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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Twister Hit Our Neighborhood

We are very lucky that it did not hit our street (it happened on Wednesday around lunch time). You can read about it in out local newspaper. A friend in our political group email DH asking if we are ok. This happened about 2 to 3 miles away from us. I was outside weeding our garden when the twister hit our neighborhood. I thought it was just a normal rain, I also heard the siren going on before the heavy rain hit our street. I thought there was an accident like a tree fell into a power line or a house. However, I was correct for the most part just missing the strong wind.

tornado clean-upPocono Record Image

You see the images here and more images here. There are probably more but you search for it where I got this from. DH came home when I was taking a nap and woke me up telling me all about his ordeal to get home that took him an hour because his office is in the other side where the tornado hits. Then we live at the other side of it. He needs to cross where the it happens and all of the roads are close. He has to go east,north, west and then south just to go home. Which he usually just drive south to come home.

I hope those people who are affected have insurance for their houses. If not they will never get their houses back. Poor people, starting all over again. Mind you our area has a lot mountain and from what I heard the damages happened in the valley and our house is in the valley. Thank God we are not affected, the wind could have went where our house is. We are very lucky.

I wanted to post this yesterday but I have to do some phone calls and finish the kids lessons yesterday too. Happy weekend everyone.


Karen July 31, 2009 at 12:36 PM  

Wow! I am so glad you are ok.

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