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Friday, May 22, 2009

Teenager Son of Mine

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He is 17 years old, he should be out getting a part time job to support his manga book buying and music downloading habits and should have his drivers license by now. Nope, since I have to share the responsibility with his father (I'm doing all the work), he is not allowed to get a job and not allowed to learn to drive until he is 18.

I tried to do all of these when he turned 16, but went to the drain fast. We are the only one who wanted him to learn how to drive, we are the only one wanted him to get a job and even when we got him a job on a weekend, the first day he went to his father for the weekend. I (we) can not afford to pay for his insurance and I asked his father if he will go half. No, I don't want him driving right now. Fine, now it's your turn to teach him how to drive.

We are done with it, you can take him to the DMV and get his learners permit again. And it's your full responsibility to pay for his insurance since you are so against for him to work part time or even weekend.

By the way, we took his computer away from him. He is not allowed to do anything but homework in the computer anymore. I caught him in the classroom last night. Maybe I should break one of his arm to get the point across about groundation (if there is such word). He stays in his bedroom every time his is not doing anything. He does not know anything about life, about money...argh. I was out in a boarding house when I went to high school. I was 13 and living by myself. No one cooks for me, I wash my own clothes and wake up on time to go to school with no alarm clock.

He was doing so good up until this school year. I don't know what happened to him. Don't get me wrong he does not get in any trouble with the law or even in school, but he is just too lazy to make good things with his time.


Nilz May 22, 2009 at 12:14 PM  

I looked at this youngster and just got the feeling that this is what he is expected to do at his age. But it becomes too difficult a situation to tackle, I appreciate!

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