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Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Update "In This Life of Ours"

Here are two shots from my 5 year DS birthday party. It's only our family, PIL and SIL and her new husband showed up later with their new baby a lab mix named Clara. They take her when ever they are visiting family and friends around the area.

Anyway, take a look of my 5yo with his silly smile. He does not like cake much, but I bought a chocolate ice cream that goes with the cake. He ate a lot of the ice cream instead.

Silly Birthday Smile

Opening his present while his older brother anxiously awaits to see what is inside (grampa behind). He was sweaty in this picture because he was outside running around with the dog. Early Saturday morning DH brought him to the local store to pick what he wanted. He got the M-60 plastic toy but they could not find the light saver. DH said they are almost out of floaty and he don't want to take the last ugly and dirty light saver floaty they had and pay the same price.

Opening presentsDH figured out today that the person who makes him yell and mad every time that there is a gathering in our house is his mother. We all believe on what is going in around and somehow she always end up arguing with her only son about things that they both agree on. She always interrupt when someone is talking to tell a story about things, which by the way told us so many times already. Then she will get mad if we let her know she already told us about the story. But she will still continue to tell the story with no point to what is the conversation is about.

Her kids just go with it, because they feel bad about their father. He is the one driving home and they ride together and they know she will keep talking and talking and talking... about what happens and blame her husband about the whole thing. That he should be on her side about everything that is talking about.

A few stories she tells about herself that should not be brought up or hear with anyone comes out once in a while. It sound like to me that she is proud of it, and it brings the questions to my head asking, what are you blaming them because you did not do it before you got married or why did you marry your husband if you are into bikers? And she claimed to be very religious and conservative but socialist, however if a person have very important and useful to say, if they are yelling because no one seems to listen, she hates that person and no respect for her or him. Moreover, they are in the same side but since you are yelling I will not be in your side. Meaning she is against all the things she believes in...screwy there Oh, I hope no one reads my post all the way down here. This is embarrassing... :0


Grampy July 27, 2009 at 12:38 PM  

Well happy Birthday DS. I love ice cream also. You have a very nice smile.

Nedekcir July 27, 2009 at 1:39 PM  

Thanks grampy for stopping by.

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