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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Twister Hit Our Neighborhood

We are very lucky that it did not hit our street (it happened on Wednesday around lunch time). You can read about it in out local newspaper. A friend in our political group email DH asking if we are ok. This happened about 2 to 3 miles away from us. I was outside weeding our garden when the twister hit our neighborhood. I thought it was just a normal rain, I also heard the siren going on before the heavy rain hit our street. I thought there was an accident like a tree fell into a power line or a house. However, I was correct for the most part just missing the strong wind.

tornado clean-upPocono Record Image

You see the images here and more images here. There are probably more but you search for it where I got this from. DH came home when I was taking a nap and woke me up telling me all about his ordeal to get home that took him an hour because his office is in the other side where the tornado hits. Then we live at the other side of it. He needs to cross where the it happens and all of the roads are close. He has to go east,north, west and then south just to go home. Which he usually just drive south to come home.

I hope those people who are affected have insurance for their houses. If not they will never get their houses back. Poor people, starting all over again. Mind you our area has a lot mountain and from what I heard the damages happened in the valley and our house is in the valley. Thank God we are not affected, the wind could have went where our house is. We are very lucky.

I wanted to post this yesterday but I have to do some phone calls and finish the kids lessons yesterday too. Happy weekend everyone.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (Water Falls)

Lolo & Lola with my 3 kidsDC look cold.

Dingman's Ferry Falls

Digman's Ferry Falls
Can you feel the mist?

The Biggest water falls at Digmans FerryGetting ready for the climb.

View from the side of the water fallsHalf way there.

View from the top of the water fallsCan you see the people at the bottom? Tiny.

These pictures are taken on the very first time my parents visit me. I only have 4 kids then, and didn't even know that I was already pregnant. My Dad enjoyed the little hike we did to get to the top of the water falls. I was behind taking pictures and trying to keep up. DH was laughing at me the whole time because I could not keep up with them. Btw, there are 3 water falls. There are more, but I only showed the tall ones.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random Tuesday @ "Life of Ours"

SIL came in today to take the kids out. She had plan to take all 4 of them but I opt to keep 2 at home. They went to see the movie "G-Force". I was thinking about going but since she did not came in until this afternoon, I am too cheap to pay full price for an entertainment. The two youngest ones I kept at home and they were upset with me. Plus, I feel bad for SIL taking care of all 4 of them by herself, especially being out and about. Remember when we watched Harry Potter?

I missed them when SIL drop them off, because I was in the backyard weeding my garden. I noticed a white car leaving on the side of my eye and dawn to me that it was time for my 2 DC to come home. I was going inside when my cell phone rang, it was my SIL telling me that she dropped off the kids. She thought I was in the bathroom and waited for a little bit but left when I did not come out.

I told where I was and the kids knew where I was. I told them to call me from the window when they needed me. My hands, arms and whole body are aching again. And my skin hurts a little from the sun. I am getting it almost clean, I think I have another week and it should be free of weeds. Then I will finally see how little plants I got in

Yesterday DH stayed home because he don't have much to do at work. And me as usual in front of my pc browsing anything. And I remember that I have been looking for someone to buy me some dried seafood. However, no one is nice enough and I started to look for local listing for Asian store in my area. I am getting tired of driving 2 hours both ways to Parsippany. I was my lucky day, I found 3 of them within one hour drive from where I live (both ways). It sure beat 2 hours anytime, and the best part of it is one of them is 20 minutes (one way) from me. Where they have been all my life? I called them right away but a recording picked up. I spoke to DH and before I was able to ask if we can stop by there, he already knew what I was going to ask and I don't even have to ask him.

We drove down there and they were close. I told him that every time I find one closer to us, they seems to be close to running out of business. I was very disappointed, I finally found one close by and they are close. Plus they don't have hours on the door and when I made the call, the recording did not mention hours either. We went to Rita's instead and had something sweet. We only bought the kids what they wanted and ate after them. We both know that they will never finish any of what they order. Have you tried them yet? They are yummy!

So, today before going outside to weeds, I called the Asian Store again. (Oh yea, I forgot to mention that the store message had a male Filipino voice in it.) The same voice answer the phone from the message. I can tell because of the accent, we did the formality thing with taglish in my part. (I also forgot the tel you that I left a message yesterday just wanting to know the hours. The message in the answering machine was English first then Tagalog. I was trying to use my tagalog but did not came out right. I end up saying everything again in

And since someone answered the phone today, that means that they are still open. They are open 6 days a week and close every Monday. Now, after the kids doctor appointment tomorrow I will try to stop by. Or maybe I should just wait until we need to get raw milk (they are in the same area) then stop there again. I am so happy, an Asian Store...oops make that a Filipino Store close to me. Yay, my house will start to smell like dried seafood very soon. Please don't come un-announce because you will smell

They also have a little eatery inside. They make all the "silog" you can think off. This store will turn me into one lazy momma. All I have to do is go there and buy cook Filipino food any time I want. But if I do that, I will spend more money which I can't afford. I can probably sell some of my vegetables there whenever I get some. Maybe trade for anything I want...hmm. That's an idea.

Ok that's it for now. Enough random blabbering for me...I don't think anyone will read this all the way down here. But if you do, thanks for reading my blabbers.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Hard to Find Handmade Products

It used to be that every local store in town you will find handmade products. I was not in this country then when they are still doing it. They rather sell a mass produced product not even made in this country. This is what is wrong in our country, and I know the merchants are not happy about it in the beginning but their hands are tied and if they wanted to stay in business they need products to sell. The government is to blame because they are driving the small people out of business. And we should unite as a community to protect these people to keep their business running.
My family does just that because we shop at our local antique, farm and general stores. Handmade products made with love can only be found in these stores and if you want to reach more buyers you can join this store and sell your products online. If you got the talent and all you need are people who love to buy or own products that are handmade. Not only people buy things they love but will also helping to boast the market for this kind of products. Please check the link for more information.


Weekend Update "In This Life of Ours"

Here are two shots from my 5 year DS birthday party. It's only our family, PIL and SIL and her new husband showed up later with their new baby a lab mix named Clara. They take her when ever they are visiting family and friends around the area.

Anyway, take a look of my 5yo with his silly smile. He does not like cake much, but I bought a chocolate ice cream that goes with the cake. He ate a lot of the ice cream instead.

Silly Birthday Smile

Opening his present while his older brother anxiously awaits to see what is inside (grampa behind). He was sweaty in this picture because he was outside running around with the dog. Early Saturday morning DH brought him to the local store to pick what he wanted. He got the M-60 plastic toy but they could not find the light saver. DH said they are almost out of floaty and he don't want to take the last ugly and dirty light saver floaty they had and pay the same price.

Opening presentsDH figured out today that the person who makes him yell and mad every time that there is a gathering in our house is his mother. We all believe on what is going in around and somehow she always end up arguing with her only son about things that they both agree on. She always interrupt when someone is talking to tell a story about things, which by the way told us so many times already. Then she will get mad if we let her know she already told us about the story. But she will still continue to tell the story with no point to what is the conversation is about.

Her kids just go with it, because they feel bad about their father. He is the one driving home and they ride together and they know she will keep talking and talking and talking... about what happens and blame her husband about the whole thing. That he should be on her side about everything that is talking about.

A few stories she tells about herself that should not be brought up or hear with anyone comes out once in a while. It sound like to me that she is proud of it, and it brings the questions to my head asking, what are you blaming them because you did not do it before you got married or why did you marry your husband if you are into bikers? And she claimed to be very religious and conservative but socialist, however if a person have very important and useful to say, if they are yelling because no one seems to listen, she hates that person and no respect for her or him. Moreover, they are in the same side but since you are yelling I will not be in your side. Meaning she is against all the things she believes in...screwy there Oh, I hope no one reads my post all the way down here. This is embarrassing... :0


Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Second Time Around

AS you all know my SIL got married two weeks ago. I don't really know what her plans after getting married. She lives in her father's house (vacation house) and her new husband own a house himself. This is not official from her but I heard that she will be moving in with him and I guess my FIL will be selling the vacation house. She have 3 children who are all over 18. He has two boys, I think the oldest is turning 18 soon and a younger ones. I saw them at the wedding but as only in-laws and I am not a socializer (is there a word?).

Her oldest daughter is in the legal age and I think, she lives with his BF parents house now and she goes to college (senior this year). The second one is a young man (20YO) who lives with her at the above said vacation house. I think both of them are moving to the new husband house. The youngest, who is 6 months older than my son (ODS) just finish high school and will be going to our local university in fall is moving to her father's house.

Now the new husband...his ex is supposed to be living across the street of his house and the kids lives with their mother. DH and I both said that we will never live across from our new spouse house if their ex lives across the street. We think that there will be too much tension there. Plus I heard that the ex is not married.

I don't how the kids feel about the whole thing. My SIL side already have their own life (well two of them) and they don't meddle with their mother's life. SIL and I are supposed to go to a movie with my kids on Wednesday. Maybe I will ask her about the whole thing but sometimes I think when I ask too personal questions she never answered them.

Oh yea, they are not planning on having anymore kids. I think what they have was enough for them ans don't want to complicate more what they have now. I will write an update if she answer my questions. If you don't see any update that means she don't want to share any information with me.

In another story our oldest niece is getting married this coming August. She is 25 I believe, and our other niece whom who just finished high school will perform the ceremony or blessing (whatever it is in non-traditional wedding). They gotten' all the proper papers and from what I heard by those papers they are already married. (I don't know exactly). That would be another update to watch for. TTFN.

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Cheap Auto Parts Online

In This Life of Ours
Yes, that is correct and we proven that so a few times. Remember my post talking about my van was squeaking and I can't drive it around? We bought brakes and brake pads online and asked my husband's friend to do it for us. You can do the same to save you money. During my single days, I buy auto parts online and I go to a service garage and ask them to put it on for me. They only charge me for the labor and I save hundreds doing it that way. I know not all of us have a friend who knew how to work on cars, but buying auto parts online is easy and cheaper now a days. If you have multiple vehicles that's even better, buying in bulk is way cheaper than buying one item. Everyone knows that. So, if you need something for your vehicle, check out the prices of brake pads and air filters above. Service garage will charge you double even triple for those. It's elementary my friends, take if from me.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday

In This Life of Ours
I am running late posting this. I have been so busy all day for tomorrow's birthday party. This is taken from the back yard looking up. Our house is just right under airplane route from west going to Newark Airport. However, with this particular picture there is no plane flying by.

For more images click this logo.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hidemypants Social Network

In This Life of Ours
How many do you have? Do you follow everyone you knew everywhere? Well guess what, there is another one for you. Join now HideMyPants beta social network. You can join groups, share photos, videos and a lot more. Start a new network of friend with this beta social network. At least with this one, you will be the first and everyone else who comes after you, can you ask you to be friends with. Hiding from someone, here is your chance to start over in social network. Just make sure you don't let that someone know where you are going. Try it, no one can have enough friends these days.


EMI Tools

In This Life of Ours
We been looking for an emergency supplies for quite some time now and I came across florida police equipment and found everything we are looking for, under medical supplies (no kidding, where else can I find it). They have everything that law enforcement needs and they are also one of the leading suppliers across America. Now, are they selling these products to the public or only for law enforcements? If not we have to ask a friend to buy some things for us. They offer a free shipping if your order is over $25 and you get a free 5.11 shirt on all order over $50 online. If we buy all the medical supplies we need from them, I'm sure we will both offer.

Additional Information:

Customer Service Excellence
•Personal account manager for departments and agencies – you have a consistent person to work with and build a relationship with
•Treat you like a person, not an account number
•Toll-free phone ordering and live help (8 a.m. - 7 p.m. E.T., Mon. - Fri.)
•Safe, secure and convenient online ordering
•Free print catalogs
•Fast email response
•Happy customers
Fast Shipping
•With warehouses across the U.S., your (in-stock, non-personalized) products usually arrive in 1-5 business days
•Multiple shipping options help you fit both schedule and budget
•Over 40,000 high-quality products in stock
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•Free print catalogs
•Compare products and prices – and save money
At CHIEF, you're working with a supplier who's small enough to really care, but big enough to get you the best deal, no matter the size of your agency.

What are you waiting for? Try CHIEF today!


Cleaning Thursday in "Life of Ours"

Yes, I need to clean the house again for a birthday party this Saturday. (The way I said it, it sounded like I only clean when people are coming, yes that's I can't clean everyday because the kids will just missed it up again about an hour later, so what's the point. Plus, it's taking the ec dropping and adgitize time from That sounds so bad...ha ha ha.

I also pulled weeds for 1 hour in a half this morning from 6:30 to 8:00 am while the kids are still sleeping. I cleaned about 4 feet by 4 feet wide in my garden and no one bothers me the whole time. Read my experience yesterday while DC are playing inside the house, it was stressful. This weeding thing is making my whole body ache and mostly my hands. I think I should mix a little bit of sand with the soil to make it a little better to pull weeds from. However, I think if we mix it a few more times will do the trick too, but we were running out of time in May or June.

Ok, I better get my bottom off the chair and start cleaning the house.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (not so wordless-YDS)

He is Now Potty Trained

I can't believe after 4 weeks he already got this potty thing. I am so proud of myself for training him. All of my boys can hold going to the bathroom at night. Not like my DD, I started training her at age 2, she got the idea on how to use the bathroom but she goes number one when sleeping and needed a diapers to go sleep. The boys are so different, as soon as they fall sleep everything stop and wakes up dry. After a week I don't have to put diaper on them at bed time. However, they takes longer to grasp of using the toilet and I make sure the rules are met and had no exemption. I make sure that he goes on certain time and that is the key.

In This Life of OursLook at him with his underpants. I am done with diapers, no more changing diapers for this mom...yay. Such a good feeling and we can finally go places and not to worry about diaper bags and it only took one month for him. I am so proud of my youngest son, I'm still loving the moment when he runs to me mimicking "I wanna go pee, I wanna go pee..."

I had so much diaper left. Maybe I should do a contest with diapers prizes. Anyway, I do have bunch of diaper in my car. Those are use by me for the kids when we go far places. I used them when they ask to go to the bathroom while driving and we can't make it to a bathroom or we don't know where to go to use a bathroom. I put it on them while standing and tell them to go pee in it. It's a life saver.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DS#3 Turn Five Today

He was 9lbs when he came to our lives. I was huge like a whale during my third trimester with him. All the sweets and ice cream I have eaten after every meal really showed. He was born early in the morning, and he was the biggest baby in the maternity ward the whole time we were there. All the nurses and doctors are wowed on how I manage to give birth to such big baby. His face was purple when he came out because I had a hard time pushing him out but I did it without any suction.

He was very healthy, no baby pimples and not jaundice after three days. We were having such a nice weather when he was born and we spent longer hours outside the house under the sun than others, because I don't want to go back in the hospital to put him under the light. My hard worked was paid off because he was fine on his one week Dr's. appointment.

In This Life of OursHe was 7 days old in this picture. We went home after 3 days in the hospital

In This Life of OursHe was the only one who made a good use of this walker. His siblings can't even make this move. Even my youngest could not walk around in it. I can't believe how chunky he was compare to his siblings at this age. He was 8 months old here.

In This Life of OursHe was 1 year old with this picture. I love the word "fragile" on the box. When I started feeding him mash food he loves carrots, sweet potatoes and squash. You can tell because his nose was yellow along with his ears. He loves those yellow vegetables until he tasted the chunky ones.

In This Life of OursHe was 2 years old with this one. I love those dimples. He got the deepest dimple amongst his siblings.

In This Life of Ours This is taken a few minutes ago while he was watching his siblings play a game in a computer. He is now five years old and entering Kindergarten this coming September at Connection Academy and myself as his teacher.

We are having his birthday party this weekend. Everyone are Happy Birthday DS#3!!! He said he wanted a lightsaber type floaty and a machine gun toy.


Lacking Ethics

As much as I hate it now, yes I admit that I used to work for a financial institutions. One in NJ and one here in PA. The institution in New Jersey only have a few costumers who are lacking ethics. I only came across a few the whole time I was working there.

The institution here in PA cater for everyone who are the resident of certain part of town. And most of these people are low income people in one location. I could not take it and I requested to be transfer to a better location, inside a military base and also about 45 minutes away from my house compare to 15 minutes. It was the best decision I made, first I don't have to deal with stupid people and spent my entire day explaining what happened to their accounts.

Most incident are these checks they get in the mail. I understand that they get an opportunity to get some spending money but they never read the fine print in any of these checks. They don't asked how everything works, what they often asked was "when they can withdraw funds". Furthermore, they will stop by everyday withdrawing a little amount until the funds are gone. Then they had the nerve to come and yell at the tellers asking what happens and what are the other charges for. If they have had read everything that goes along with the checks everything could be avoided.

Now, why am I posting this. A few days ago, I got a check in the mail for $3950.00. Right away I knew it was a scam because I know I did not apply for a loan. Second I have not enter any sweepstakes of some sort and lastly my name and address in not printed outside the envelope and there is no return address.

Sure enough after reading the letter that goes with it, it is proven to be a scam. They wanted me to cash the check and give them the $3550.00 and the $400.00 left over is for me to keep. My total winning is in the amount of $125,000.00, and for that to process I need to give them $3550.00 via money gram or western union. How many idiots falls for this? From my banking experience too many.

They asked the winners to send it through western union or money gram because they don't want paper trails. I checked the bank and address but they don't add up. The bank address is different and they misspelled "Junction". I could call the bank and ask if there such account but the zip code of the bank is wrong also. They will probably just laugh at me when I read the account number to them.

Too easy, and there are too many people out there who do not pay attention to details. It goes with email scams too, telling you they are so and so, inherited this some of money and they needed your help to get it out of certain account,...but first you need to give me this much. Really, if you have that kind of money why not pay me first before I do anything for you. Or for that kind of money you should buy people to do it for you.

Anyway, here is the check, I Photoshop it to change my name and the letter that comes with it. Have you notice anything, yes there is no water mark after I scan it. Click the images to see it better.

In This Life of Ours
In This Life of Ours


Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Update "In This Life of Ours"

Our weekend was spent just around and lounging and relaxing. On Saturday we went out to see "Half Blood Prince" at AMC theater. We paid $4 a head because we went to see it first thing in the morning. Next time we see a movie we will the same thing. If we paid $7 or $9 a head that would be very close to $100 just to see a movie.

I think I still need to buy the DVD when it comes out. Both DH and I missed some part of it because the kids did not cooperate very well. They got bored after the previews and asking to go to the bathroom a lot. I apologize to those in the theater with us, who got the same idea for saving money. It was not horrible but everyone follows whenever one of them need to use the bathroom. YDS was the worst because he started to whine when he can't go with the others.

In This Life of Ours
I will not ruin the movie for those who did not seen it yet. I'm just little disappointed because it feels like the movie was unfinished. I got that feeling maybe because I did not see the whole thing, who knows. And I can't believe there is only one left for Harry Potter movie.

In another story, I tried weeding my garden but I couldn't after the movie. The ground is so packed and it's very hard to pull the weeds out. We did have a rain the day before but somehow it wasn't easy.

DD and my Kinder this year (DS#3) are finally enroll for this school year. I saw that DD previous school already shipped the materials for her 1st grade curriculum. I wonder if I can return it as soon as I get it or refuse to receive it. Maybe I'll just wait for them to contact me and maybe they will send a new packing label for them, I don't know. Even my 3rd grader this year had his materials are ready to ship also. I have not withdraw him yet, because the school I enroll him into have not call me yet to tell me if he is in or not. Now, I have to pack DD computer and other hardware to send it back, starting new this year.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday

In This Life of OursMy oldest darling son is getting around this summer. This two pictures came in my in box. I'm not really sure where this ones taken.

In This Life of OursWell, I know where he is this summer but the actual location of the pictures I don't know. Happy Friday everyone! I think we are going to see the new Harry Potter movie this weekend. We will pick the pre-matinee showing and hoping for less people around the theater.

For more images click this logo.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

What is so Ugly About it

I am talking about the Ugly Sweaters, and I don’t see anything ugly about it. They are very colorful which I think is very nice to wear during a very depressing months. I know some fashionista who will not get caught wearing them but hey, I’m not one of them. No, I’m that that old yet however, I like to wear a very cheerful and happy color on winter months. I actually like the one with the zippers and buttons at the front, plus they are going to keep me warm when I can’t afford paying for electric bills anymore.

In This Life of Ours
So, why most old people wear this Ugly Christmas Sweaters? Is there anything that I don’t know about? I bet it’s because they are warm and most old (that I know) folks are always cold or they are just too lazy to return them…ha ha ha, just kidding. I should probably buy a few pairs of Mens Ugly Sweaters for my husband because he gets depress during cold months too. Plus, I will not get depress looking at him being depress; it’s a win, win situation. He stays down in the basement most of the time and that is the coldest part of the house on winter. Maybe now, we can save more on electric bill for not getting too cold on winter.


Social Media

In This Life of OursI can't even begin to sum up what I have to say about Sotomayor confirmation hearing. You all know where I stand and what my family's fight is all about. Yes, I understand there are a lot of people talking about it. I am against people who are using their position/rank in the government to go against the constitution. I am not here to talk about that, but to tell you about a service can monitor a large scale networking and P2P cloud computing scorecard for as low as $9.99 a month. If you want the best techniques in social media please visit for more information.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

DMV and New Harry Potter Movie

I dragged the kids out today to renew my driver's license. Knowing the DMV the last time I went there, they can do every thing concerning vehicles. I like doing everything online, it save me time, postage stamps and it is fast. It would be nice if I can change my stinking address online. However, like everything with government ran institutions, you need to go through such a hassle to do business with them.

We got there and I showed my renewal form. She asked me where my driver's license, I had to get it out with my one hand and kinda fell out and drop in front of her because I am trying to hold 4 kids with my other hand. They she told me I can't pay it there, I asked her why but no clear answer. She just said that I can go to triple A and renew it there. Or other places that does not carry the word DMV on it. Some kind of insurance company probably that works for them. Which mean I need to spend extra money just to get the stinking address change to show my street address. Just because of what happen on 9/11, they give such crap about changing the stupid address online. She even suggested that I call the 800 on the back of my license and I just rolled my eyes and told her that I will be trying that stupid number for a week or a month before I get a real person to answer the stinking phone.

So, what the hell they do in DMV now? I don't have a freaken idea, and your guess is as good as mine. Can you tell that I am so mad right now.

Anyway, I wanted to see the new Harry Potter movie sometimes this week or next week. Anyone of you wanted to watch my kids for 2 to 3 hours while DH and I enjoy the quite time alone in the movie theater? We still have the pre-paid movie tickets from my SIL a long time ago. I don't want to wait until the movie comes out, I wanted to see the mushy,lovey dubey part of it. Now if only DH wants to go, he would probably say, lets just wait for the DVD to come out and watch it with the kids. I'm hoping he will agree to watch it with me alone.


Wordless Wednesday (not so wordless)

In This Life of OursClick the image to see it bigger.
The above photo was taken the day we got the fish tank. We had 8 fish there including 1 cat fish and sucker fish (algae eater), which you can't see from the picture. The cat fish was hiding inside the ship and the sucker fish is too busy cleaning the tank. After a few months some of the fish died and at one point we only got 4 (cat fish, sucker fish, two tiger fish) left. Eventually we were down to two fish.

In THis Life of OursClick the image to see it better.
We went out and bought two more algae eater and two snails to help clean the tank. The snails died when the tank got clean and the two algae eater got eaten by now big cat fish. When the kids school close for the summer, we went out and bought 4 more fish. And guess what, the cat fish ate them too. Now that cat fish have to go, anyone interested on caring for big cat fish? It is about 5 inches long. I can't buy more fish until I get rid of it. That thing is getting very expensive to keep. The fish that I bought cost about $2 each and he/she ate them all.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Update "In This Life of Ours"

What a busy weekend! We had my SIL wedding on Saturday and an engagement on Sunday. I did not have any time to go grocery shopping. I don't feel like going right now because I needed a new brake for the van. I don't really want to drive it around while squeaking on every turn and every time I use the brake.

We went shooting also, I finally practice with 22 rifle and the shut gun. When DH put a different shell in the shut gun I really feel the difference. I think I have a few black and blue on my shoulder. Our kids enjoyed the chance to shoot something in real life.

One member of our meet-up group was no show for quite sometime now. We will try to get in touch with him this week or his GF to find out what is going on with him. We are hoping he was not pick up by the un-constitutional people and being interrogated, and we are hoping he is simply busy and not turning us in...hoping...wishing.

If I stop posting, you know what it means, my family are dead or one of us is put into a concentration camp around the country. May God help us.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Questions about Automobiles

In This Life of Ours
If you want to educate yourself about automobiles or simply wanted to find out which vehicles use less gas these days, well this site is for you. The site not only tells you the nearest DMV Locations and Hours but they offer a lot more. If you just move to a new state, learn what you will need to transfer your automobile registration, new tag, and license. I know in some states you are not force to get an auto insurance, but where exactly the money goes when you never had accident. Is that what they call profit? And how come they raise your car insurance every year? Can I find the answers to those question at the above site? Check it out, you will never find out if you don't look.

I wish they also cover if we as driver needed all the things I mention above according to the constitution. And if the information they telling us is in the Constitution and if they are allowed to tax the hard working citizen of this country.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Save - The Best for Last #3

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

In This Life of OursThis was taken just today around 1pm eastern time. I did not take a lot of picture because I don't want to be in the way. Plus, having 4 children does not help either. I wish they made the best decision about the whole thing. My SIL looks happy, all the kids from both side came to celebrate the union. SIL is 3 years older than us (DH & I) and her new husband is about 15 years her senior.

In This Life of OursEven if my DH have such a bad feeling about the whole thing, I wish you live up to each other expectations. They are leaving this coming Tuesday for Colorado for their honeymoon. SIL ask DH to check with his nephew who is 20 years old at least once at their house. Our nieces had other plans and will not be staying at their house while their mother is gone.

In THis Life of OursThis is DH, our nephew and our 4 little ones playing by the beach during the celebration. The river is the Delaware Water Gap. DD kept on asking if we can rent a boat or canoe to go down. We could see so much people doing so. DS #3 was soaking wet because he decided to go deep in the water. The rest just a little wet, mostly above their knees.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday (Myrtle Beach)

This is taken by my ODS during his vacation in South Carolina. I can't even think about going to the beach these days, it is way too cold to go.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tiring Thursday

Now my knot in stomach is gone, but re-place with stomach ache. It woke me up so early in the morning. I was still very sleepy and just keep turning to ease the pain. At 4am I could not stand it and move back to our bed. I put a new meaning to the phrase "bottom's up" until 6am. I had my knees pressing against my stomach along with 2 pillows.

From what I remember I ate ice cream and spaghetti yesterday for dinner. We went to get some raw milk first, I had to sit in a very far back because my 8 year old son was sitting in my sit (passenger seat) in the front. And he always gets dizzy and car sick at the back so I thought I'll save him for it for once.

It turned out I still get sick riding in the back and the movement of the van can easily feel back there. Good thing I did not eat did anything before leaving the house. I don't really know what I have at this point. Maybe the combination of having knots in my stomach for almost 5 days and getting car sick.

Time to make my tamarind soup again to ease my stomach.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Collision Repair Experts

In This Life of Ours
I had my share of repairs when I used to commute to work. It mostly happened during the winter months. Driving over snow, sleet and ice because I have to and I had no other choice, most accident is not my fault but my insurance company still finalize me. Anyway, I had two accidents with one insurance company. My first accident was totaled and my car was only three years old. I was fine but my car was gone, the second was a fender bender and it cost me $1000.00 in repairs. I found a bodyshop service that I can afford. Shopping around really help my budget and they did a great job with my car.


Wordless Wednesday (ODS)

Manga enthuasist, I just want to add that this thing is not sharp, (so get over it).


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Emotionally Drain

In This Life of Ours
Being an adult and have kids takes a lot. Being an adult sucks and I wish I can go back and become a kid again. There are no worries if I can turn back time right now.

Kids problem is nothing compare to what adults gets into. If they only realize how easy their lives are right now. Worrying what to wear, if a boy or girl likes them, if they can pass an exam, what their friends are saying and a lot of stupid things adult will never care about because we have other things, and more important things to worry about.

Live you life to the fullest, life is short enjoy can an individual do this if you have responsibility. Responsible adult have worries.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend Update "In This Life of Ours"

I am not feeling not very well today. Physically and mentally that is. DH best friend brother stop by Friday afternoon and it was confirmed that he indeed moved in as the new partner of his deceased brother's wife. (Last year he has a girlfriend when we went to his funeral and a very young son and had two other kids with the first wife too. And sleep with his ex- sister in law from what I heard from DH.) I am mentally and physically not feeling well because DH gives him two thumbs up for doing so. And there is a chance that the next time they come back for a vacation (live in FL) they will be staying with us. Mind you they are liberal as can be. Smoke pot when ever they pleases and I don't want my kids to be around them. And DH only have to say is, "get use to it".

He may as well slap me in the face in and tell me , "you don't like it move out". Lovely isn't it and I am sick in my stomach ever since. What is this family have that he is drown to them? Is it because they are white trash and he think he can make them change? (They been like that for 25+ years and he has done nothing to change them) They are not a constitutionalists follower and they don't even see what we are fighting for and yet it sound like he is willing to loss (me) his own family for them. I feel like nobody around them to my DH eyes, I feel like I'm here because they are not around and as soon as they are around I'm nobody. Ugh, am I making a big deal of nothing? I feel numb right now, my hands are shaking and I feel like vomiting and I can't function like these.


Saturday, July 4, 2009


Up until now my husband web page has not change. He has a very simple direct to the point advertisement. He rather spent his earnings updating his equipments to get more work to cover. However, I always get stuck adding images from the finish work to show to his potential costumers how things are done. At one time he got a call from his web hosting site asking if he is interested about web page deisgn denver. Like I mentioned, he declined because he don’t want to put too much into his web page. Furthermore, he said maybe if he is selling products online it would be a good idea to get a professional web page design.

He still like working directly with costumers. I think he will get board if he doesn’t get out of the house and doing his business, whatever it is, sitting down on a chair inside his office. He will get a chance when he gets older, but not right now. He also gets a chance to meet a lot of people and that help a lot when campaigning for office. We are so different in some ways and the same with most. I rather be alone in an office and hide as far as I can from the costumers, but somehow I always end up getting a job dealing with them. (Weird)


Saturday Save - The Best For Last #2


I posted this in my other blog and I'm revising the words I used or not. Just a little background from me, I grew up with both mother and father. They are very strict about people we date. My father side of the family has a history of adultery with in laws. They brought us up never to look at our cousins in any sexual way. When I said cousins, everyone that has even 1 percent blood in them.

We are not allowed to marry in the same family. No brother in law's brother, no sister in law's sister. Not even if your sister's wife died or brother's died you are not allowed to step in and marry your brother in law's or sister in law's. They are already part of the family and will always be part of the family even if they marry again who is not related to us. The family will help bring up the kids and discipline them because they are a member of the family.

DH side of this argument is, it is ok to marry your ex-sister in law (ex meaning when your siblings die they are not part of your family anymore). Taking the responsibility of your dead brother (if you are a man) or your dead sister (if you are a woman) goes to the one who is not married and unattached. My argument with this is, the member of the family are still responsible because the widow is still a family and will always be. Responsibility does not mean you need to sleep with the widow and maybe have kids with them, definitely not. Are we running out of none relatives in this world and you need to be sexual with your own family?

If the widow had kids with the first marriage, then had more with the next who is the member of the same family now the kids will have: sisters/brothers, cousins/sisters/brothers, uncle/father, oh hear this one, father/grandfather, daughter in law/wife and now my own kids will have smaller brothers or sisters from their sister in law now step mother. Wow, thinking all that makes my head hurts. The discipline and responsibility part that DH is arguing about, I don't get and even others arguments that agree with him.

I have 5 boys in my house including DH. If I die and my oldest son's die with me, what is he going to do? Step in as a father and grandfather or maybe ask my second son to marry the woman. That is sick and I hope I don't die before DH because there is no way in my life I will let this happen. Call me selfish, non conservative, broad minded or does not care about keeping the family together, I don't care. They are a family member, what we eat is what they will eat and they will be living in my house until they are able to afford for themselves or re-marry outside the family. We will be helping each other as family but not helping in sexual way.

Ok, let me hear your point, I will not agree with it but give it a shot anyway. I even called a friend (he he he you know who are, and I am thankful for talking to me) of mine from down south to hear her side on this. She is also a Filipina and hoping we have the same belief, however she can see the point in both sides. I tried calling an American friend but I think she was working and no one answered the phone. I even tried my sister in law but I think she was busy herself because she is getting married next Saturday.

Give me your sides, I would like to know if I'm nuts, selfish, and trying to break the family apart. Please no excuse about modern society/world we have or keeping the wealth in the family (ok the wealth reason is selfish). What do you believe?

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Friday, July 3, 2009

T.G.I.F. "In This Life of Ours"

Friday already? Time flies so fast, my vacation is already over. Next week the kids and I will be doing lessons again. YDS is doing great with the potty training. He tells me when he needs to use the bathroom. Not only that, he holds going to the bathroom all night and go as soon as we wakes up. Actually most of my boys was all like that, I don't even have to put diapers on them at night. My only DD in the other hand is a different story.

More rally for DH this weekend. He will be passing flyer and talking to people about our Constitution. It is very cloudy again outside, and I'm wishing tomorrow is a better day for him being out and all. If you are not doing anything but watch parade this weekend, help us by giving away flyer and other things that can be found from certain sites.

If you are enjoying what is happening right now this is not for you. If you are sick and tired of what is going on, please I urge you to help and let your voices heard. How much is your freedom worth? Are you willing to lose human rights to have freedom? Then you are socialist, our constitution did not say other wise. Human rights is our freedom, and taking it away from us is unconstitutional.


Looking at the Sky on Friday


In This Life of Ours
Memorial Day Picnic at the Lake. One of State own lake in North Eastern part Pennsylvania.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Investment with a Style

I am not really into celebrity news but once in a while something catches my attention. This is the local entertainment where I came from and maybe around here too. I don’t get owning a very expensive piece of handbag, shoes or clothing. And I don’t really care what my friends are wearing. For me as long as they wear that goes with the occasion that is just fine. Can you really get the price of your clothes or bag? I really don’t mind if it is a piece of jewelry like watch, necklace, ring, earrings, and bracelets. I think you can easily sell them and get your money back in time of needs.
In This Life of OursLet’s get back to the celebrities back home, every time they leave the country they are the talk of every publications. When they get back the same thing and they were also asked to what souvenirs they bought. I guess as long as they talking about them they are popular and they earn money from the exposure. It reminds me of the phrase “one day you’re in and the next you’re out”, you may as well live at the moment. If you are thinking about buying something big try, they are a member of better business bureau, you will get a 3 year warranty and they offers free fed ex shipping with your order, a great investment for your money in my opinion.


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