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Friday, October 30, 2009

He Is Funny

DH came home today and I am so busy trying to get them finish early with their lessons. I said hello and I gave him a kiss and asked if he wanted something to eat because he did not pack lunch today. He said his fine and I did not asked anymore questions because I am very busy.

While I was helping DD with her Elluminate (meeting online) with her teacher, he came in to the classroom and announce that I have not asked why he is early today. It's not raining he said, then I told him that they got done early today like any other Friday. Then he left us be in the classroom.

Not until I was making hot cocoa for the kids, I always make them hot cocoa after class. He came again and ask me again why I have not asked him why he's home early. So, I asked if he stop working for the other people, he said "no". Then I asked if the man he is working with wanted to get home early today, he said "no".

Well guess what, I am running out of guesses. If You don't want to tell me, fine. Mind you we (kids and I) just got done from their lessons and my head is not in the lovey dubey mood and not out of the school stress yet. Then he told me.

I kinda got mad at him after telling me what had happened. They got in an accident and they totaled the truck of the person he is working for today. And his excuse was, the car that hit us was worst than we are. He could have walk inside the house in pain and he waited so long to tell me. He is fine and told me he only have a headache. We both agree that his body will be aching tomorrow when he wake up.

Or he may have an internal bleeding and waited for hours when I can give him 100% of my attention before telling me. He may be dead on the floor by the way he waited today, oh...this life of ours. He knew how busy I am when we are doing lessons, but please if you are dying just spit it out and let me know before it's too late. Classes can be done anytime of the day and life is too precious to lose. I could have punch him and make his whole body ache more. But in the other side of the coin, since he already knew he is fine, he don't want me to worry until I'm done with the kids. He is funny in the wrong way. Arg, this is the third time he got hit since I've known him.


Looking at the Sky on Friday

In This Life of Ours One of the highway close to where I live. This is my way to town picking up my ODS from his chess practice in his school. Very soon all of these leaves will fall and it will look like driving in a ghost town.

Speaking of ghost town have a Happy Halloween and plenty of candy. We will be giving peanut butter Reese's, Hershey Bars and M&M's tomorrow night. Make sure to stop by and get some. Oh yeah, don't forget to turn your clock back one hour tomorrow. I was thinking since that most of my kids are schooling at home, do I really have to follow the time. Their appointments will still on time because my computer will remind me. We will see, I guess.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just Tweaking

I been wanting to change a few things here and there for the Halloween in my blog and today is the day. I wish I have done it a few weeks ago but I have no time. It is very colorful right now but it will go back to normal after the occasion this Saturday. I just wish I have plenty of time to do this often.

I hope you like it, if not know my answer to that...ha ha ha or should I say boo...hoo.

The Halloween images I got from the freebies somewhere and I can't remember the site. Sorry, who ever you are, I thank you so much for it. If you want you can leave me a message and I will add your link in my side bar before Halloween is over. Again thank you so much.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Always Competing

Between my 6 years old only daughter and her brother who is 5 years old. They always like to compete with everything. When the one wanted to finish his or her lessons first, the other one will say the same thing. Mind you I have to teach them one by one.

With the writing, my five years old son will compete with his sister and boast that he knows all the letters in the alphabet. My daughter went to pre-school and pre-kindergarten for two years. He only went to pre-school for 2 months, because I started teaching at home and he decided he don't want to go to the private pre-school anymore.

I am not saying that he can't learn faster than his sister but what I am saying is that his sister had more practice than him. Plus, she is older than him and by far she knew more. Sometimes it's so hard to separate them when they are fighting. And most of the time they both get punish because I don't want to pick sides.

Are kids close in age always like this? DH is 3 years younger than his sister but they fought so much when they were kids, so I don't think age has anything to do with it.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday

My kids were able to play outside yesterday after we picked up their oldest sibling from his school. I don't leave home without a camera anymore and while we were outside yesterday I kept on taking pictures of the clouds. It was my very time capturing a very strange looking clouds. Take a look for yourself. Click on images to see it better.

Nedekcir Sky 1A very fast moving clouds from the west. At the back of our house.

Nedekcir Sky 2We had clear sky at the east. Let's back up a little.

Nedekcir Sky 3I am in the backyard. The clouds are coming...ahh! :))

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh, Good You Have 5 Minutes to Spare

We have a nice size dining table that has a removable leaf. With the leaf we can fit people from seven to twelve depending on how big they are. We always put the left on it when we are having company over.

Well, we had the leaf since last Christmas and DH just removed it last night. After dinner the kids had some homemade hot cocoa. Then we played Uno card game and I played one game. DH and I usually hang out for at least five minutes before going back to anything we wanted to do. He asked if I have five more minutes to spare. For what I said.

You need to hold the other side of the dinner table because I wanted to take the leaf out.

You know what month it is... Right?

Yes, we have about a month before I return it. Besides, my sister will not be coming without her new husband anyway. He does not like me and I don't think they are both coming for holiday dinners.

Ok, you are the one doing it.

Now we have a four sitter dining table. We can all fit around it, plus I like the extra room without the leaf in our dining room. Very easy to go around the table now. And I bet him that he will not going to remember taking the leaf again until the holidays next year. He told me to remind him about it. And I told him to add it into my schedule and have it ding when he wanted me to remind him to take it off.

I thought for a second when he asked for five minutes we will do something fruitful...nah...I was Not in this life of ours.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Too Quiet, He Said

ODS goes to an after school activity in his school. And that after school activity is chess, he plays three days a week. On Monday I packed everyone to our van to pick him up, well you know I have to because my second oldest child is only 8 years old. God forbid someone saw me leaving him at home by himself, I may end up in jail somewhere.

Anyway, DH came home early and told me that the house was too quiet and he ran out of things to do. Mind you ODS school is only 15 minutes away, one way. So, could have gone for 30 minutes or so. I wish I have that much time to spend for myself. How I long to have a quiet time for even 30 minutes.

It will never happen unless all our kids move out of our house. Not a second spare that I have to yell "STOP IT", "SAY SORRY TO YOUR BROTHER/SISTER", NOW!", "BECAUSE I SAID SO". And he complained that the house is too quiet. How silly...:)


Monday, October 19, 2009

Time Management

My husband drove to work this morning with a flat tire because he just don't know how to manage his time in the morning. I mentioned it to him on Saturday and yesterday but he seemed rather do something else. It is great when he shop online for car parts, I think he spent his time wisely and get a free shipping but when he needs to spend some time working hard for his truck that is close to nothing. He knows when he gets to his job that everything will be easier because he got all the equipment he needed to do the job.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday

Like I mentioned yesterday we have snow in our forecast. This one was taken around noon yesterday.Snow in October
And this one was taken this morning around 9am.

Snow in October

Happy weekend everyone, I need a lot of rest this weekend. I am so tired and I don't even know if I can finish returning drops tonight. In this life of ours is exhausted this week.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Winter Storm Coming Our Way

Wow, October with a winter storm, we starting early this year. I saw a few places already had snow. My ODS might be coming home early today in the bus. It is almost 8AM here and it is very dark outside, almost like the snow is ready to come down.

I have not clean my garden yet and here comes the storm, yikes! Too bad for the kids, they don't have snow days, kinda hard to explain that they can finish early for the summer if we keep up with the lessons.

Anyway, hoping none of you have to drive in the storm. And if you have to, be careful out there. I can't find weather thing closer to me but we have 34°F right now. And we are getting snow according to the forecast starting today until Saturday, I'm not really sure how much but we are going to have snow.

The WeatherPixie


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (LOL)

Hopefully he will not hate me when he become teenager with this picture. He was so proud because he could fit two balls in his pants. He don't have any I love this years.

DS #3 big butt, WHAT!


Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Update "In This Life of Ours"

We went to our local mazezilla on Saturday while DH was working the voting poll for Continental Congress. We planned this last weekend and he just remember that he can't come with us because of it. He asked her sister to accompany us but we did not went to the corn maze because she did not feel like walking with my kids. She was scared that it would take us a while to get thru. The people who works there told us that if we finish the whole maze it would take about two hours. Not to mention it was very windy over there on Saturday. I just wished DH don't have to work that day.

We only went on the hay ride, saw some cows, my kids enjoyed the slides and the corn pit. Maybe we will try again next weekend with DH with us. However, I was told already that we are going to Port Jervis for some kind of event. I'm not really looking forward to it because he only wanted to go there so that he can talk politics to the people in the group we belong to. You would think they both knew everything that is going on but still need to talk to one another. It is very annoying in my opinion especially that the certain one is a woman. And I am not allowed to chat in my computer to my HS friends because we don't talk about politics. That I might fall in love with them and move back home to meet secretly with them.

I would think he will know that I am meeting them if I go away for certain amount of time. Mind you they are so far away and the person he talk to is just an hour away. Why is it that he can talk someone on the opposite sex and I cannot, mind you mine is thru chat not in person?

Anyway, I'm just letting my prostration out. I think I have to force him not to go next weekend. I'm the one will end up watching the kids and all his going to do is socialize. Below is the kids pictures from outside the corn maze.

DS 3
Corn Pit
YDS little maze
YDS & ODS in corn pit
DD & DS 3


Friday, October 9, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday

Sky Watch
Sky WatchI took this shot on Tuesday. I heard there is another rain coming today and I just can't show plain gray sky again. I was standing in my front door when I took the pictures. Happy Friday everyone.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Curriculum Arrived

My DD was so happy yesterday because we have been doing her school with no textbooks. We are just lucky that they send us the wrong Math textbook last year and they have not send me a prepaid return label for it. So, we are using it this year.

We are so sold with the K12 curriculum. They send everything that are needed for the lessons, except for papers, crayons, pencils, scissors, and printing papers. I have not hear anything about the hardware, we return the one she have last year because I thought of switching her to another curriculum which we both did not like. We only lasted a month, and we decided to go back to K12.

Next year, I will put all of my kids in the same curriculum. It will work better too when they need to go places for a trip or days out. I will not be torn on which activity to go to because they belong in the same school.

I had my reasons to why I tried switching schools. I was hard doing three school in the household. However, with the same school they can do music and art at the same time and I only need to teach it once for three children...well for two right now.

DD wanted to finish her lessons list yesterday but I was too tired already at the end of the day. I could not teach her anymore. We did 2 math and 3 orientation and that was the limit for each kid, 5 hours a day. We can do more but like I said I was tired. I had to packed all the materials and hardware from the other school and unpacked the new ones. We are just waiting for the packing and shipping label and I will drop those boxes at the UPS location close to our house. Did you know that Pennsylvania don't have a budget this year for all public services? Yes, it's true. Pretty soon, teachers, police and other government own services will not get paid. My SIL told us that she think starting next month they will get paid. She is a teacher in public school. Good thing my kids are doing school at home.

Anyway, did I mention we love K12?


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (The Color of Fall)


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Able Restoration

The whole world knew what happened at the northern part of the Philippines. And plenty of people will be calling companies like water damage San Diego to restore what was damage in their home. My heart goes to those who lost family members in the flood. My family was also affected but not as bad as the people in the main land. A prayer goes to all of you and wishing for faster recovery.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Top Ten Droppers

I very much appreciated all of you who kept coming back to my blog. Thanks for stopping for 30 days for my top dropper. We should all quit ec together or even remove our widget in our blog for a week. So, what exactly are they doing with all the ec credits they are collecting? Sell them or totally wipe it off the system. And where are they getting the credits for completing offers? Yes, I know I have so many questions, that is how I learn by asking questions.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Saved, The Best For Last

DH had other plans today and he did not get ready to go somewhere until three in the afternoon. He got a meeting to go to and I am waiting in-patiently all day. Instead of getting mad at him that I always do because my plans will never get done if his never get started.

I cleaned my DD bedroom again, her bedroom never stay clutter free for even a day. She had helped with the mess, her little siblings that basically do everything she told them until they get bored and stop following what they are told. Then the fights starts from there. This time the two that are close in age help me, well more like "if you don't do this I will"...kind of thing. Each one of them picking different things and have their own bag/bucket/pail. I hide most of the toys, and they are only allowed to play with them if they ask me, well, less to clean.

And since DH did not go anywhere today, I drag him apple picking at the last minute. He can't say no because I will get mad/nag him for keeping me home all day.

Yellow Delicious Apples

Yellow Delicious Apples
Look! my pickingI asked DH to get the big and nice ones up above.
DH taking the best one
Apples for Baking
Empire Apples
Red Delicious Apples
Red Delicious Apples
DD picked two.
DD with Red Delicious Apples
Here are what we picked.

Our children enjoyed going to the Apple Orchard at Gulick's Orchard. We are supposed to take my SIL with us but since we left so late, I don't think she have enough time to get to our house before the Orchard close for the day. We are looking forward to buy more sugar sweet corn but I guess they are out of season because they don't have any today. Did you see the pull wagon we have? I got the kids pulling it...they look funny.

We picked 57lbs. of apples. Come over and I'll give you some. I may even give my neighbor some if my SIL does not take enough with her tomorrow. We picked "yellow delicious", "red delicious", and "empire apples" for apple pies. Anyone want some apples? Come and get them here. It turn out to be a good day for apple picking.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday

Better late than never :)

In This Life of OursHere is our sky this morning. I took this around 8am before the kids started their lessons today. We are supposed to go apple picking tomorrow but there will be more rain tomorrow. Oh yea, the white stuff is the early morning fog this time of year from year I am.

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