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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lacking Ethics

As much as I hate it now, yes I admit that I used to work for a financial institutions. One in NJ and one here in PA. The institution in New Jersey only have a few costumers who are lacking ethics. I only came across a few the whole time I was working there.

The institution here in PA cater for everyone who are the resident of certain part of town. And most of these people are low income people in one location. I could not take it and I requested to be transfer to a better location, inside a military base and also about 45 minutes away from my house compare to 15 minutes. It was the best decision I made, first I don't have to deal with stupid people and spent my entire day explaining what happened to their accounts.

Most incident are these checks they get in the mail. I understand that they get an opportunity to get some spending money but they never read the fine print in any of these checks. They don't asked how everything works, what they often asked was "when they can withdraw funds". Furthermore, they will stop by everyday withdrawing a little amount until the funds are gone. Then they had the nerve to come and yell at the tellers asking what happens and what are the other charges for. If they have had read everything that goes along with the checks everything could be avoided.

Now, why am I posting this. A few days ago, I got a check in the mail for $3950.00. Right away I knew it was a scam because I know I did not apply for a loan. Second I have not enter any sweepstakes of some sort and lastly my name and address in not printed outside the envelope and there is no return address.

Sure enough after reading the letter that goes with it, it is proven to be a scam. They wanted me to cash the check and give them the $3550.00 and the $400.00 left over is for me to keep. My total winning is in the amount of $125,000.00, and for that to process I need to give them $3550.00 via money gram or western union. How many idiots falls for this? From my banking experience too many.

They asked the winners to send it through western union or money gram because they don't want paper trails. I checked the bank and address but they don't add up. The bank address is different and they misspelled "Junction". I could call the bank and ask if there such account but the zip code of the bank is wrong also. They will probably just laugh at me when I read the account number to them.

Too easy, and there are too many people out there who do not pay attention to details. It goes with email scams too, telling you they are so and so, inherited this some of money and they needed your help to get it out of certain account,...but first you need to give me this much. Really, if you have that kind of money why not pay me first before I do anything for you. Or for that kind of money you should buy people to do it for you.

Anyway, here is the check, I Photoshop it to change my name and the letter that comes with it. Have you notice anything, yes there is no water mark after I scan it. Click the images to see it better.

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