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Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Got my 8yo DS Bug

It started the same time like with my DS. I was fine yesterday morning, we finished their classes and I even went outside to play with them. After a while being outside I felt very tired. We all came in and I went to bed. I took a half hour nap and when I woke up my stomach was bothering me.

I had to start dinner and while I was putting the pasta in the boiling water. I took 2 teaspoon of colloidal silver to ease my stomach but it did not help because I felt something is coming up. I ran to the bathroom and sure enough.

I only had breakfast and a snack of banana bread the whole day. I vomited twice and I did not feel like eating or drinking anything. I had a few loss bowel movement, so my stomach was empty since 8 in the evening. I don't know what time I fall sleep but I woke up around midnight having a really bad headache and very thirsty. I could drink a pitcher of water and I went back to bed.

I woke up this morning with no stomach ache but my back is hurting bad because I was curled up in bed. I had chicken broth for breakfast and now my stomach is hurting again. I think putting anything in my stomach is a bad idea. One good thing is, they are not coming out of mouth

I better rest more, I'm still very weak. If I keep this up I can lose a lot of weight, however having little ones in the house does not help. I still need to cook and do things for them.


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