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Friday, June 12, 2009

T.G.I.F. In This Life of Ours

As usual it is hard to get my DC to do some lessons today. Last day for them however, like I said before I wanted them to finish the K and 2nd grade curriculum. Both of them only did 3 lessons each today. DH woke up early as usual and got ready for work but, it was raining this morning and he called the day off. He can't drive a lawn mower on a wet ground. With that said he will be working tomorrow to finish up the week.

We agree that he should go out and pay the van, stop at our bank and get a debit card and cut the grass. I am the only one who has debit card and he always borrow it. I really don't mind but sometimes one of us leave the house now knowing we don't have the card and end up embarrassing ourselves in the check out. I already ordered checks, I can carry the checks and give him the debit card when I received it (checks).

In This Life Of OursDid DH went out and finish what he needs to do today? Nope, not one of them has get done by him. He was reading about gun control this morning and since he don't need to go to work today he decided about finish reading it. This happened in 2006 with some guy. Got charge with selling a machine to someone. But he did not sell it, it was borrow and malfunction and the people who arrest him even tested the rifle and cannot prove it. They tried special bullet it works two out of four times. Who ever arrested him wanted to give him a deal that if he works for them they will drop the charges (charges that he has a malfunctioning rifle that sometimes sounds like a machine gun) but this guy don't want to work for them. The suppose charges are up in the air and the gun control step in and charging him with what ever they want about gun control. To make the story short the guy is in jail now because his rights are violated by private organizations. Nothing in the Constitution says anything about all the charges brought to him. That is why DH is in very bad mood right now. He can't do anything because of it and how screw up our court system these days. He is sad and mad at the same time and stayed in his office thinking the whole day.

Anyway, most days this week I was feeling very tired in the morning. I feel like I needed more sleep. Since we moved our bedroom downstairs I was going to bed around 10pm. I had to put the two youngest to sleep before I have mine. They will be sleeping in my bed if I don't let them go sleep first. I don't really care but DH and I only have a queen size bed, big enough for two people not four.


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