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Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Update "In This Life of Ours"

Feeling burnt out with the kids lessons lately. I decided that we are taking two weeks off from their school and enjoy the first and second week of the summer. I went grocery shopping on Friday to have my whole weekend spend with the whole family. We celebrate DH (did not go to the meeting on Saturday, he change his mind) day Saturday and Sunday. I made meals for everyone, breakfast, lunch and dinner to show the appreciation for having such a loving husband and father to our children. The food will be posted in my cooking blog through the week.

Our cat caught a chipmunk for her meal and a bird. She turn out like the way DH wanted her to be. However, since she bring everything inside the house, DH capture them and release outside. Poor cat was probably looking for a healthy meal but can not enjoy them. DH don't have a heart to see those creatures get butchered. He rather see her catch mice from the attic.

As usual it rain all day Saturday and had a better day Sunday. PIL came to visit yesterday they brought us raw milk from where we get ours, the was on their way and they save us gas money doing it for us. As usual just like the average American, MIL knows everything that is going on with our government but refuses to fight for her rights. She kept saying that we have this for that, but she doesn't not understand that they too are part of the problem. Mind she was the one who kept telling us what was going on. I don't like people like her. She would teach things, but she does not follow her own teaching, somehow the rules does not apply to her. We were talking about part of the bible when people asked Jesus if they should pay taxes to Caesar. And she on with I don't want to listen to it, I knew what it says and I don't want to hear you reading from your bible. What the h@$%l? Bible is a bible, it does not matter who's publication it came from, unless she is comparing the original from what we have now. She argue and argue and as soon as DH got to the point about the coin she said "yes I agree with that". What! Minutes ago you don't even want to bother listening to it now you agree! How about the rest of it? She agree only to some part of it, and she likes it. However, it was the part of the whole thing. She can say I agree with that and those and this but I don't agree with this word but I will still follow what is says. That does not make any sense, if you don't agree with one words you should not follow the whole thing.

Ah, she is making me so mad, FIL is much better, he can make up his mind easily. And he does not change his mind on where he stands. My MIL you can asked her today about something and the two of will agree together, next week ask her again and the two of your will argue forever. She got all the fact but refuses to believe it.

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