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Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Update "In This Life of Ours"

ODS came home from his very long summer vacation on Saturday. My second DS suggested that we should make a welcome home cake for him. Then DH agree that we should and guess who did all the cooking and stuff. DH end up sleeping the whole time I was out shopping for the celebration.

Anyway, I did not even have time to write my Saturday Save because I was very busy. I finished all my EC and Adgitize drops around 11pm. I was very very tired on Saturday. Sunday I just rest the whole day and folded a lot of clothes. I love washing clothes but folding and putting it away takes a while because I don't feel like doing it.

The weeds in my garden is out of control. I don't feel much about continue wedding it. Every time it rains for two days all the weeds are higher than my vegetables. I almost in the verge of just leaving it alone. Put the black plastic over it and start again next year. And make sure make plots and mix the soil well enough and add some sand for better drainage too.

I have a growing ulcer in my mouth because of all the cake I been eating the past week. The wheat and I is not getting along. I put some colloidal silver directly on it and hoping it will stop it for coming out and hurting more. Not to mention I am eating a lot of Nectarine (sour and sweet) lately. With the combination of citrus and wheat is a waiting ulcer for my mouth.

So, how is your weekend?


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