two of them past out right now. I tired them out today.


Fitness Buddies

Who doesn't need to loss weight these days? And if you don't you don't need to answer. I am always willing to lose weight, but time is against me. I don't have enough time in a day to do it. Other people have the time somehow, can't do it because they needed a friend to do it with. You can go to an online social network to find a person who likes to work out. You can share diet plans and workout routines. With this online weight loss community you will get a free online fitness trainer, free workout plans and fitness programs, free calorie counter and food journal, and free diet plans & weight loss programs. Check it out and meet your fitness buddy.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

DD Attended Another Birthday Party

We went out early today to do the weekly grocery shopping. Stop by a the bank before coming home to finish the process of opening an account. All the signing and asking portion of it. It took us (DD and I) about an hour, yup with the grocery in my trunk with the 80's temperature.

We had about 1 hour to put the grocery and cook lunch for everyone. We made it to the party, we were only 5 minutes late. The birthday girl's mom was so nice. A few of her past K classmates asked why she does school at home. Poor DD don't have any answer for them. Now I have to teach her how to answer these questions.

I post some pictures later. BTW, I decided to invite all of her past K classmates. They are only 15 of them, well actually 14 because DD does not go there anymore. I will skip the pre-K class because parents and other siblings they take along are included. I don't have the money to spend on more than 14 kids plus parents and siblings. Not to mention my other 4 kids and some relative.

Happy weekend everyone.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Next Time

When entering contests I always wanted to win a free web-hosting from the sponsors however, I will take any prizes given. I am not picky when it comes to free stuff. I love tweaking my own layout but I need to learn a lot more about codes, SEO, tags and so on. I will need some time to read blogs about these things.

Is there any such thing as green web hosting? How can they make such thing, I ask myself? However reading different web hosting that's around, I learned why they call it green or echo friendly. I think it is nice what they do for our environment but... there is always "but" from a person like me. I like clean air and all that stuff but I don't go out of my way to let other people know how I try to make it better. I think as a user of this planet that we should do our best to protect it. I don't need the support of anyone. If everyone cares enough about this planet we don't have to worry about anything.

And since most people on this planet does not care, we are forced by authorities to follow laws (which I think is un-constitutional) about conservation, even on our own property.


I Won 6th Place

This is from Dore's Diaries blog anniversary giveaway. Remember my post entering her contest here on April 8th? I won the 6th place for US only giveaway. This is very nice to look at early in the, a very nice way to end a week for sure. And we are going to have such a nice weather today until Monday. I am so bless, thank you so much Dore and to everyone who makes my days full of good things and to all the nice people in blogosphere.

You guys may want to try your luck with her giveaways too. She have so many of them, you can choose to enter all of it or just the one you like. I will give you an update and the picture of what I won next (a shirt and Pillsbury home calling gift basket).


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Birthday Party For DD

Her birthday is May 6 and she wanted to have a birthday party. Last year we had our friend and his 2 siblings for her party. Plus our whole family of course. There are 14 people total and we did it here in our house. Now we are planning about inviting some of here classmates from the public school and do the party in a bowling alley.

It would be $10 per child, they can bowl for two hours, soda for a drink (I wish they have juice but I can do), pizza or hot dog and they provide napkins, plastic spoons & forks and plates. They also take care of the invitations and I provide the names and addresses and the birthday cake.

Please help with the situation here: Should I invite kids that she does not know from her class? I don't have anything to say to their parent/s when they come. Should I also invite the kids she know on her pre-K class? At least these people I saw and talk to so many times while waiting for my DD to come out of her class. Or is that too much because they haven't seen each other since June 2008? BTW, this is only the second birthday party she will have that other kids are invited. In addition, please give me some idea on what to put inside the goody bag something cheap yet nice.

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do You Need Contest Sponsors?

Let me know if you do. I am trying to get rid of my EC credits. I know they will buy it from us for $1 per 1000 credit. With that you need to sign up and put all your information including your SS#. Then after all that they can't promise that they will buy all your credits from you. One dollar is not even enough for my 3 days hard work.

I wish I'm savvy about this things, I can start my very own EC. It will not be EC but the same concept. You can sell your credits for real money, just like the old EC used to do.

Ahh, if only. To those who are having contests, giveaways, sweepstakes, it doesn't matter let me know. I am willing to sponsors all of you. I may as well use this credit to widen my links.


Monday, April 20, 2009


My hair is getting too long for me. DH and I both agree that I should get it cut, and I said cut meaning chop it all off. And here is the result from yesterday.

In This Life of OursThis is before going out and getting it cut.

In This Life of OursHere is the after, all gone.
DC kept telling me that I look like "lola" grandma (my mother). Drastic I think so, but I'm looking at this as less time to do my hair after a shower.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ready for the Summer

Our pool that is. I finally finish cleaning it today after coming from grocery shopping. I left the house around 7:30 in the morning planning on getting everything done. I went to two store as usual and went to the farm to get a few gallons of raw milk.

I got there, I was looking for my debit card and could not find it (I used checks paying for the groceries). I had to drive away to go to the bank. I have two checks with me to be deposited but since I started pretty early most of the banks were not open yet. So, I went to the bank close to my house and cash the checks. Then drive back to the farm to buy milks. It took me about an hour doing the whole process.The whole shopping thing should have taken me 2 hours, but I did not get home until 11 or so.

However, the good new is everything are clean and just waiting for the water. All the floaty are clean and ready to be use. Yaay, DC and I can't wait. I'll be dark


Friday, April 17, 2009

Nice Weather

We are having such a nice weather since yesterday. I know for sure that it went up above 60°F yesterday and today were up to 69°F. And I bet it's warmer in Arizona today. One of the states we are considering moving into. If we find a house and lot that we can afford we are definitely moving over there. It would be nice to have our own landscape design that will last in every season. Not like where we are now, to have a nice looking landscape we have to re-do them every six months to go with the season.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vincent Shoes Giveaway

Have you heard the phrase "April showers brings May flowers". My kids loves to play outside in spring (they can't wait to have nicer weather) especially right after the rain. They can make 4 pairs of shoes dirty in only a few hours. If you have kids you know what I am talking about. They grow up too fast and the boots I bought for them are whether broken or too small and I don't buy a pair every year. Anyhow, look at the images below. I have a chance of winning one at Peanut Butter and Smelly's Dad. Getting something for free is a blessing. The shoes are courtesy of Vincent.

This would be better if they have matching umbrellas and raincoats. However, I will take anything for free that we can use. Go over to and try winning a $75 gift certificate to Vincent shoes.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Favorite Song

We have 2 DVD's of this movie and we always take it with us when we go for a drive. We (DH and I) both like the beat of this song. Happy and uplifting song. I read somewhere the English version but I like it the way it is, we pronounce the letters the same way and I can easily sing along. Plus, I used to dance (Hawaiian dance) this in grade school program during United Nation's day. Very easy steps and the part I like most was throwing my hips around just like the way they do in this movie or the actual show while wearing coconut leaves skirt, fun times. Too bad the pictures was ruined with too much humidity (Phil). They all got stuck together and we tried separating them, but the color was mix with others and we get a very colorful piece of paper. We can't make out who's in the

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the music.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wolfenstein Anyone?

This is what my 34 month old DS (youngest) doing early in the morning. We only have 4 pc that can play certain games. So, what does he do early in the morning after waking up? Playing the Wolfenstein game on his brother's pc. We have enough pc for everyone not including the school computers, but like I said the other three can not handle certain games. Same reason why I can't use my own pc after school. They play games on it and I end up using the laptop.

The above photo was taken early this morning. Most of the time I put him in the server with mostly BOT (robot), however he gets kick out often when other people come in and join. He does not follow the other direction because he can't understand them and can not read what they are typing to him. And sometimes he will accidentally shot one of his team mates and gets ban from the server. Then I will hear him yelling and crying. Right now he is the only one playing, no BOT and no other people, which is good for him.


Monday, April 13, 2009

9th Prize Winner

Moi of course, lol thank you so much to momgen. I think I am in the winning streaks now...I know I got lucky three times in a row. What they says "they come in three's", I hope not. I have two other entrees at two other bloggers. Then again, I can't win every

Thank you very much for the sponsors who already sent me their prizes. Life is good, I appreciate every thing.

9th Prize: 5,000 Winner: In This Life Of Ours
* 500 EC - Diva Fabulosa
* 500 EC - The Pinay Blogger
* 500 EC - Chica Chika
* 500 EC - Health and Beauty Diva
* 500 EC - Davao Life
* 500 EC - Love's Haven
* 500 EC - So Much To Tell
* 500 EC - Mother Knows Best
* 500 EC - Hairstyle Digest
* 500 EC - Movie Spoiler
* 1 month 125x125 ad space - Davao Food Trip

* 1 hanes longsleeve - My Life's Adventure Winner: In This Life Of Ours


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

DC did not went to bed last night until about 11pm. That means they woke up today pretty late. We had to wake them up to collect the eggs outside left by the Easter Bunny. They had chocolate for breakfast (I know bad) and for lunch. Actually I don't think they ate anything for lunch because we ate dinner around 2:30pm. We waited for my in-laws to come before eating, not to mention they are the one who brought the food in. All I have to do is clean the house and make it

My youngest DS past out around 5pm, hopefully he will sleep all the way till morning to catch up on his sleep. It is very windy today, best for flying kite. SIL brought the kids a kite each and they had fun flying it today. They also played with bubbles, they don't even have to worry about blowing it. The wind does a pretty good job on it.

I was kinda surprise that the whole family came today. I thought when DH told me about her sister coming today was up in the air. That is why I did not bother cleaning yesterday. However, everyone came and I don't have any food to prepare. So, they brought the food with them.

DH and I met our niece new beau, thank goodness she got rid of the other one. We are hoping the new one is much better. I wish DH step up and talk to our nieces about things like these. I can't step up because I'm the one came in this family.

SIL announced that she is getting married sometimes in July. She is not sure what day yet. Her fiance is a lot better today. He talked a lot more than the last time I saw him. Remember my post complaining that he used my DC to get the family's approval. DH and I are still wary around him, he can't be trusted in our opinion. However, he treat my SIL well from what I heard from her.


Friday, April 10, 2009

I Made It

I made it to the bank and back. I ran into DH at one stop asking me if I bought any junk food. Stinker wanted something sweet. So, right now I am creaming the sugar and butter to make cookies again. Since we can't eat, well actually we can however, respecting today is we decided not to consume meat. Instead of meat, we will eat cookies for Just kidding, I am also preparing fried rice with shrimp and eggs for dinner. Everyone seems to like it except my 8 years old that is very picky.

Running into DH today is exceptional. We can chat even for a few minutes without any kids bothering us. Its always nice to have those moments.


Found It At...

Locating anything these days is very easy, thank goodness for internet. All you have to do is type in what you are looking for and instantly locate it. Just like FS6U compression that my husband needed for the cable internet we are using. I can finally watch TV on my computer. The FS6U compression connector will fit any RG6 or RG6 quad shielded cable. You will also find F, RCA and BNC connectors at We home school and we had to run cables to the classroom in our house. My husband do all of our cable wiring inside our house and the tools needed can be found at the above link.


They Are Open

I called the bank and I found out that they are open today. Regular hours, well actually what ever hours they are open on Fridays (usually extended hours). I think I'll just stop by and leave the kids at home with my 17 years old son supervision. I'm only going to get the paper works to open an account and bring it back tomorrow after DH sign it.


Correction or Restoration

My sister who lives in California, whom I don't talk to anymore, had a correction done a few years back. She said she got it done to have more confidence about her but now I doubt that is what she did it for. I have other hutch but that is whole another stories. I only way I will have something done is to protect my family or for restoration. There is a place not too far from me called Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon, which is lead by Dr. Bucky. Nonetheless, I will keep them in mind when I need the works.


Good Friday

Are government and federal establishment close today? I am thinking about going to the bank and open up a new checking account (changing banks). The other one we had is way too far to go to. And since DC don't have much lessons today, I am thinking about going out. I know they should not do any lessons today, however we are still catching up. As of today their calculated end month are still July and August.

Anyway, I guess I have to make a few phone call to see if they are open or not.


Wood Furniture

Every time my husband and I get to talking about our kitchen on what color I want it to be I always says wood color. I love plain wood color, no paint. It brings the feeling being with nature and it makes everything looks brighter. Furthermore, I don't mind having wood furnitures either. My teenager has one and you can still see the sap bleeding out from where the branch was cut. I showed it to my husband and he told me "that means its real wood honey". I thought once you cut and dry it will not happen anymore, boy was I wrong about that.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Time Again

I will be changing the theme of my blog again. I found a rather nice layout browsing blogs a few days ago and I would like to try it out. So, please bear with me while twicking the codes around. And I decided to change the name also. Thank you so much Shaine for a free layout and theme.

***Blog is being Twick by Nedekcir***


The Timeless Bronze

Bronze is a metal alloy consists primarily of copper with main additive of tin. You can see many of this cast bronze plaques and grave markers around. For example as a marker for love ones grave, honoring our fallen heroes, to recognize donors and sponsors, individual awards and organizations, building dedications, in parks, projects and flagpoles and commemorate life's important achievements, milestones and events. If you want to things I have listed above check out bronze plaque factories in your area for designs and prices. You can also choose from rocks, boulders or trees as recognition, memorial, estate or keepsake.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blog Giveaways

This is for Dore's Diaries 1 year blog Anniversary Giveaway. Did you joined yet? There are so many ways to win and everyone can join. When I said everyone, it means everyone because it does not matter where you are located, she will send you prizes you won (probably not her personally but you know what I mean). I am a sucker for giveaways and contest of any kind, so here I am

Let us check what we can win below:

Giveaway Part 1 - US RESIDENTS ONLY

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Please follow the link to her blog if you want to learn more about this giveaway.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

March Top EC Droppers


Friday, April 3, 2009


DC finish early with their lessons today, again. Every Friday is always the shortest day for them because they have less lessons to do. Anyway, they are all playing a game on the PC. DS#2 is playing Renegade and DS#4 is talking to him. I'm not really sure how the conversation went and this is what I heard. "Am I talking your English or Am I talking my English" this came from my DS#4. I started laughing and asking myself "what English is it"?, I turned around and smile at my DS#4 (he is 4 years old). I should probably listen to them talk all day and listen what they talk about.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Take a Look

We got done pretty early with classes today because we started early this morning. It is very nice outside right now and they are all out there enjoying the the warm weather. I have to stay inside to cook dinner. I am making meatloaf and it takes an hour to cook. I have to do it now before DH gets home.

Can you see the broadcast tomorrow in this image? It's going to rain again! We did have rain all weekend and showers from Monday until yesterday. I guess I should be thankful because mother nature is nice enough to give us one nice day. Can you see the sarcasm there? And don't get me started about Saturday. Well at least we are having 50°F, I think I better get a rope to hold me in place...ha ha ha. I better stop now.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

At Long Last

How long ago did we spring forward? I finally caught up with my sleeping pattern today. I went to bed on time and woke up early today. Yay, catching up is hard work. In the other side, DC are still a little behind and I don't think they will catch up at all. I tried letting them play outside as long as they want but somehow they still get tired enough to go to bed on time.

They go to bed at 8pm, however they still play in their bedroom until they get tired. And the outcome is getting up late. I'm starting not to like this spring ahead and fall back thing. It plays trick with mother nature.


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