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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Feel Honored

Stace from All Stace, All the time gave "In This Life of Ours" an award. Thank you so much, it is nice to be considered that this blog is lovely and best blog.

In THis Life of Ours

In This Life of Ours

I know of few blogs that deserves this award. Mom Gen, PJ, Shimumsy, GA farm lady, Lynda of Africa, Martha, Wanda, Karen, Weng, Carlota, Tchel, Ria and I know there are lot more. I just can't think of them on the top of my head. I will add their names as soon as I remember.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Update "In This Life of Ours"

We went shopping after the dentist appointment on Friday and oh boy, I feel like pulling my hair out. Kids ran, touched, fought over stupid things. Remind me not to do that anymore.

When we got home daddy was already home resting for a few minutes and had to leave again to borrow the GPS from our nephew. Then he went to get a brake set for his truck, he got a friend put it for him with his help. He did not gt home until around 8pm.

Saturday was a busy day for me. I finished cleaning the house, cook the cake, potato salad and prepare the eggrolls and pork kabobs. On Sunday we were expecting about 20 people coming but it ends up only three people showed up. Good thing I did not cook everything I wanted to cook. I only cook 1/4 of the dish and there are still a lot left. Now I don't have to cook for a week for myself.

Next time I'll just make steaks and hamburgers. My Filipino style food is not a hit. They want the old fashion barbecue food instead. DH hardly ate anything because he was talking to his parents the whole time. Trying to let them see what he is seeing about our government. His mother is awake (knows everything) but choose not to do about it but protect herself. Stock up on her food, hide it where they can't find it and basically follow the un-constitutional law that the congress passed.

She would not wear seatbelt because she does not like the way it feels. And it only applies to her. If she saw someone that is not wearing seatbelt, she would call the cops and tell on them, then she would say "I don't care". Yes, she cared, she cared enough to call someone to write them a tickets. Awake but socialist, well that's new.

DH lost his voice because he was yelling at them to get out of the country and leave him (DH) be to enjoy his freedom according to the constitution and his parents are two of those who just follow what ever is put in-front of them. But when it comes to their own son (mind you only son) trying to teach them how to be free they refuses.

His mother had been using colloidal silver for a long time. And all the time that our kids (her grandkids) had been sick, not once she offer that silver to us. Selfish yes, she want us to die so that she can enjoy her so called freedom, if you call it freedom. Puppet and slaves are more like it.

I feel so bad for him (DH). Not only that I can't join him to campaign (because of our children), because he is the only one fighting from his family. And I bet my parents and sibling would be the same. However, we will not give up without a fight.

Ahh, what a weekend very stressful.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Third Birthday

In This Life of Ours

He was born close to 2pm that day. I was out in about that morning with my other 3 children and the contractions started.

We came from the hospital on the third day and went back to admit him again for Jaundice within a few days. We spent our fourth of July in pediatric him under the light. After a few days we we're able to go back home to re-join our family.

I was changing his clothes and he was screaming on the top of his lungs. I left him for a second to get him a pants as well while DH watched him. DH yelled to me that he stop breathing while trying yelling at him to wake up. I came out took him from DH and asked him to put everyone else in the car to go to the emergency room.

We were not even half way to the hospital and he was breathing fine again. Scared not knowing if something damage inside of him or not we proceeded to the emergency room. They found nothing wrong with him (thank goodness), mind you we run too fast and I forgot the bring diapers and wipes with me.

We were there for 2 to 4 hours, while DH and other kids wait for us outside. I did not have my cell phone so he did not have any idea what was going on. Other kids did not have any shoes on either. That was horrible to go through, not knowing anything. The first year of his life I had to make sure he does not cry to the top of his lungs anymore. He had a mild reflux that he spits milk when he is not eating.

And look at him now, he is being potty train and talking very well too. I better get everyone ready, he got a 8:30 am doctors appointment. Be back soon.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Save - The Best For Last #1


Let me start by saying I am not your normal or average Filipina. I have a fair skin, not like fair skin as American but fair skin as in Filipinos. I grew up not knowing a single American or talk to any American either. When I was in my teen then I was exposed to a few of them. There were a few missionaries in town where I went to school and one actually teach in the school I was in.

I never spoke to anyone who said that American never take a bath. Nor I ever heard that they shave their body because they are very hairy. None at all. Now after graduation I move out of that area and live where there are plenty of Americans. None of my neighbors and friends who live in that area ever talk that they thought of the same thing.

(Now, fast forward to present and thousand of miles away from my birth country.) I joined Adgitize and click on their ads and came across a fellow Filipina's blog, talking about such remarks. I said to myself, "wow" was I that stranger in my own country. Other people are just generalizing other culture or just stupid.

Misconception number one: Bath and shower are the same when you use it in tagalog. It's the same concept "cleaning yourself with water". If you ask someone if they take a bath and if they answer you "no, yuck I hate bath", would you not ask them how they clean themselves? Most American does not take a bath, one example is my husband. He only do it when he got sore muscle or not feeling very well. However, he takes a shower everyday and sometimes twice a day. He works outside and most of the time he comes home from work dirty and needed to take a shower before going to bed. I am the same way, I rarely takes bath. I don't like still water. Most of the time I take a shower first then take a bath, soak myself for and hour or two then take another shower, this is a waste of water in my opinion and I never do it often unless I am getting sick.

Misconception number two: Not all American shave body hairs. This makes me laugh out loud, again they are generalizing. DH is hairy but no hair on his back. Some American have body hair everywhere. DH never shave his body hair except for his face. People that I know shave body hairs are those who are body builders and the gym enthusiast. I knew and met a few of them. Ok that, I am not generalizing, I'm talking about the people that I met and know. I had my single days living in this country before a met DH. So, I am not talking about one American here.

How would you feel if other culture generalize Filipino and say "they all eat dog meat". I know that is not true, I am Filipino and I don't eat dog meat, but in their mind we all do. And whenever I get asked a generalizing questions, "I asked them back with "how many do you know, where they live" and all sort of questions before I answer them. I can attest that "most Filipina wants fair skin" (most filipina I know). Again, I am not your average Filipina, DH can vouch for me but how many Filipina does he know? Not very much and he knows I'm not, and I don't belong in the norm category.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

T.G.I.F. "In This Life of Ours"

What a busy week? We went to local store and got filter for the pool, went to NJ to get some Asian food, enroll my two kids in another cyber school, drop off medical and dental form to doctor's office and today my 8 year old boy have a dentist appointment. I will be able to pick up the dental forms but the not the medical forms because my pediatrician is on vacation and will be back to the office on Monday. We have not made it to the strawberry farm yet, hopefully we can do it next week.

I will be cleaning the house today and tomorrow along with cooking and preparing some food for the birthday party on Sunday (like cake and salad), I will be cooking most of the food on Sunday. I still need to go back to my local grocery store to get the rest of the ingredients needed for the dishes I'll be cooking.

My vegetable garden is planted, and potty training is doing great (only number one no success with number two yet).

DH have a meeting tomorrow and he does not know where to go yet. This is a constitution class and he paid a hefty amount to attend. I hope they don't run and take our money. That's it today, I better start cleaning if I want this house to look presentable.

(I just remember now at 4:45pm that we were invited to watch a fireworks at DH friends house. We are just waiting for DH to come home because his truck is getting a new brake put on by friends.)

Happy Weekend.


Nedekcir 1950's Name is

Thank you Ria for passing me this tag. This is my blogosphere name, I don't see myself as Loretta Shirley.

Your 1950s Name is: Loretta Shirley

What's buzzin, cuzzin?


Looking at the Sky on Friday


In This Life of Ours
I took this picture when the kids and I went to NJ this pass Wednesday. Good thing I took this shot because it is raining here again today. I really don't mind because I'm hoping for a nice weather on Sunday. BTW, this road is very close to my house.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lease To Own

In THis Life of Ours
This is the kind of deal my husband and I was looking for when we were looking for a house and lot. Somehow when we were looking, we could not find anyone to do it for us. However, we are still glad that we found something even better. Lease to own is a great deal when you are moving a lot, because you don’t know how long you will stay in one place. Then you find out that you are staying, and you would have wished you did that option. Real Property Management can do that for you and more, please check them out.


Wordless Wednesday

In THis Life of OursThis was my almost 1 year old and almost 2 year old looking out the window. They are almost 3yo and 5yo now.


Extra Curricular For my Children

In This Life of Ours
Teaching my children in the comfort of our home I need to provide them extra curriculum to make it more fun. I am not even a bit worry about the socialization aspect of teaching them at home and I can careless what other people are saying about it. There are two churches that offer summer camp within the walking distance from our house. I have to check it out as soon as they open today. We don't really care what religion they are as long as they are reading the same bible as we do. That will solve the socializing aspect of home schooling.

All of my kids have the like to music. I thank my father for having the love of music in his blood and I think I inherit it from him and pass it to my children. My oldest can play the violin and read music notes. The rest loves to sings; play an organs, and guitar. They are not good at it yet, but with the lessons and practice they will get there. I found a free music online they can use to practice with. (it's time to look for a free piano online, I see a lot of them people giving away. Most of them need tuning but for free that is worth it.)

My 8 year old boy already knows how to read music and I am working with my 6 year old right now. She loves to sing along with them but a little weary when I try to make her voice to go high and low however; she likes to practice when she is alone. It is very easy to teach children anything when they are in a young age. I think hiring a music teacher would help them a lot to develop their talent to read music notes, or I can enroll them in music school on the weekend. I have a basic and limited knowledge about music notes and I think the music school is more appropriate.


Looking For Web Hosting Company

In This Life of OursA few days ago a co-blogger pointed out that without the "s" on her free web hosting can brought her traffics to another site. Then I pointed it out that everyone who is using the same like myself, I have the same problem. Mind you everyone's URL land on the same site, how could that be? I don't have an answer and no idea how is that possible. I am not that technical and to save from a headache I should probably stop using the free hosting and get my very own. Free hosting is not safe in my opinion.

I started looking for web site hosting and came across I can see which best web hosting are out there with unlimited space and bandwidth. Some of them even offer free domain name, unlimited databases, email accounts and FTP accounts. That is a lot for $1.99 a month and in my opinion is worth it. Please use web site hosting when looking for hosting sites. You will find hosting sites by popularity, by prices, by features and a lot more. You can also read what the web hosting geeks are talking about and what they have to say about web hosting platforms, bandwidth and more. Go check it out.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First Day of Potty Training

Finally I got my youngest started on potty training. This is it, my last one and I am very happy imagining I will be done with this. He is the last one and I am very happy. He did very well yesterday, I started him when we got back from the store. He enjoy wearing underwear just like his bigger siblings. We are not doing anything special, I just keep asking him if he needs to go and if he still say no after half hour I offer to carry him to the bathroom and help him there. It works for him.

I'm hoping for another good day today. But then again every time I get comfortable with this they do a 180 degree turn and disappoint myself. (knock on wood) Time to take him to the bathroom right now.

Anyway, I am planning on going to Parsippany tomorrow. I am thinking about serving noodles and eggrolls for his 3rd birthday party. I am getting tired of hamburgers, hotdogs or pizza and soda for birthday meals. Most of them like it however, my FIL does love meat and hate rice. I am not worry about MIL because she never eat anything I cook but she will buy it somewhere. I thinki she think that I will poison her...ha ha ha.

I'll give an update tomorrow.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Update "In This Life of Ours"

Feeling burnt out with the kids lessons lately. I decided that we are taking two weeks off from their school and enjoy the first and second week of the summer. I went grocery shopping on Friday to have my whole weekend spend with the whole family. We celebrate DH (did not go to the meeting on Saturday, he change his mind) day Saturday and Sunday. I made meals for everyone, breakfast, lunch and dinner to show the appreciation for having such a loving husband and father to our children. The food will be posted in my cooking blog through the week.

Our cat caught a chipmunk for her meal and a bird. She turn out like the way DH wanted her to be. However, since she bring everything inside the house, DH capture them and release outside. Poor cat was probably looking for a healthy meal but can not enjoy them. DH don't have a heart to see those creatures get butchered. He rather see her catch mice from the attic.

As usual it rain all day Saturday and had a better day Sunday. PIL came to visit yesterday they brought us raw milk from where we get ours, the was on their way and they save us gas money doing it for us. As usual just like the average American, MIL knows everything that is going on with our government but refuses to fight for her rights. She kept saying that we have this for that, but she doesn't not understand that they too are part of the problem. Mind she was the one who kept telling us what was going on. I don't like people like her. She would teach things, but she does not follow her own teaching, somehow the rules does not apply to her. We were talking about part of the bible when people asked Jesus if they should pay taxes to Caesar. And she on with I don't want to listen to it, I knew what it says and I don't want to hear you reading from your bible. What the h@$%l? Bible is a bible, it does not matter who's publication it came from, unless she is comparing the original from what we have now. She argue and argue and as soon as DH got to the point about the coin she said "yes I agree with that". What! Minutes ago you don't even want to bother listening to it now you agree! How about the rest of it? She agree only to some part of it, and she likes it. However, it was the part of the whole thing. She can say I agree with that and those and this but I don't agree with this word but I will still follow what is says. That does not make any sense, if you don't agree with one words you should not follow the whole thing.

Ah, she is making me so mad, FIL is much better, he can make up his mind easily. And he does not change his mind on where he stands. My MIL you can asked her today about something and the two of will agree together, next week ask her again and the two of your will argue forever. She got all the fact but refuses to believe it.

Borrowed from


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Just for political correctness I have to post today. However, I am so glad to have such a wonderful father, brother, father in law and husband for this occasion. May they be bless with long and healthy life.



Friday, June 19, 2009

Hazy Sky on Friday


In This Life of OursHere is the hazy sky at Hershey Park. The above photo is taken from the kissing tower, you can see every thing up there.

One of the rides I tried for the very first time (the loop the loop, Great bear or flying falcon I can't remember). I could not keep my eyes open because I was so scared and my eyes kept on watering because of the wind.


T.G.I.F. "In This Life of Ours"

What a lazy week! I did teach much this week, I already know they pass the grade level. However, I am getting lazier everyday. I just wanted to sit in front of my PC and drop cards and visit sites and write some entries.

My drive to teach are gone. I think we should do a staycation for a week or two then go back to their lessons. And use that two weeks to potty train my youngest son too. Hubby will going to a meeting tomorrow, so the whole Saturday will just us at home. I need to go shopping really bad, because I did not went shopping last week. I feel too lazy to do anything until today and tomorrow and the next day...I think...:) And tomorrow is also the party for our niece which we are not going because he got something to do and I don't like taking the kids out by myself.

We are propably going to hang out in the pool all weekend if the weather cooperate. Go to the local store and buy another set of filter, they get dirty fast. I need to go in there soon to brush the bottom one of this day and do it. I think the water is not that cold anymore. Plus it's almost filled to the very top because we are getting too much rain. The outlet for the filtered water is under water too. I think it's bad for the motor and I'm scared it will brake very soon, then we are going to have a gree swimming pool...yuck.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

In This Life of OursSquirrels


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Play With Friends

In This Life Of OursOne of my friends in a messenger loves to play multiplayer games of billiards online. Whenever I see her on it, she tells me that she is playing with her messenger friends. I never thought of playing games online with real friends, but this put it in another perspective. If you are just like my friend, you can try this by following the link above. I will sure send my friend the link also. My Aunt own one when I was growing up but I did not try playing it. It might have something to do that money revolve around them and I don't want to associate with them. Anyway, check it out and join players worldwide.


Monday, June 15, 2009

"In This Life of Ours" Weekend Update

The kids and I finish early on Friday, basically it was their last day of school. Summer vacation is here, however they started late with the cyber curriculum and we still have lessons to cover. I ran the errands that DH was supposed to do when we were done.

Saturday was nice at first, but when the day progresses it went very dark and started raining, again. On Sunday we had a productive day, we even removed the plastic cover our garden and I planted potatoes.

In This Life of OursI wanted to plant every thing but DH insisted that he wanted to mix it again before doing so. I feel like we are two months late planting this garden already. I told him that I don't want it to look perfect. And he gave me to much excuses, that I basically told him that "if you get into your depression (politic related) again and don't do whatever you wanted to do with it I'll be very mad" and left him outside. I wanted the seeds on the ground and he was stopping me because the garden is not flat. He got too much plan and lacking the time to do it all. I just wanted the vegetables to grow already. Looking like the image above.


Friday, June 12, 2009

T.G.I.F. In This Life of Ours

As usual it is hard to get my DC to do some lessons today. Last day for them however, like I said before I wanted them to finish the K and 2nd grade curriculum. Both of them only did 3 lessons each today. DH woke up early as usual and got ready for work but, it was raining this morning and he called the day off. He can't drive a lawn mower on a wet ground. With that said he will be working tomorrow to finish up the week.

We agree that he should go out and pay the van, stop at our bank and get a debit card and cut the grass. I am the only one who has debit card and he always borrow it. I really don't mind but sometimes one of us leave the house now knowing we don't have the card and end up embarrassing ourselves in the check out. I already ordered checks, I can carry the checks and give him the debit card when I received it (checks).

In This Life Of OursDid DH went out and finish what he needs to do today? Nope, not one of them has get done by him. He was reading about gun control this morning and since he don't need to go to work today he decided about finish reading it. This happened in 2006 with some guy. Got charge with selling a machine to someone. But he did not sell it, it was borrow and malfunction and the people who arrest him even tested the rifle and cannot prove it. They tried special bullet it works two out of four times. Who ever arrested him wanted to give him a deal that if he works for them they will drop the charges (charges that he has a malfunctioning rifle that sometimes sounds like a machine gun) but this guy don't want to work for them. The suppose charges are up in the air and the gun control step in and charging him with what ever they want about gun control. To make the story short the guy is in jail now because his rights are violated by private organizations. Nothing in the Constitution says anything about all the charges brought to him. That is why DH is in very bad mood right now. He can't do anything because of it and how screw up our court system these days. He is sad and mad at the same time and stayed in his office thinking the whole day.

Anyway, most days this week I was feeling very tired in the morning. I feel like I needed more sleep. Since we moved our bedroom downstairs I was going to bed around 10pm. I had to put the two youngest to sleep before I have mine. They will be sleeping in my bed if I don't let them go sleep first. I don't really care but DH and I only have a queen size bed, big enough for two people not four.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Gloomy Day

Yet another rainy day and very dark. Have I mention that my vegetable garden is not yet planted. We can't plant anything on it because we still need to mix the soil.

Now, me and my 4 little ones have to visit the post office to send my ODS his phone charger and allergy medicine. He packed his things when he got home from school on Tuesday around noon and did not left until Wednesday afternoon. You would think that he got everything but, no. Hopefully they don't get lost in the mail because I don't think I can buy him a cell phone charger any time soon.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Patio Furniture

It would be nice to have such rustic furniture for a patio. This is made with Northern White Cedar logs that are hand peeled to accentuate their natural character and beauty. I love the rustic look and feel of real wood. They will never get mushy or ruin by water just like the other wood furniture out there. You can also make sure this real wood furniture will last longer.


Wordless Wednesday

In This Life of OursThis is our cat getting ready to attack me while taking her picture. Click the picture to see clearly.

More Wordless Wednesday images here.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Are You Part Of The Solution?

A wise young man (well not very young) whom I'm married to always tells me this phrase. “Are you part of the solution or the part of the problem”? Any individual who has common sense can be part of the solution. If you only care about yourself and take everything that you think belongs to you, you are the problem. Furthermore, if you think that the Constitution of this country is old and needed updating you have a problem and you are part of the problem. Did you know that the citizen of this country is the law maker in this country? I think you need to re-read the only law of this country.

The Government is only allowed by us the citizen to govern our country. They are not the law maker that a lot of people knew. And ever any of the politicians step out of bound, we the people should correct them or even take them out of office. We put them there and we can take them out, because our country is a republic. The government can not violate the right of individual namely: the right to life, the right to liberty of speech and action and the right to our property.

Our president is trying to pass a bill that our human rights, property rights and most of our right are going to be taken away, the right to own guns, the right to garden in our own property, the right to home school our children (just a few example). Furthermore, he labeled my kind as a terrorist. In my opinion he is the terrorist because he is terrorizing the American people and taking all our rights. We have the right to sovereignty, and that too are taken away from us. If you don’t fight for our rights now, we are not going to have any rights left. We simply are puppets to follow orders from those who don’t even have the right to lead us. Please visit The Voluntaryist Website to learn more and help take our country and our human rights back.


Last Day of School

For my ODS that is, he will get pick up at the end of the day to stay at his father's house for the whole summer. Hopefully he learns how to drive better while over there and will be allowed to get a weekend job when he gets back .

Did I mention how much will it cost us to add him to our car insurance policy? A whooping $3500 a year just to be able to drive DH truck. One vehicle and sharing for $3500, the sales man that we spoke to said that is with the discount because his school grade is from 3.0 to 4.0 and he gets a discount. It make me wonder how much it is without a discount. I don't even earn that much a year from blogging.

Summer Vacation Starts Today for ODS.


Monday, June 8, 2009

A/C Compressor

If you drive a lot to go to work, you experienced how bad it is to have your auto air conditioning give up on you in the summer. Not a good thing to have especially when you have to go to a meeting or driving through traffic. Having sweaty clothes before going to a meeting is not a way to go because you may not look ready for presentation. Furthermore, waiting in traffic is much worst. All the heat from other vehicles and the heat of the sun can make any individual grumpy. Don't wait until this happens to you, get your vehicle A/C check and visit 1airconditioning dot com today.



It's Friday again, short day for all of my DC. ODS wants me to pick him up around 9am from his school. DH is coming home early also because he do not have a lot to do at work today. My two home school DC have less class today being it's Friday. I am getting hard time giving them lesson because they wanted to go outside all the time.
ODS last day of school is on Tuesday next week. He finally renew his learners permit this past Wednesday, thanks to DH driving him to DMV. I in the other hand is tired and wanting the summer vacation to start. However, my home school kids will not get done until we are finish with their lessons. We started late with this home school and I wanted them to finish the curriculum given to them. They are technically finish because they are in the percentage given to them. But if we don't finish the units, they may have problem with the next grade level. I wanted to play it safe (finish what we have now) than teaching them the missed lessons before started the new grade level when the school starts in September.

Our bedroom is still nowhere, we are going to have rainy Friday and Sunday. DS#2 is going to a birthday party on Sunday. DH will chaperon him and I'm hoping I can plant something in the garden this weekend.

That's it for my edition of T.G.I.F., what are you doing this weekend?


Weekend Update

Our master bedroom is finally down in the basement, yay. With my persistent on Friday afternoon, DH and I re-arrange the furniture in our family room down in the basement and our bedroom is now down there. There are still plenty to do. I have to find pictures from our old master bedroom and decorations that got buried there. All the decorations that I can't put up because of the kids touching them and trying to play with, I can finally put it up. Now, all I have to do is find

On Sunday our eight year old went to his friend birthday party down the road. DH took him over and half hour later he came back home telling me that he leave our son there. I told him it was'nt fair because I always stay with DD when I take him to He told me that I could probably done so too with the few parties. However, most of DD parties was far from our house and I can't really leave her there.

Our bedroom set, the walls are still bare because I'm still gathering wall frames, decoration and curtains.

I'm thinking about setting up this corner for sewing and crafts for me. The pole in the middle is the support beam, it came when we bought the house. We were thinking about changing it but we already put the carpet and we don't want to make a mess. There is a sofa bed, a table, a lounge chair for a cover porch (we don't have a porch or even a deck to put it into, and the wrap around couch on the right for watching TV. The stuff leaning on the wall is more partisan for our kids school cubicles. We don't have room at the other half of the basement for it .

The other corner for entertainment part of the bedroom. Never mind the mess, I was folding the laundry and DH was trying to fix the TV's but he did not have any luck. The window is where our garage located, it was an addition and the previous owner did not bother putting the door there .

The green wall, this is what the rest of the wall looks like before we painted it with orange. This is the only heat we have down stair, a propane fire place. Another great place to hang a huge painting to.

YDS tried the swimming pool last Saturday. I did not went in with him because the water is still too cold for my taste. I put an arm ploaty on him and almost jump in. I got a hold of his arm and sure enough, as soon as he touch the water he wanted to get out. He said, "too cold mommy" and clinging to my arm the whole time until I picked him out of the water.

Our cat got into a fight with the neighbors cat and had a big (like a nickel) wound on her side. Poor thing had to get a rabies shot. Every time I see her wound it makes me flinch however, it does not look like it hurt her. I really don't like it when she tries to rub the wounded side on my pants. I always move away when she does it, yuck. I tried to keep her inside the house at night until the wound gets better. I don't want her to get another one and have full body wounds. I can't stand it, it looks very painful just looking at it.

That's about it for our weekend. How about yours?


Friday, June 5, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday: Double Rainbow


This picture was taken just after the storm by my house. DH suggested to take a picture of the rainbow. At first I was a little hesitate but looking at it now, I'm glad I'm glad DH force me. Have you notice that the clouds at the other side is brighter than the one next to the faded rainbow? Extraordinary, if I may say so myself.

In This Life of Ours Image is also posted in my other blog.

For more images you can visit Crazy Working Mom.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


In This Life of OursMy four little ones playing together? I am a little shock too...:P


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May Top EC Droppers


Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Update

What a busy weekend. On Saturday we went to a barbecue with the fellow constitutionalists with the whole family. I just wish they had the whole day schedule. I mentioned to DH that they should have the agenda for the day. Not everyone are in the same place every time we have to talk about things and it should be done within a few hours. But since there is no agenda, it took forever to finish and I was exhausted when we got home. Thank goodness for our YDS screaming that he wanted to go home. However, I enjoyed shooting a few rounds while over there. Some showed up with firearms and practice in their backyard. Those things are loud.

On Sunday DH and three kids went to the flea market to get some stuff. DD of course came home with big doll and hat. My almost 5 year old had bought 4 toy pistols key chain, which I think are very cute. He can pull the trigger and makes the shooting sound.

We made the metal detox recipe yesterday. After a week of collecting the ingredients we are finally able to make it. I even went to the local arts and crafts store to find some silver wires but they don't sell them. We wanted to make our own colloidal silver. Well, that's our weekend, how was yours?


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