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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Are You Part Of The Solution?

A wise young man (well not very young) whom I'm married to always tells me this phrase. “Are you part of the solution or the part of the problem”? Any individual who has common sense can be part of the solution. If you only care about yourself and take everything that you think belongs to you, you are the problem. Furthermore, if you think that the Constitution of this country is old and needed updating you have a problem and you are part of the problem. Did you know that the citizen of this country is the law maker in this country? I think you need to re-read the only law of this country.

The Government is only allowed by us the citizen to govern our country. They are not the law maker that a lot of people knew. And ever any of the politicians step out of bound, we the people should correct them or even take them out of office. We put them there and we can take them out, because our country is a republic. The government can not violate the right of individual namely: the right to life, the right to liberty of speech and action and the right to our property.

Our president is trying to pass a bill that our human rights, property rights and most of our right are going to be taken away, the right to own guns, the right to garden in our own property, the right to home school our children (just a few example). Furthermore, he labeled my kind as a terrorist. In my opinion he is the terrorist because he is terrorizing the American people and taking all our rights. We have the right to sovereignty, and that too are taken away from us. If you don’t fight for our rights now, we are not going to have any rights left. We simply are puppets to follow orders from those who don’t even have the right to lead us. Please visit The Voluntaryist Website to learn more and help take our country and our human rights back.


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