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Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Curriculum Arrived

My DD was so happy yesterday because we have been doing her school with no textbooks. We are just lucky that they send us the wrong Math textbook last year and they have not send me a prepaid return label for it. So, we are using it this year.

We are so sold with the K12 curriculum. They send everything that are needed for the lessons, except for papers, crayons, pencils, scissors, and printing papers. I have not hear anything about the hardware, we return the one she have last year because I thought of switching her to another curriculum which we both did not like. We only lasted a month, and we decided to go back to K12.

Next year, I will put all of my kids in the same curriculum. It will work better too when they need to go places for a trip or days out. I will not be torn on which activity to go to because they belong in the same school.

I had my reasons to why I tried switching schools. I was hard doing three school in the household. However, with the same school they can do music and art at the same time and I only need to teach it once for three children...well for two right now.

DD wanted to finish her lessons list yesterday but I was too tired already at the end of the day. I could not teach her anymore. We did 2 math and 3 orientation and that was the limit for each kid, 5 hours a day. We can do more but like I said I was tired. I had to packed all the materials and hardware from the other school and unpacked the new ones. We are just waiting for the packing and shipping label and I will drop those boxes at the UPS location close to our house. Did you know that Pennsylvania don't have a budget this year for all public services? Yes, it's true. Pretty soon, teachers, police and other government own services will not get paid. My SIL told us that she think starting next month they will get paid. She is a teacher in public school. Good thing my kids are doing school at home.

Anyway, did I mention we love K12?


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