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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Random Tuesday @ "Life of Ours"

I brought my van to the garage yesterday for an alignment. It took about 1 hour and with the 4 little ones with me. This is a no name garage recommended by DH friend. It only cost us $44.00 to get the job done. DH asked me yesterday if the van feel different after the alignment but I could not answer him because we did not go faster than 45 miles per hour drive.

Well today, I decided to drop off my DD hardware to be return to one of FedEx drop off place. I can still feel the shaking specially going from 60 to 70 miles an hour. It should not be doing it if the job was done correctly. His back is probably still hurting or simply not done correctly. I wonder what DH will say when I tell him about it today. His friend also told us that it will only cost us $35 plus tax. When it was time to pay (I only have $40 cash with me) I walked into their little office to pay. She told me how much it was and I mentioned that such and such said it was only that much. Ok, I will not argue with the lady, because I saved a lot just going there. I went back to my van and looked for cash to cover the bill. I found $2 and went back in. I put it on top of the $40 I gave her the first time and I said thank you and left with the receipt. I was ready to leave but I looked at the receipt and it say's $43.40. I started to think on how much I gave the lady and I still owe her $1.40. I can't believe I did that. I knew she told me that exact amount and somehow what stuck in my head was $2.00 more. It does not help that I was very hungry because I was expecting the job to get done after 20 minutes. Plus the kids are annoying me because we were waiting longer than we are supposed to. The lady was probably scratching her head when I tried to dis her of $1.40. I am so embarrassed, DH have to go back there not me to get the job right with our alignment.
FedEx Drop off box
Ok, let me continue about dropping boxes to the drop off place. I saw the box inside OfficeMax and my boxes are bigger than those. I walked inside and asked the clerk on how to leave a big box and told me that some people just leave them outside or next to the drop box. Mind you these are computer, monitor and printer that I am sending back. I am not paying for these old stuff when lost. I had to bring it back home again and called FedEx to pick these two boxes from my house instead. It was a total waste of time driving there for nothing. I wish the site said that big boxes will not fit inside the drop off boxes. If I only knew that those things are just boxes, I would not have drove there. Some places like Staples keep it inside and UPS pick the boxes from the store not like a mail box. A lot that I know, or maybe I should have called OfficeMax first before going there.


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