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Monday, June 8, 2009


It's Friday again, short day for all of my DC. ODS wants me to pick him up around 9am from his school. DH is coming home early also because he do not have a lot to do at work today. My two home school DC have less class today being it's Friday. I am getting hard time giving them lesson because they wanted to go outside all the time.
ODS last day of school is on Tuesday next week. He finally renew his learners permit this past Wednesday, thanks to DH driving him to DMV. I in the other hand is tired and wanting the summer vacation to start. However, my home school kids will not get done until we are finish with their lessons. We started late with this home school and I wanted them to finish the curriculum given to them. They are technically finish because they are in the percentage given to them. But if we don't finish the units, they may have problem with the next grade level. I wanted to play it safe (finish what we have now) than teaching them the missed lessons before started the new grade level when the school starts in September.

Our bedroom is still nowhere, we are going to have rainy Friday and Sunday. DS#2 is going to a birthday party on Sunday. DH will chaperon him and I'm hoping I can plant something in the garden this weekend.

That's it for my edition of T.G.I.F., what are you doing this weekend?


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