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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Extra Curricular For my Children

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Teaching my children in the comfort of our home I need to provide them extra curriculum to make it more fun. I am not even a bit worry about the socialization aspect of teaching them at home and I can careless what other people are saying about it. There are two churches that offer summer camp within the walking distance from our house. I have to check it out as soon as they open today. We don't really care what religion they are as long as they are reading the same bible as we do. That will solve the socializing aspect of home schooling.

All of my kids have the like to music. I thank my father for having the love of music in his blood and I think I inherit it from him and pass it to my children. My oldest can play the violin and read music notes. The rest loves to sings; play an organs, and guitar. They are not good at it yet, but with the lessons and practice they will get there. I found a free music online they can use to practice with. (it's time to look for a free piano online, I see a lot of them people giving away. Most of them need tuning but for free that is worth it.)

My 8 year old boy already knows how to read music and I am working with my 6 year old right now. She loves to sing along with them but a little weary when I try to make her voice to go high and low however; she likes to practice when she is alone. It is very easy to teach children anything when they are in a young age. I think hiring a music teacher would help them a lot to develop their talent to read music notes, or I can enroll them in music school on the weekend. I have a basic and limited knowledge about music notes and I think the music school is more appropriate.


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