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Sunday, April 13, 2008

What People Scared Of (Or just don't care)

When when will America wake up? When will you realize that enough is enough? When someone say "I will lower taxes? Would you vote for them? How about when someone say "I will abolish taxes" will you vote for them?

So, which one is better? If you pick the first one, why? We can do better with the second one. If you don't want to stop paying taxes why not give it to me? That exactly is what you're doing. You don't need your extra cash? I never heard of that before. Unless you are this big corporations presidents, CEO, politicians who are sucking all the hard earn cash and what not. Will you wake then when politicians become dictators?

They will tell you when and what to do. If they tell you to jump high, your answer will be how high. NO! Your answer should be WHY? They made up this government to control people. Why did people came to America? Because they wanted to be free. And free we should and shall be.

You wanted someone to control you? How about I will add some nuts and volts on you and attached you with a remote control? It's control you want, control you will get. Did you know that we are not a free country anymore? Are you blind or just plain don't want to know the truth?

Are you scared that after all these years something will actually get done? That our country will be "FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE" again. And you ask, "what 's going to happen to our roads, public schools, etc? They survive before taxes and there is a great chance we are going to and will survive again.



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