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Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting Around at the Beach

Beach CruiserWhen I saw these kinds of bicycles I was wondering why they are so different from the others that I see around. I don’t have to wonder anymore, because I found these cheap beach cruisers online. Now, that answered my question. I never thought that there are difference between beach bike and the others. Anyway, I would love to have one of these if I only live next to the beach. I always dream of retiring at the beachfront and I’m hoping I can do so when the time is right (about 20 some more years). And you know someone who just moves closer to the beach, this is a great idea as Christmas present, you know.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Saved, The Best For Last

Random Blabbers

Experiment failed
, I'm trying to give my EC droppers a chance to advertise for less but it did not work. I will however sent them their ec credits back when I approve the the ads next week. I thought the price will stay the same since I am not approving any of them. I may as well approve it now and send their credits back before I forget whom I already return credits to. I apologize my dear droppers. I will think of some other way to show appreciation to all of you.

Lesson learned, what a smack in the face when the government playing devil's advocate. The government wanted the citizen know that you can do everything but turns around and start telling the other party that its not their fault, that the individual should blame each other who don't have any control over things. Nice job, everyone with a brain knows together we stand and individual we fall. That exactly they want us to do, blame each other and call every race in this country racist and become individual. It's like basic training, when someone mess-up the whole platoon gets the punishment. I know the point of all of that, but don't blame the person who mess up. Blame the person who cause you pain and suffering directly. The person who mess up did not wake you up at 1 in the morning to tell you to do 50 push-ups, 50 pull-ups or jog for 10 miles, your instructor did. Get the point.

We will be in better shape if we only follow the common law/golden rule of the land. I know there are many who are compulsive liars however, the truth will set you free. If they walk like a duck and walks like a duck so they must be duck. It can be easily spotted if people has their own brain.

Last Saturday, we were at our friends' house for a birthday party. We did not left their house until 9:30pm and we got home 12:30am Sunday morning. While we were in their backyard with a fire pit, I looked up and saw a spot light from the sky. I pointed it out to everyone and it lasted a whole five minutes. We are not really sure how far it was from their house but assume it was coming from the military base. It looks just like those beam light they use in the movie when they are bringing people inside a flying saucer. Then since we were looking up, one pointed out that the little light you see that is moving in straight direction is the satellite the government put in outer space. And since we can't prove it, all of us just went with it.

GPS, we our nephews' GPS that day and when we needed it the most there is no signal. We only been to our friends' house twice and not really familiar with the area. As soon as we got off the highway to go to their house, the GPS can not connect and show us the way. Plus, their street is not showing on it. Our friend had to tell us the street before theirs just to find it. I wish my street will not show on GPS. That is a great way to hide from those un-wanted people.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday

At the East 9/25/09It was 49° F outside when I took this picture but I am glad today is Friday. Happy weekend everyone and don't forget to place an ads in all of my blog starting tomorrow on EC.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Communication Sources

Market Communication OnlineWhy is it that when kids are spoken to, they rather do something else? Then when we (hubby and I) talk about things that they don’t need to hear, their ears are open and can hear everything? That goes with my oldest son too. When we are talking about something that concern him, he will pretend that he could not hear us. I think that is what they call “selective hearing” in my opinion.

I also feel like putting a loud speaker in every room in the house to accommodate these non-responsive children. However, I get them to move faster if I tell them we are going somewhere. And maybe get a recorder to let the recorder repeat everything that is said to them as a reminder. With that, they can’t say “I did not hear you” or “I did not remember you telling me about it”. Now I have proof that I did…that would be something. It sounds like a call center; they record everything from what I understand, don't they?

It’s a good thing that we don’t have a bigger house. It will be harder to get everyone in one place and we may have to buy a variety of communication just to accommodate everyone. Messaging each other through home network is possible however; three of my kids don’t know how to read well yet. And when they are playing games these messages can’t be seen over the games. I think Intercom would be the best choice to get their attention while they are playing a game with the volume set on loudest. What do you think?


Widget Will be Open This Saturday

My EC widget that is, I will accept adverts from 9/26 to 10/3/09. I will give my hard working EC droppers a chance to place adverts for free (well 2ec credit) for a week. Please don't be alarm if you don't see that I approve your ads. All adverts will be approved on 10/4/09 to give you all a chance for the same price of 2ec credits.

Since EC is placing an ad on the widget for free, my hard working droppers will get a chance for almost free adverts in my blog. I may even give you your 2ec back if I have enough time between teaching, house works and everything in between.

Don't forget, 9/26 to 10/3 2ec credit to place an ad in my blog. See you then.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Extreme Experiment

We own two vehicles and one were already paid off. Now my husband is keep bothering me about getting an affordable bike (motorcycle) that he can use going back and forth to work. He does not use much gas because his office is 10 minutes away from our house. Anyway, he wanted to experiment with it and I am a little scared because I don’t have a job and do I have to mention that I teach my kids at home. The experiment is a little extreme but our whole family will be free of corporation if he wins. I can even buy him some sport bike accessories if we can live free using the common law of this land.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Random Updates from "In This Life of Ours

Friday was a crazy day. My 8 year old O.T. was schedule at 1pm but she did not show up until 1:30pm saying nothing. I think, somehow when I said 1pm she heard 1:30pm. Ok, I let it go because she was already here. Then we schedule the next O.T. for next Friday at 1:30pm. Hopefully she didn't put in her schedule 2pm. I will say something if she shows up at 2pm.

Saturday was a busy day for us. We went to visit my in laws to help them move a refrigerator and went out to have lunch because it was supposed to be treasure day. But since we the only ones who got little kids we opt to just eat out instead.

After that, we went to a little boy's second birthday party. Our friend hire someone to bring a pony for the little ones to ride with a cowboy hats too. Ok, let me tell you what the lady was wearing who brought the pony in. A see through tank top that you can see the black bra she was wearing. It was very cut and you can see the full view every time she lean forward. She has her cell phone somewhat hidden on the side of her boobs, between the upper arm and boobs. What is the point of all that? It is a kid party not adult, showing everything she can possibly could. Most of the picture I've taken she is on it because she is the one pulling the pony around. What I will show you is the censored version. Don't get me wrong, she got a nice body but does she really have to present herself that way? (I bet the men don't mind it at all...did I say it out loud?

DD finally had her wish. My MIL kept promising a pony ride and never happened fro the longest time. now she don't have to ask anymore.
DD on a Pony5yo DS riding the pony.
5yo DS on a PonyYDS tried his best .
Hitting a PinataThe birthday boy with DH and our friend helping another little boy hitting the pinata.
Hitting a Pinata

Sunday we did not get home until 12:30am Sunday morning. I slept in until 10, then I finished DD lesson because we missed quite a few. They were not showing every time I tried to click on lesson overview. DS (8yo) had to take a practice weekly Math test to get him ready for PSSA. I was very tired at the end of the day...still. Kids went to bed with no problem to get ready for Monday and I think I finally caught up on my sleep.

Today went pretty well. DD attended all her web chats with her teachers. Not like the beginning of school and also last week. I am hoping tomorrow will bring another great day for us and for you too.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Saved, The Best For Last

Distinction AwardA double diamond blogger award from Mr. Windy. Thank you so much for the award, sire. I apologize for posting this late however, this is the best I can come out for Saturday Save. Nothing better than thanking those who gave you something. And to all fellow blogger, thank you to all the visits and comments. I may complain, brag, and write something irrelevant (paid post) to my blog but you are still here whatever I do. You all deserve this award too.

I can't add my link to Saturday Save Mr. Linky yet (schedule post), because I'm out and about today. My whole family will go visit my in laws and after that we are going to DH friends son's birthday party (west and east both in New Jersey), so my day is full with fun activities for the little ones. I will share some photos on Sunday or Monday if I am not too busy.

Enjoy your weekend!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday

Sky Watch FridayI apologize for not playing/joining much these days. My time is well spent with my three kids schooling, doing house works and spending time with my DH. Anyway, I have a few minutes to spend taking a picture in the northwest part of our property. It is a little gloomy inside the house this morning and when I went out to take this, I saw blueish sky and it made my day. Still no plane in the shot but I love blue sky than anything. We don't spend much time outside right now because colder temperature is already here. Pretty soon we need to turn our house heater on.

Happy Friday everyone.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Molly Was Lost

My 5 yo son, 6 yo daughter and I went for a walk yesterday after dinner on our street. Five year old DS needed to see how many kinds of houses/homes he can find in our neighborhood. I told him during the day that we can go for this walk right after dinner when daddy is home.

When we went for our walk daddy was outside mowing our lawn because there is rain in our forecast and he don't the grass grow taller. Our cat was outside (well she is always outside) and followed us on our walk. I know, she is just like a dog but smaller and much gentler. She walked behind us and sometimes run in front of us and hide on the side of the road and when we catch up, she will jump out to us.

We live on a horseshoe shape road and when we got to the bend, we saw a dog tied up on someones yard. Of course the dog started barking because he/she saw us, plus our cat. Our cat got scared and started hiding in the bushes but DD and DS keep on calling her and she would come in and out of the bushes and still following us. However, someone was mowing their lawn too and she was scared of the sound and did not want to past that house. The kids and I reach the end of our street and I informed them that we should go back the way we came because we left our cat back somewhere in the bushes on the side of the road.

Molly our cat
We found her (our cat) at the bushes where I thought we left her, she was actually waiting for us. Then my kids started running and they attracted the attention of the dog again. It started barking and our cat ran to the bushes across where this dog was located. Now my two kids was a few meters ahead of me. I called a few times to get our cat out of the bushes but she did not come out. I have to catch up with my kids just in case a car comes to our street. It usually is pretty busy but the whole we were walking not a single car passed by. We were finally home and no cat in sight.

DH and I went back out around 9pm to search for her but nothing. I was worried all night and every time I some noise outside our window I look out but no cat. This morning DH drove there again but no luck. After leaving for work and he was gone for 10 minutes I heard a chewing sound in the kitchen. I went out from the classroom and saw her eating her food. She looks like she haven't eaten in forever the way she was eating her food. I talked to her and she came to me rubbing and seems happy to see me too. I was so glad she found her way home. I called DH and told him she is home and he said "ah, she waited for daylight to get home, I guess she can't find her way home in the dark". She is such a stinker and worry me all night.

She probably checked the whole neighborhood all night. Mind you this is not the first time she disappeared all night. I was just worried because I cause the disappearance. She probably chased a rabbit or something. I will sure miss her company when going for a walk around our property, attacking me from the bushes in front of our house when I came home from grocery shopping and accompany me in my garden, but I'm just glad she is home. I don't have to spend all day worrying and I can focused on my kids learning today.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Darling Daughter Won

I just got done separating my 6 yo (DD) and 5 yo (DS) along with DH. The two of them can play really nice and can fight nasty at the same time. I told my DD a long time ago to defend herself from his younger brother. Somehow when she gets hurt she does not defend herself and with only little things she fight, apparently. I saw it first hand just now.

DH in the other hand understand our 5 yo way of thinking because DH was the same with his older sister who never want to play with him. They both try so hard to make their sister play with them even if they don't want to. When my DD says NO, she would push her brother then the fight starts.

Right now DH and his sister is very civil to each other and they can talk on the phone forever. I hope this is the case with our two, so close in age. Like I mentioned above they can play soo nice (notice the extra "o" there). Everything that the older one tell the younger one he follows when they are playing nice. Then when the younger one don't want to play, she still gets what she ask for but she will get hurt because he will throw it to her.

Right now they are still exchanging I hate you's. I hope it gets better soon, I am not looking forward it getting worst before it gets better.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ahh, Kids

Tonight all three little ones (if you look at my header the first 3 from the left) decided to use their chalks to draw all over their bedroom doors and walls. I kinda knew what they are doing because they are keep going back to the bathroom and wetting something. They are wetting the chalks to make it brighter on the walls. Such stinkers.

They just get done cleaning it and going to bed now as punishment I usually let them go to bed whenever they want on the weekend but not tonight. They already written on those area with markers and crayons. They will never stop until the whole wall is covered with their art.

I will be laughing so hard right now if their own kids do the same on their house.


Friday, September 11, 2009

He is Practically a Man Today

ODS 18 Birthday
Just thinking about it makes me feel OLD. Today is my ODS 18th birthday, well actually tonight before 12. I can't believe that my son is entering the manhood today. I just wish he does not enter to it too fast.

Anyway, HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY ODS. Think of the things you wanted to do, and make sure you pick your own battle for the good and see yourself free or not, six or seven years from now. We are here to help you but we will not sign our freedom just so you can enter a corporation. We will be behind you the other way, the freedom way.

Ok, I better get off the computer and finish teaching your siblings. I still have to bake your chocolate cake.


Monday, September 7, 2009

"In This Life of Ours" Weekend Update

Sorry peeps, I have to move my widget lower. I will not accept nor place ads anymore however, I will keep dropping in my inbox. I rather spend more time in adgitize than EC.

Mr. Cheers decided at the last minute that we should sleep out under the stars in our backyard. Kids loves the idea but kept on going inside the house to eat, drink and use the bathroom. The kids enjoyed the night out with little live fire and sleeping inside a tent but I have to sleep all day Sunday because my back was killing me. Including the back of my neck and somehow I caught a massive headache. I was looking for a restful weekend but it did not work.

DH planned that we should all go shopping, get some parts for his mobile radio and we needed to get some raw milk from the farm. I was still very tired and the headache did not go away. Mind you he needs to take a shower before he can go out. So while I was taking more nap, I was expecting he was taking a shower and getting ready. When I woke-up around 4pm I asked him if he is ready to go. His answer was, you were taking a nap, I thought you don't want to go out anymore. I could have been out and back if he did not say anything about taking the whole family. Did I mention he is the king of procrastination?

No school, holiday if you call it that. I did tomorrows lessons for my Kinder. My 8 yo and 17yo are off today and tomorrow is my DD first day. I asked some ladies in the forum where my DD is enroll about the lessons/courses. I specifically asked when will I see them, and one lady told me that the assignments will not show until tonight at midnight. I don't know the terms they use in that school yet because we are just starting tomorrow. So, I asked her back if the assignment she was talking about is the lessons/courses. Why can't she just say it clearly that assignments is what they call it and it will show tonight, after midnight. I know what assignments are but not with this.

I was kinda pissed, I asked about lessons/courses and the come back I got is assignments. I was thinking...what? homework already without lesson plans, no guides to be see just homework? Anyway, I wish she wrote it like this...assign lessons/courses...Then she continue on telling me not to stress at the first day. Did I asked you that, I just wanted to know where I can see the lessons. Now after reading what she wrote to answer me I was stress. Why can't I get a simple yes or no, plain and simple answer? Language barrier I guess. Then they are talking about signing in tonight to by pass the crowd on the first day of school at 8AM tomorrow.

You know what, if I can't log in tomorrow because the system is very busy, who's fault is it if my daughter's attendance will not show up? They better get a bigger data base to let everyone in then. What first come first serve? I never heard of cyber school like that before. If they have such big number of students logging in they should accommodate them. If they give me a hard time about attendance, well goodbye. There are so many out there, wanting my tax dollars. They are not the only one in our state.

We have issue with truancy, we don't want to sign the paper works and I may have to do traditional homeschool. It will be very expensive but the good thing about it is, we can pick what subject to teach them. I'll probably pick Math and reading/writing/language arts. Then we can sign them up with music lessons or something to do outside the house.

The government control will never stop until everyone unite and tell them enough is enough. With DH procrastination he found a book telling the corporation on what to watch for about people like us. He felt empower knowing what not to do when dealing with them. We printed it today and it's about 1 inch thick (with print front and back of the paper). I will let everyone know, when we get there. Just make sure you are willing to give up the government free stuff you are using.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Online Car Shopping

When my husband bought his truck four years ago, he searched online to see which dealer have the specific one he likes. He wanted a truck with low gas mileage use and extended cargo box to get him more hauling capabilities. Not every dealership has it and he found one about an hour away from us. He called the dealer and asked if they can start the paper works and all he has to do is sign and pick up the truck when he gets there. This is the internet for you these days; he did not spend any time driving from dealer to dealer just to find what he was looking for. And that goes with used cars shopping too, you can see more online in a day than driving around.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August Top EC Droppers

It is time of the month again to thank my everyone for dropping EC on my blog. In This life of Ours appreciate all of you and here are my top ten for the month of August. I applaud all of you for your dedication.


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