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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ron Paul Presidency Will

Lobbyist don't bother to visit him in congress. Why? Because he never support any bill that violates the Constitution or gives handouts to their bosses, no matter who they are. Ron Paul served his country as a flight surgeon and was a popular physician who delivered more than 4,000 babies and treated everyone in need whether they could pay or not.

Ron Paul will:

  • Bring the troops home as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Stop illegal immigration and secure our borders.
  • Stop the looting of Social Security ans encourage personal savings plans.
  • Reduce foreign spending by $1 trillion to help veterans, children and seniors while reducing national debt taxes.
  • Stop corporate welfare and polluters.
  • Protect our privacy and civil liberties.
  • Oppose internet taxes regulation.

Join Us! Thousands already have - more active duty soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines have donated to his campaign than any other. Don't believe the cynical lie that we can't fight the big money that funds politics as usual.

Ad for Ron Paul, presidential candidate for traditional republican party.
Hope for America***Be part of it.


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