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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random Tuesday @ "Life of Ours"

SIL came in today to take the kids out. She had plan to take all 4 of them but I opt to keep 2 at home. They went to see the movie "G-Force". I was thinking about going but since she did not came in until this afternoon, I am too cheap to pay full price for an entertainment. The two youngest ones I kept at home and they were upset with me. Plus, I feel bad for SIL taking care of all 4 of them by herself, especially being out and about. Remember when we watched Harry Potter?

I missed them when SIL drop them off, because I was in the backyard weeding my garden. I noticed a white car leaving on the side of my eye and dawn to me that it was time for my 2 DC to come home. I was going inside when my cell phone rang, it was my SIL telling me that she dropped off the kids. She thought I was in the bathroom and waited for a little bit but left when I did not come out.

I told where I was and the kids knew where I was. I told them to call me from the window when they needed me. My hands, arms and whole body are aching again. And my skin hurts a little from the sun. I am getting it almost clean, I think I have another week and it should be free of weeds. Then I will finally see how little plants I got in

Yesterday DH stayed home because he don't have much to do at work. And me as usual in front of my pc browsing anything. And I remember that I have been looking for someone to buy me some dried seafood. However, no one is nice enough and I started to look for local listing for Asian store in my area. I am getting tired of driving 2 hours both ways to Parsippany. I was my lucky day, I found 3 of them within one hour drive from where I live (both ways). It sure beat 2 hours anytime, and the best part of it is one of them is 20 minutes (one way) from me. Where they have been all my life? I called them right away but a recording picked up. I spoke to DH and before I was able to ask if we can stop by there, he already knew what I was going to ask and I don't even have to ask him.

We drove down there and they were close. I told him that every time I find one closer to us, they seems to be close to running out of business. I was very disappointed, I finally found one close by and they are close. Plus they don't have hours on the door and when I made the call, the recording did not mention hours either. We went to Rita's instead and had something sweet. We only bought the kids what they wanted and ate after them. We both know that they will never finish any of what they order. Have you tried them yet? They are yummy!

So, today before going outside to weeds, I called the Asian Store again. (Oh yea, I forgot to mention that the store message had a male Filipino voice in it.) The same voice answer the phone from the message. I can tell because of the accent, we did the formality thing with taglish in my part. (I also forgot the tel you that I left a message yesterday just wanting to know the hours. The message in the answering machine was English first then Tagalog. I was trying to use my tagalog but did not came out right. I end up saying everything again in

And since someone answered the phone today, that means that they are still open. They are open 6 days a week and close every Monday. Now, after the kids doctor appointment tomorrow I will try to stop by. Or maybe I should just wait until we need to get raw milk (they are in the same area) then stop there again. I am so happy, an Asian Store...oops make that a Filipino Store close to me. Yay, my house will start to smell like dried seafood very soon. Please don't come un-announce because you will smell

They also have a little eatery inside. They make all the "silog" you can think off. This store will turn me into one lazy momma. All I have to do is go there and buy cook Filipino food any time I want. But if I do that, I will spend more money which I can't afford. I can probably sell some of my vegetables there whenever I get some. Maybe trade for anything I want...hmm. That's an idea.

Ok that's it for now. Enough random blabbering for me...I don't think anyone will read this all the way down here. But if you do, thanks for reading my blabbers.


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