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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First Day of Potty Training

Finally I got my youngest started on potty training. This is it, my last one and I am very happy imagining I will be done with this. He is the last one and I am very happy. He did very well yesterday, I started him when we got back from the store. He enjoy wearing underwear just like his bigger siblings. We are not doing anything special, I just keep asking him if he needs to go and if he still say no after half hour I offer to carry him to the bathroom and help him there. It works for him.

I'm hoping for another good day today. But then again every time I get comfortable with this they do a 180 degree turn and disappoint myself. (knock on wood) Time to take him to the bathroom right now.

Anyway, I am planning on going to Parsippany tomorrow. I am thinking about serving noodles and eggrolls for his 3rd birthday party. I am getting tired of hamburgers, hotdogs or pizza and soda for birthday meals. Most of them like it however, my FIL does love meat and hate rice. I am not worry about MIL because she never eat anything I cook but she will buy it somewhere. I thinki she think that I will poison her...ha ha ha.

I'll give an update tomorrow.


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