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Friday, May 22, 2009

YDS Looking for Lunch

I called him out to join the rest of us to eat lunch. He came out and said no to what I have on the table. Plus he just get done eating some snacks. He then went to the fridge and took the jelly out. I asked him if he want jelly sandwich, no answer. I asked if he wanted something else, he answered with "punch juice". I thought you're hungry, no answer.

Then I showed him the bagel, he loves bagel with cream cheese and jelly. We eat anything for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They are food and fills us up. He still wanted juice, so I gave him juice. When he saw the bagel he said, "no, not bagel, that's doughnut". Mind you he never had donuts before. Can you tell we don't eat much junk not. Now, I have donuts in my mind. I'm craving for something sweet now.


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