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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Monday (Holiday)

I woke up pretty early to get every thing done. I even put a mail in my mail box to out. As soon as I reach the front door, I realize it was holiday and the mailman will not come. I even help DH with his lunch bag because he will carry the garbage to put out by the curb, garbage day here every Monday. He was ready to go to work and he can't find his lunch bag. Mind you I told him I will carry it for him since I'm going out of the house. No, as usual he never listen to what I have to say and did not heard I said so.

DH had to work because the rest of the week will be rainy. He can't get anything done when it's raining. It was me and the kids home all day. I wanted the kids to do some lesson but they woke up and I felt so lazy after that. We decided not to do any lessons. However, I reminded them that as soon as they start complaining of being bored they have to do lessons. They were good and did not even say anything. They just played the day away and kept bugging me to go to the pool as soon as they are done eating breakfast. YDS never went in because he kept telling me that I was cold. And ODS who think he is Harry Potter living in his Aunt house never joined us outside.

Here are some photos of the kids in the pool.

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