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Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Update

Our master bedroom is finally down in the basement, yay. With my persistent on Friday afternoon, DH and I re-arrange the furniture in our family room down in the basement and our bedroom is now down there. There are still plenty to do. I have to find pictures from our old master bedroom and decorations that got buried there. All the decorations that I can't put up because of the kids touching them and trying to play with, I can finally put it up. Now, all I have to do is find

On Sunday our eight year old went to his friend birthday party down the road. DH took him over and half hour later he came back home telling me that he leave our son there. I told him it was'nt fair because I always stay with DD when I take him to He told me that I could probably done so too with the few parties. However, most of DD parties was far from our house and I can't really leave her there.

Our bedroom set, the walls are still bare because I'm still gathering wall frames, decoration and curtains.

I'm thinking about setting up this corner for sewing and crafts for me. The pole in the middle is the support beam, it came when we bought the house. We were thinking about changing it but we already put the carpet and we don't want to make a mess. There is a sofa bed, a table, a lounge chair for a cover porch (we don't have a porch or even a deck to put it into, and the wrap around couch on the right for watching TV. The stuff leaning on the wall is more partisan for our kids school cubicles. We don't have room at the other half of the basement for it .

The other corner for entertainment part of the bedroom. Never mind the mess, I was folding the laundry and DH was trying to fix the TV's but he did not have any luck. The window is where our garage located, it was an addition and the previous owner did not bother putting the door there .

The green wall, this is what the rest of the wall looks like before we painted it with orange. This is the only heat we have down stair, a propane fire place. Another great place to hang a huge painting to.

YDS tried the swimming pool last Saturday. I did not went in with him because the water is still too cold for my taste. I put an arm ploaty on him and almost jump in. I got a hold of his arm and sure enough, as soon as he touch the water he wanted to get out. He said, "too cold mommy" and clinging to my arm the whole time until I picked him out of the water.

Our cat got into a fight with the neighbors cat and had a big (like a nickel) wound on her side. Poor thing had to get a rabies shot. Every time I see her wound it makes me flinch however, it does not look like it hurt her. I really don't like it when she tries to rub the wounded side on my pants. I always move away when she does it, yuck. I tried to keep her inside the house at night until the wound gets better. I don't want her to get another one and have full body wounds. I can't stand it, it looks very painful just looking at it.

That's about it for our weekend. How about yours?


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