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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Prepaid Phone Cards

We used to live within the city limits five years ago. It was very easy for are lifestyle to live in the city. Everything is right around the corner and grocery stores are 5 minutes drive from our apartment. And we have so many choices when it comes to phone companies. Calling oversees to my family is not a problem because phone companies has so many calling plans. But living in the city has a disadvantage, because you only own inside your apartment. Anything outside you needs to share with everyone.

So we bought a place outside the city limit, we have a bigger house and bigger land. Not only that, we own the whole property and we can do whatever we please to it. The down side is the phone company. We don’t have any choice to what company we want to use. Because there is only one and the basic charges are expensive because they know we don’t have any other choice but to take the service. We used them for about a year and switch to cell phones.

With cell phones we can take it anywhere and not miss a single phone call. The only problem with it is calling long distance or oversees. It is very expensive specially when using it during peak hours. We look for alternative and found phone cards, now I only have to pay for airtime not call time. Phone cards are convenient to use especially when you break down somewhere with no cell signal. All you have to do is find a phone booth and make a call. And you always know how many minutes you have left.

I recommend a phone card to those who has family oversees.


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