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Friday, October 30, 2009

He Is Funny

DH came home today and I am so busy trying to get them finish early with their lessons. I said hello and I gave him a kiss and asked if he wanted something to eat because he did not pack lunch today. He said his fine and I did not asked anymore questions because I am very busy.

While I was helping DD with her Elluminate (meeting online) with her teacher, he came in to the classroom and announce that I have not asked why he is early today. It's not raining he said, then I told him that they got done early today like any other Friday. Then he left us be in the classroom.

Not until I was making hot cocoa for the kids, I always make them hot cocoa after class. He came again and ask me again why I have not asked him why he's home early. So, I asked if he stop working for the other people, he said "no". Then I asked if the man he is working with wanted to get home early today, he said "no".

Well guess what, I am running out of guesses. If You don't want to tell me, fine. Mind you we (kids and I) just got done from their lessons and my head is not in the lovey dubey mood and not out of the school stress yet. Then he told me.

I kinda got mad at him after telling me what had happened. They got in an accident and they totaled the truck of the person he is working for today. And his excuse was, the car that hit us was worst than we are. He could have walk inside the house in pain and he waited so long to tell me. He is fine and told me he only have a headache. We both agree that his body will be aching tomorrow when he wake up.

Or he may have an internal bleeding and waited for hours when I can give him 100% of my attention before telling me. He may be dead on the floor by the way he waited today, oh...this life of ours. He knew how busy I am when we are doing lessons, but please if you are dying just spit it out and let me know before it's too late. Classes can be done anytime of the day and life is too precious to lose. I could have punch him and make his whole body ache more. But in the other side of the coin, since he already knew he is fine, he don't want me to worry until I'm done with the kids. He is funny in the wrong way. Arg, this is the third time he got hit since I've known him.


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