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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DS#3 Turn Five Today

He was 9lbs when he came to our lives. I was huge like a whale during my third trimester with him. All the sweets and ice cream I have eaten after every meal really showed. He was born early in the morning, and he was the biggest baby in the maternity ward the whole time we were there. All the nurses and doctors are wowed on how I manage to give birth to such big baby. His face was purple when he came out because I had a hard time pushing him out but I did it without any suction.

He was very healthy, no baby pimples and not jaundice after three days. We were having such a nice weather when he was born and we spent longer hours outside the house under the sun than others, because I don't want to go back in the hospital to put him under the light. My hard worked was paid off because he was fine on his one week Dr's. appointment.

In This Life of OursHe was 7 days old in this picture. We went home after 3 days in the hospital

In This Life of OursHe was the only one who made a good use of this walker. His siblings can't even make this move. Even my youngest could not walk around in it. I can't believe how chunky he was compare to his siblings at this age. He was 8 months old here.

In This Life of OursHe was 1 year old with this picture. I love the word "fragile" on the box. When I started feeding him mash food he loves carrots, sweet potatoes and squash. You can tell because his nose was yellow along with his ears. He loves those yellow vegetables until he tasted the chunky ones.

In This Life of OursHe was 2 years old with this one. I love those dimples. He got the deepest dimple amongst his siblings.

In This Life of Ours This is taken a few minutes ago while he was watching his siblings play a game in a computer. He is now five years old and entering Kindergarten this coming September at Connection Academy and myself as his teacher.

We are having his birthday party this weekend. Everyone are Happy Birthday DS#3!!! He said he wanted a lightsaber type floaty and a machine gun toy.


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