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Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Update "In This Life of Ours"

We went shopping after the dentist appointment on Friday and oh boy, I feel like pulling my hair out. Kids ran, touched, fought over stupid things. Remind me not to do that anymore.

When we got home daddy was already home resting for a few minutes and had to leave again to borrow the GPS from our nephew. Then he went to get a brake set for his truck, he got a friend put it for him with his help. He did not gt home until around 8pm.

Saturday was a busy day for me. I finished cleaning the house, cook the cake, potato salad and prepare the eggrolls and pork kabobs. On Sunday we were expecting about 20 people coming but it ends up only three people showed up. Good thing I did not cook everything I wanted to cook. I only cook 1/4 of the dish and there are still a lot left. Now I don't have to cook for a week for myself.

Next time I'll just make steaks and hamburgers. My Filipino style food is not a hit. They want the old fashion barbecue food instead. DH hardly ate anything because he was talking to his parents the whole time. Trying to let them see what he is seeing about our government. His mother is awake (knows everything) but choose not to do about it but protect herself. Stock up on her food, hide it where they can't find it and basically follow the un-constitutional law that the congress passed.

She would not wear seatbelt because she does not like the way it feels. And it only applies to her. If she saw someone that is not wearing seatbelt, she would call the cops and tell on them, then she would say "I don't care". Yes, she cared, she cared enough to call someone to write them a tickets. Awake but socialist, well that's new.

DH lost his voice because he was yelling at them to get out of the country and leave him (DH) be to enjoy his freedom according to the constitution and his parents are two of those who just follow what ever is put in-front of them. But when it comes to their own son (mind you only son) trying to teach them how to be free they refuses.

His mother had been using colloidal silver for a long time. And all the time that our kids (her grandkids) had been sick, not once she offer that silver to us. Selfish yes, she want us to die so that she can enjoy her so called freedom, if you call it freedom. Puppet and slaves are more like it.

I feel so bad for him (DH). Not only that I can't join him to campaign (because of our children), because he is the only one fighting from his family. And I bet my parents and sibling would be the same. However, we will not give up without a fight.

Ahh, what a weekend very stressful.


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