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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My 8YO Caught a Bug

Yesterday, after getting all his classes done and right after having his speech finished he ran out of the classroom but did not make it to the bathroom. I had to clean up yet another vomit off the carpet and floor. I hate when they get sick because I'm the one to clean up all the remains.

It was smelly too, I had to put baking soda, vacuum and do it over again just to get the smell out. I gave him colloidal silver before I went to bed and it seemed like he was better by 4 in the morning. He woke me up asking for something to drink. A good sign in my opinion, but still sleeping at this hour in the morning.

We probably have to start around noon to let him catch up with his sleep. I hope it was a one day bug and not the flu. I guessed he caught it during the bowling party on Saturday. I have to keep giving him the colloidal silver if he does not get better today. He is my weak child by far, always the first one to get sick and he gets what ever is going around the household a few times too.


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