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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Youngest DS

The picture is taken in our classroom/my office/computer room this summer. Every time they see their winter stuff they don't have any problem wearing it, especially him. It would be about 80 degrees and he will be wearing all this warm stuff. No, we don't have central air, however we have a window air conditioner for this room. We have 5 computers going on here at one time and during school ours we have 6 computers going. A very warm room to be during winter.

He started talking late. The county even sent a therapist to work with him for a year. I hated it because I have to clean my house every time she will coming. We were not very concern about his speech because we know he will catch up eventually. And guess what, he did and this year he was speaking in complete sentences. Sometimes we (DH & I) had to double check and look very carefully and check who was talking. We knew that he will speak when he is ready, not to mention he got 4 other siblings to copy how to talk from.

As soon as my two home schooled finish for the summer, I started to potty train him. What I love about my boys are they don't pee in bed while sleeping. As soon as they fall sleep they will not pee unless they wake up and ask for my help to go to the bathroom. It was so easy to potty train them from night bed wetting. He is also the fastest one to learn to go to the bathroom when he needs to go pee or poo. With the others I have to yell at them a few times to get the idea in their head. But then again he is the youngest, and he can see all his older siblings doing just that when needed. When sitting on the toilet I always ask him if he needs to poo. He would try and if he can't he will tell me and I will ask him every time he goes pee. We/he never had any accident doing number two in his pants. Once in a while he can't hold it especially when he gets the runs, but he is always good. Plus, I know when he says his tummy hurts I knew right away not to tell him to hold a second. When he says that, I better help him in the bathroom right away.

In addition he was breastfeed for two years. The first year was full time, the second year was only when I put him to naps and on bedtime. I had to add it here, because we noticed that he is the brightest of all our children.


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