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Friday, April 11, 2008

DC's Misses Dad

DH went back to work last week full time. Now our kids misses him and they always ask when is daddy coming. What he's not home yet?

But I think DH is glad he's back to work full time. He can't stand the whining, the screaming, and crying going on all day at home. I don't blame him, I myself don't like it either.

When ever he gets home early from work our DC's are all over him. Poor man, tired of working all day and when he gets home he gets attack, with all 4 little ones.

Halfway thru the winter he only works part time because his job is outside. We (myself and DC's) got used to him being home most of the time. I can leave the house with no kids in tow. I like that feeling he he he. Now I have to packed each and everyone before getting out of the garage. Good thing most of them can put their own shoes and jacket on. And I only have to take 4 because my first born is old enough to be home alone.

Can't wait for them to move out of the house...hahah. Just kidding...I will miss all of them.


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