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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Learning @ Home Started

My 4th grader did very well taking his Scranton test yesterday. We are not officially starting, but I wanted to use the two extra days later in the year instead. I hate the testing very early in the school year but that is what my children get when their school did not make the AYP for last year. I know this thing don't have anything to do with the children but have a lot to do with the school staying open. I wish public school does not exist, they are un-constitutional for those who don't know. And the more you ask the government to do for you, the more rights they take away from private citizens. I hope you know that too.

Anyway, all of my kids are very energetic to start yesterday. Not too many complaints and willing to work with me. I am not looking forward to all the testing ahead of us, but I have to show a smiley face because this is our last year in cyber school. I will be teaching them what we wanted next year, and the best part of it all is NO testing what-so-ever. I hope the program I am looking at still the same next year. I will not know what to do if their policy change when we start next year.

That's all for the update this week. I hope you are having a great first week of school just like we are.


Friday, August 27, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

I have been wanting to capture some sun rays on my sky pictures for a long time, and this is (if I may say) is the best one I shoot so far. I can see some rainbow color at the bottom also.

Have a great Friday and weekend everyone. Three more days and I am back to teaching my kids again. Where did my summer vacation gone? I want some more...:))


Thursday, August 26, 2010

On Infidelity

DH and I been there and both of our partners in our early years were unfaithful to us. When we got together/started dating, we both agree that never to cheat on each other, and if cheating happens never look back, but acknowledge that we have children to take care.

DH case is not as bad as mine because I was married and had a son. Him in the other hand was only gf and bf, but he mentioned that he wanted to marry her. She has never known it but that was his intention. We both known something was going on with our partners but did not act on it until we realize that we are both much better without them.

It took him a lot of years to get into the dating scene again, and it took me four years. I say four years because it was four years after getting a divorce when found him. He was single longer than I was, and we did not meet until we were both turning 28.

We are not good at dealing with bad relationship. We hide and not pay attention to the opposite sex for a long time. As for my part, I hated anyone who (male) will hint that they like me. I was like a lion, which was depending upon her territory and never let anyone in.

I think it's easy to get over someone when both parties decide that they are not for each other. Once, you find out that one partner is cheating...even patching it up did not work for me. I wanted to get even, I wanted to hurt him more...however, all are not right. I should have let it go easy, and never look back. I say it now, but I can never do it before. I was heart broken and the worst part was "he cheated on me". I have not done anything but to be faithful, and I got cheated on.

Like others, I tried very hard to forget about it, but it wasn't the same. I even wanted to change the way he wanted, but that is not me. I got angry, no I was furious, and ended everything. It was sad for my son (who is now 19), but I am only human. Our love for each other is not enough to keep us together and be faithful. I swore him, he will not have any kids with the other woman, and guess what...she has never gotten pregnant. I know, we say bad things when we are mad.

It hurt to realize that everything will never go back to the way things are. Other people can do it, but not DH and I. Leaving and letting go was the only option for us. I got into two car accidents trying to pretend everything was fine.

I am glad that I did let go. If I didn't, I will never find out that there are better (DH) people out there just waiting for someone willing to accept the way we are. To love you unconditionally, and not to ask of what you can't give. Be happy on what you can offer heartedly.

Furthermore, don't be in a relationship if you don't mean it. If you are waiting for someone better than the one you have now, you are just asking for it. It isn't fair to the other person. You are selfish and needed a lot of growing up to do. Think of the GOLDEN RULE.

DH and I can never be friends with our past relationships. I am glad that my son is out to college. I don't have to deal with his father anymore. After 19 years, I can say that I am in peace and not to worry about the past anymore. Being strong helped.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A year old friend of ours, well mostly DH friend, got caught not doing a married man should be doing. They are worst than my sister in CA. At least they don't broadcast their dirty laundry in their social network like this couple. Drama and more drama. DH said, "leave me out of it," true.

Borrowed image

And my question is, "why people get involve with married people in the first place, are we running out of people in the opposite sex (single) to do this things with?" Or they simply enjoy the un-forbidden fruit than others? LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS does not apply here. Their PURSUIT of HAPPINESS is hurting someone and this is not the CREATOR wanted. Follow the golden rule...geezz. The other person who is involve is broadcasting it too in her social network and the wife read it. Oh my goodness...and my name is there too when she took a screen shot...ok, i don't know anything about it and leave me out of it.

By the way, she reminds me of one blogger who abuse RX drugs...she knows more RX drugs than DR's that I know of...yikes is right...drama...I hate drama...good thing she and my sis lives far from us...
Forgive me for exploiting the conversation my creator...yup. mine is not perfect either but when ours comes to this, one have to decide (we both agree) to just leave and not look back.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Alzheimer Moment

Who goes around at people houses on Saturday? Not in my neighborhood since I got rid of some religious people trying to get us to go in their church. I'm sorry but DH has more knowledge of the bible than they do. And no, we don't try people to convert on our belief, as long as you follow the golden rule...that's pretty much it.

Someone was knocking on our front door today. My thought immediately, who the heck is it, on Saturday. There was a tall young man carrying a black huge garbage bag. Are you Kcir's wife, right? Yes, I am...I told the man, he looks familiar. Then he continues on telling me that they are cleaning their attic and giving away some stuff toys. They knew that we have kids, and we might want it. I decline nicely and he said he is my neighbor. I started smiling with embarrassment, I think I turned red the whole time he was at the front door.

After he left, I was like...DUH! However, I recognize him but I cannot pinpoint where I knew him from. Yeah, he is my neighbor whom I see often but not spoken to. Anyway, I didn't take the toys because our house is already stuff with so many toys. Not to mention I am the only one always cleaning this mess. I know they are just being nice but sorry, I can't put myself into more work.

DD and I went outside when starting to get dark because she forgot a toy outside, he was burning something smelly in their yard. I think he is burning the huge garbage bag of toys he offered us.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Hate Drama

And that goes with my own life too. I don't know how to deal with it and I am trying very hard not to get into this kind of situation anymore. Live and learn. A friend of my sister and I just informed me that my sister is in the middle of divorce from what she heard. She hasn't fail me yet, when she gives me news it's usually the true.

So, I searched for my brother in law's profile and here is what he got to say, "One lost soul looking for another lost soul in order to hopefully find each other. Maybe one day all this will make sense but right now I'm just confused and frustrated.Still kicking it as a Marine and really cant see myself doing anything else right now. Enjoying watching my awesome little boy grow up and I'm still trying to figure out the woman I married even after almost 15 years jeez.....did I mention I'm frustrated."

No, we are not friends, I am not even friend with my own sister. However, I am friend with her two older kids. Like I said, I hate drama and her life is full of it. I have my own thing to worry about.



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Second Home

DH found this in his listing yesterday and email it to me. Not bad for the price below 70K. There are no places to get jobs but I think we can manage considering we will be using this as second home. Northeast winter weather is brutal, and it will be nice to move somewhere warmer during winter months.

This is in Ranger GA, with 12.4 acres land. I like to have that much land here where I am right now. We can afford the monthly payment but we don't have anything for a down payment and we don't want to borrow anything from a bank. This one will be nice if the owners' finance it themselves.

I like how it sit 1/2 mile from the road.

Do you own it? Can we talk, well actually DH would like to speak to you, and maybe come to terms. This is DH and I dream property, in the middle of nowhere. I can see it now, farm animals around the house and we don't need to buy meat for our own consumption....NICCCCCEEEEEEEEEE...ok I am dreaming...better wake up and return to reality....:)))


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


After a month having the second cat litter (1st) from our very first cat, fleas infested our house. I woke up one morning, change to regular clothes, went to the bathroom, then to the kitchen to get my 1 cup of coffee for the day...feet are itchy. Oh no! what are these black bugs on my feet? DH informed me that they are fleas.

I was itching for a few days before it. I stop playing with the kittens and bug my husband to go to a pet store to get some spray and cat/kitten fleas control. After a week fleas calm down and we will bomb the house when the kittens are adopted. We have to pick a weekend when we can spend time somewhere far. Leave the mother and son cat outside the house with feed.

I still get bitten when I stay long in the living room. I got the most bite and DH got the least or non at all. Remember my post after 4th of July? We were outside lighting some fireworks and bugs bite me. I told you, bug in my area loves Asian blood. Now, the fleas...Writing this makes my skin itchy....:(

Our cat have 3 kittens this time. Her first was 4 and we kept 1 of them. This time we will let them all get adopted. I think they are all female. We don't need female until the mother is old. And btw, I do vacuum everyday since we found out we have fleas. I would love to vacuum the kittens fur too, but they run away when they hear the vacuum being Oh yes, we don't have a different color kittens this time. I think the mother cat settle for 1 male this time. She was such a w&*$@ last time.


Friday, August 13, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Yes, I have a cloudy sky. We can use the rain because the lady I get the raw milk from is having hard time getting milk from the cow. Not enough fresh grass she said and I have to go some where else to buy some. I am glad too because I don't need to water my vegetable garden for a while. And 3rd, cooler at night. $500 a month in electric bill is hard in our pocket...whew!

Have a great weekend everyone! I am trying to get set up with up-coming school year. Materials need to put on shelves and cleaning (air cleaning) the PC's to get them ready for another school year. Just thinking about it, makes me want to go away and forget about school altogether.

Happy Friday!!!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eleven Years & Counting

Let's work on another eleven years my Dearest Hubby. Yes, with all the ups and down we are married for 11 years today. With 4 children and the oldest is 9 years old. I am teaching 3 of them at home for 3 years this coming school year, and I thought I can't do it...Now I can say piece of cake. Just like marriage, there are lots of ups-and-downs.

My 18 year old son is going to Edinboro University (in-state colleges is awesome). This is his first year away from home, and I am praying he will be fine with it. I always told him that I am only a phone call away and always home to take his calls. He will be celebrating his 19th birthday alone in his dorm. I promise him that I will send him something. Maybe we can video chat and sing happy birthday to him.

Moreover, DH; cheers to our 11 years together and I'm hoping for more years with less drama to come. Yes, I hated drama...we have kids to do that to us...:)) Happy 11th year wedding anniversary!!!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When is The Best Time to Shop for School Supplies?

Contributed by Vickie Tyson

Like so many other parents, I'm preparing for my kids to head back to school. Unfortunately with that preparation comes the headache of crowded stores, tripping through the aisles, and long lines at the checkout. Over the years though I have found that with a little planning and thought, I can get what my kids need easily and in no time at all.

Once you have the list of supplies from your child's teacher you are ready to head to the store. However, it just so happens to be what everyone else is doing to. Worries that the store will run out should be put aside, because stores have been ready for back to school since the beginning of summer. The best time to go to the store is late in the evening after 8 or 9pm. Of course because you will be leaving after everyone else will be in bed, don't forget to set your Home security system.

Every year I've enlisted a fellow parent to go shopping with me, seeing as how it is after dark. Many stores do not close until 10 pm, and there is a certain store that stays open all night that sells everything from food to clothes. So try it out. You will find that late at night is the best time to shop for school supplies.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Relatives Gathering

I met my long distant cousins over the weekend in a nice early dinner party. DH knew them and always hang-out in their house when he was little, but when people move all over the country, it got less and less time to spend time with them. They also celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and most people in their family (Cheers families) was invited. They did not all showed up but they are all invited.

He was actually born in Europe and left the place when he was a teenager. Unlike my FIL he was born here. Our Uncle whom gave us so much mango was there too. I didn't know that they actually collecting those mangoes. I thought they didn't care much and only pick what they wanted. Anyway, our Aunt (his wife) told me that she hated it when people steels the mangoes. And I thought there are so many to go around, and when other people takes them they get mad. But then again, people are born differently. My family will not mind at all if we have a lot of mangoes and people tend not to ask when taking it. It would be nice if they ask and that goes with born differently again.

The cake, notice the gold in it...yes 50th is golden.

Let's get back to the relatives. I think they have the rules of having 3 children. My husband have 2 siblings and so my SIL have 3 kids too. Our relative have 3 kids and those 3 kids have 3 kids each. I was like wow! By the way, he is a NYPD retired.

And let me tell you how long it took us to get to the place. With New York City (NYC) traffic, 3 hours. Whew, I thought we will never get there. We get out of traffic just to get to another traffic. The event was held in Islip NY. I was making fun of the names of the bridges and highways...Little Neck, Throgs Neck...when I was still working when I get to NJ, I get all the NYC radio stations. I always hear them talk about rubbing necked in traffic. I told DH, they should have call this place Rubbing Neck instead because of the traffic. Most New Yorkers are use to it and they know the rules when yielding in traffics. But most of the time you get this New Jersey drivers that has no care in the world, they would never let anyone in between in-front of them. Have I mentioned before that they are the worst people that I met in my entire life? Very snotty people...and that is my opinion. Someone will comment on this one (I can feel it) and call me names now :P

Here are the celebrant. The young man in the background is one of their grandsons.

And yes, the accent of my relatives. he he he, they talk like my MIL because she was born and raise in Brooklyn...wate'...he he he. And yes, they love my kids especially our 4th one. This not the first time when someone ask us if they can keep him...he he he.

Oh and one incident that DH pointed out (again). His sister and mother does dress up for such occasion. I told him, you are the brother and son, mention it to them not me. DH family grew up doing and attending this kind of events and his sister knew how they dress for occasion, but somehow she literary forgotten or refuses to acknowledge anymore.

Here is our kids. The 4th one is the one wearing red tie.

When I met her, her first husband was very stingy with money and they never dress nice. Now that she is a teacher and married to another teacher, I expect for her to dress accordingly...but I was wrong. DH compare the clothing with the invitation when we get one. If the invitation is nicely done or made we wear a formal clothing. If not, then we wear nice casual clothing. How about you?


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nursing Home Residents’ Favorite Pastime

Guest post written by Belinda Allen

The stereotype of nursing home residents sitting around and putting together puzzles or playing checkers for fun couldn’t be any more wrong. I know this because I work at a nursing home.

Most of our residents have their own computers and spend a lot of their time on wildblue satellite either reading news, e-mailing loved ones or listening to music. A lot of times when I make my rounds, residents will tell me about interesting news stories they’ve read online that I haven’t even heard of before. They keep me pretty informed!

But many of them love to use wildblue satellite internet the most to keep up with friends and relatives on Facebook. So many residents live far away from their families and even though many of them are regularly visited by relatives, they can feel disconnected from their families sometimes. With Facebook, a lot of the residents learn about what their relatives and friends are doing and can keep in better touch.

There’s nothing like seeing a loved one and visiting with them in real life. But for our residents, Facebook fills in the sometimes-long gaps in between visits.


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