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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tiring Thursday

Now my knot in stomach is gone, but re-place with stomach ache. It woke me up so early in the morning. I was still very sleepy and just keep turning to ease the pain. At 4am I could not stand it and move back to our bed. I put a new meaning to the phrase "bottom's up" until 6am. I had my knees pressing against my stomach along with 2 pillows.

From what I remember I ate ice cream and spaghetti yesterday for dinner. We went to get some raw milk first, I had to sit in a very far back because my 8 year old son was sitting in my sit (passenger seat) in the front. And he always gets dizzy and car sick at the back so I thought I'll save him for it for once.

It turned out I still get sick riding in the back and the movement of the van can easily feel back there. Good thing I did not eat did anything before leaving the house. I don't really know what I have at this point. Maybe the combination of having knots in my stomach for almost 5 days and getting car sick.

Time to make my tamarind soup again to ease my stomach.


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