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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tracking Device

Being a mom takes a lot out of you. Good thing my kids are still small and don’t have to worry their where about so much. When they grow to young adult I don’t have to be too concern because of our technology now a days. GTX Corp have the solution for me and mothers alike. With information generated by GTX Corp, which provides instant real time location information and movement history on Google Maps. I can see where my children are and what they are doing in that location because you know what establishments are around that area. Personal Location Services (PLS) applications include: Children/Family Tracking, Elderly/Mentally Diminished tracking, Athletic Events/Bio-monitoring, Property/Security Military/Tactical, and Social Networking/Entertainment.

Here is the part I don’t like this kind of technology, the patriot act that the government unleash not too long ago. If I am to go ahead and get these services, how can I protect myself and my family getting monitor by unwanted sources? They can easily tell GTX Corp or other GPS company that they needed my information and the company can’t say no because of this patriot act law.

I think this is beneficial when use properly or for personal gain of an individual. But when use according to patriot act and the national ID system, this can bring harm to the lives of the citizens in this country. Just imagine ordering something over the phone in this is what you get, click here. And to get more information about GTX Corp about Personal Location Services visit


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