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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random Tuesday "In This Life of Ours"

I had a really good night sleep however, I woke up very tired and achy. It was 6AM when I finally got up and prepare DH lunch. I wanted to go back to sleep but DD have an orientation around 11AM. I need to cook breakfast for 6 of us and get DD ready to go. I instructed my ODS on what to do while I am gone and to make sure to give his younger brothers something to eat and drink while I'm gone just in case they get hungry. My YDS is going with me and DD because even though ODS is almost 18 years old, I can't leave a three year old under his care. If he is a young lady I can, but he is a young man and I will never forgive myself if something happens to my YDS.

We got to the orientation location on time (15 minutes early). It took me an hour to get there because I stopped to get some fuel and there is a construction on the road as soon as we are about a mile away from the place. I was using my nephew's GPS and the gap between me and the place will only take us 3 minutes. That was the longest 3 minutes ever, I think we were there for almost half hour just to get where we are going. That was 3 minutes turned to 30 minutes, very annoying.

YDS was fine for two hours in the room with us. As soon us they did the orientation the problem begun. He wanted to get more and more water from the container that was set-up inside the room. I don't want him to make a mess so, I need to tell him to stop. He talk so loud and whine every now and then. Finally, at the middle of the second presentation I had it and brought him to the bathroom to yell at him. It did not work, and DD was knocking on the door. Finally he stop whining and we went back in the room. You think he stopped, no got worst. And everyone is looking at me like I don't do anything to stop it.

I finally decided to leave the room, and of course DD is behind me. I can't stand it when I go to this kind of things with all of my kids. What they expect, everyone has a baby sitter standing by just to watch children? And no, I am not paying anyone to watch my kids just to go to this type of events. I wish they are more open to people with multiple children. Kids will be kids, it does not matter how much you slap them around. When they are bored, that is what they do.

I wish I can start my own school that multiple children or siblings of attendees are welcome to come. I am so piss right now about the peoples reaction about children. I hate it, and I try so hard to do everything where is closer to us for less travel time and have relatives to watch my other kids. But when it's far and that long I can't get them to watch any of them because they have lives of their own.

When they were looking at me, I feel like I committed a crime bringing younger kid in the orientation. I think next time this happen to me, I'll just stand and leave, I don't care if the orientation is for me. Or I can tell them in advance that there will be other child with the attendees. If they can't come, well guess what, I am not going, if it is mandatory, well I guess they can give it to us via webinar/illuminate or any other online form.


Grampy August 19, 2009 at 11:53 AM  

It is something. People think you can just hide the kids or something.They should have a supervised play room where the little ones could go.

Nedekcir August 19, 2009 at 1:04 PM  

No matter what it is, people always react. You take them with you, you get a reaction. You leave them at home/car/, you get a reaction. And worst if they find out they are home alone and left in the car. Society makes it all wrong.

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