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Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend Update

DH finally done painting our basement where our master have to go. We only need to re-paint the moldings to go with the orange color and the back wall where the fireplace is. We are hoping to move our bed there before or this weekend.

I think the kids will follow us down there when we move. As long as they bring any toys we are fine if they all move down with us. The only problem about this is my ODS who will sneak in the classroom after everyone goes to bed to download and read manga online. It's bad enough that we are paying the highest bandwidth possible for residential and if we kept using more than allowed, our cable internet will drop us and they are the only one in town. No competition at all, then where we are going to get our internet connection.

Anyway, we went to the flea-market Sunday afternoon. We were planning about going earlier but PIL came to visit. Same thing happened the last time we plan on going hiking by the falls. They came a little later than usual and we did not have time to go. We were walking around but all the vendor are putting everything away. I guess they close early on Sundays. Not to mention that DC are walking on a not pave road. DS#2 fell and squil like he was being kill. Hands and knees are bruise and refuses to walk. Instead of going somewhere else we went straight home. I wanted to buy some more ingredients for my metal detox recipe but no luck. I can't go there tomorrow because they close. I even stop there today while I was grocery shopping but they are still close. They open at 11am, I was there around 10am and I don't feel like waiting for one hour.

So, how was your weekend?


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