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Friday, May 29, 2009

End of May & T.G.I.F.

Time fly so fast but not fast enough for my garden. I still don't have any seeds growing on it. We still have so much rain and wet ground. I don't think my vegetables will make it before the first frost comes.

I have to gather end of the month school work for DC. I have to turn it in before the end of the day on Sunday. I'm not going to have time to do it tomorrow because we were invited to a picnic around 2pm. I have to go grocery shopping before noon. My kids had 1 and 1/2 week left of school. We are not really done with the lessons but we are up to the percentage where we are finish. DD supposed to finish 85%, which we are up to 84% already, and DS supposed to finish at 71%. Right now he is up to 69%, he needs 2 more percent to finish and DD is 1%. I think we can do it before June 12. Actually they have 2 weeks left.

Ok, I'm off to do all the papers works and enroll my Kinder to another cyber school (see my reason here). And before doing all of these, I need to cook dinner first.

Happy Weekend everyone!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's Fix

Somehow when I un-click the "expand widget templates" it seems to bring it back to normal. I had that box check the whole time, maybe I just noticed today that my template is a mess. I tried so hard to make sure the codes are the same and that box is doing all the problem, it was so annoying. Anyway, I'm glad that my layout is looking fine again.



Why is my right side bar not coming back up? It works fine with EI, how come it's not working right for Chrome and Firefox. I finally got it to sit at the right side and even up the size but still not going up. This is so prostrating. I think I have to re-do the whole thing again. Looks like someone change my layout or something. Even the lower part is sitting on the left side, It should be on the center. Ok, I'm off to fix this.


Studying Hard

In This Life of Ours
Here is DD practicing her writing on her Phonics book. I am so proud of her, she can read some books now. And she loves showing off to her younger siblings with Starfall. Mind you my YDS learn the alphabet when he was 2 1/2 with the help of starfall. If you want your little child to learn early, let them play at starfall dot com.

Anyway, we are almost at the end of DD phonics. I can't wait to go in the next grade level with both DD and DS. I have learned a lot, especially phonics. Coming from a non-English speaking country the phonics helped a lot. I also learned about the beginning of America, all the empires that started in Europe, different kind of paintings, how are rocks formed, and a lot more.

Just an update, we decided to put our Kindergarten in another school. With so much going on with DD and DS school right now. Like school founder charge not following the PDE's regulations and spending our school tax for her own needs. Appointing the board of members instead of parents voting for them and so many thing.

We will try another cyber charter school just in case that school close. I will be learning how their curriculum works just like when we started with the one we are using right now. And maybe enroll our YDS on another, just to have a feel with other cyber school. I need to do the paper works and attend an open house to get my questions answered.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tibetan Singing Bowls

You will find a lot of products that came from the Himalayas that have healing powers, and distinctive instrument use for meditation and relaxation. Crystal Singing Bowls is one of the few, and was featured in a Yoga Magazine. They are featuring the Spouting Bowls; a bowl when rub with your hands on the handles it creates friction and vibration that cause the bowls to spit water like a fountain, and the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls above. Both of the bowls creates beautiful song perfect for meditation and healing. They have other things too like; jewelry, handbags & purses, Wood Masks, Prayer Flags, Herbal Incense, Meditation Chimes & rugs, Gong Symbols, Bells and Dorjes, Buddhist Prayer Wheels, Mala Prayer Beads, 7 Metal Gongs, Brass and Bronze Statues and other unique handicrafts at wholesale prices. This is a great gift for someone who loves to meditate, or even for anyone who wants to try the healing powers of Tibet and Nepal handicrafts. Products that have a significant religious meaning for both Buddhism and Hinduism. I don't follow neither however, I would like to own one for relaxation and healing purposes.


Our Monday (Holiday)

I woke up pretty early to get every thing done. I even put a mail in my mail box to out. As soon as I reach the front door, I realize it was holiday and the mailman will not come. I even help DH with his lunch bag because he will carry the garbage to put out by the curb, garbage day here every Monday. He was ready to go to work and he can't find his lunch bag. Mind you I told him I will carry it for him since I'm going out of the house. No, as usual he never listen to what I have to say and did not heard I said so.

DH had to work because the rest of the week will be rainy. He can't get anything done when it's raining. It was me and the kids home all day. I wanted the kids to do some lesson but they woke up and I felt so lazy after that. We decided not to do any lessons. However, I reminded them that as soon as they start complaining of being bored they have to do lessons. They were good and did not even say anything. They just played the day away and kept bugging me to go to the pool as soon as they are done eating breakfast. YDS never went in because he kept telling me that I was cold. And ODS who think he is Harry Potter living in his Aunt house never joined us outside.

Here are some photos of the kids in the pool.

In This Life of Ours
In This Life of Ours
In This Life of Ours


Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend Update

DH finally done painting our basement where our master have to go. We only need to re-paint the moldings to go with the orange color and the back wall where the fireplace is. We are hoping to move our bed there before or this weekend.

I think the kids will follow us down there when we move. As long as they bring any toys we are fine if they all move down with us. The only problem about this is my ODS who will sneak in the classroom after everyone goes to bed to download and read manga online. It's bad enough that we are paying the highest bandwidth possible for residential and if we kept using more than allowed, our cable internet will drop us and they are the only one in town. No competition at all, then where we are going to get our internet connection.

Anyway, we went to the flea-market Sunday afternoon. We were planning about going earlier but PIL came to visit. Same thing happened the last time we plan on going hiking by the falls. They came a little later than usual and we did not have time to go. We were walking around but all the vendor are putting everything away. I guess they close early on Sundays. Not to mention that DC are walking on a not pave road. DS#2 fell and squil like he was being kill. Hands and knees are bruise and refuses to walk. Instead of going somewhere else we went straight home. I wanted to buy some more ingredients for my metal detox recipe but no luck. I can't go there tomorrow because they close. I even stop there today while I was grocery shopping but they are still close. They open at 11am, I was there around 10am and I don't feel like waiting for one hour.

So, how was your weekend?


Friday, May 22, 2009

YDS Looking for Lunch

I called him out to join the rest of us to eat lunch. He came out and said no to what I have on the table. Plus he just get done eating some snacks. He then went to the fridge and took the jelly out. I asked him if he want jelly sandwich, no answer. I asked if he wanted something else, he answered with "punch juice". I thought you're hungry, no answer.

Then I showed him the bagel, he loves bagel with cream cheese and jelly. We eat anything for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They are food and fills us up. He still wanted juice, so I gave him juice. When he saw the bagel he said, "no, not bagel, that's doughnut". Mind you he never had donuts before. Can you tell we don't eat much junk not. Now, I have donuts in my mind. I'm craving for something sweet now.


Teenager Son of Mine

In This Life of Ours
He is 17 years old, he should be out getting a part time job to support his manga book buying and music downloading habits and should have his drivers license by now. Nope, since I have to share the responsibility with his father (I'm doing all the work), he is not allowed to get a job and not allowed to learn to drive until he is 18.

I tried to do all of these when he turned 16, but went to the drain fast. We are the only one who wanted him to learn how to drive, we are the only one wanted him to get a job and even when we got him a job on a weekend, the first day he went to his father for the weekend. I (we) can not afford to pay for his insurance and I asked his father if he will go half. No, I don't want him driving right now. Fine, now it's your turn to teach him how to drive.

We are done with it, you can take him to the DMV and get his learners permit again. And it's your full responsibility to pay for his insurance since you are so against for him to work part time or even weekend.

By the way, we took his computer away from him. He is not allowed to do anything but homework in the computer anymore. I caught him in the classroom last night. Maybe I should break one of his arm to get the point across about groundation (if there is such word). He stays in his bedroom every time his is not doing anything. He does not know anything about life, about money...argh. I was out in a boarding house when I went to high school. I was 13 and living by myself. No one cooks for me, I wash my own clothes and wake up on time to go to school with no alarm clock.

He was doing so good up until this school year. I don't know what happened to him. Don't get me wrong he does not get in any trouble with the law or even in school, but he is just too lazy to make good things with his time.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

DH Got the Bug

I had it Friday night and all through the weekend plus two kids, now DH got it. It started on him the same way, afternoon before dinner time. Poor man, tired and hungry from working all day but could not eat because his stomach is bothering him.

While I was sick on Friday, he wanted to catch it too because of the weekend. However, he did not get it until yesterday after work. I hope he is drinking plenty of water today. I told him that maybe he can buy some seltzer instead of water.

We stopped by for lunch today and used the bathroom. I mention to him that what made my stomach better was drinking the sour soup (sinigang) I made on Sunday. But he settle for lemon juice instead, no water added, pure lemon juice and colloidal silver. Before walking out the door he said, "I think I feel better already". Maybe the whole thing is only in his Going to the bathroom so many times in a day is not fun, especially if you don't have a bathroom handy.



I Need a Vase

I have one, yes one but that one is very tall. It is almost like a foot tall. I went out walking again today in our property while the kids plays in the swimming pool and found some white flowers. I was thinking about re-planting them on the spot by the driveway. However, I need to add something with them because as soon as the flowers falls off there will be just green everywhere.

Anyway, here are the flowers I picked today. They are weeds for now until I moved their bulbs somewhere useful. I found where I found these purple flowers last year. I added some Japanese maple leaves to put some color in them. You can see my hands in one of them. I need a stylish vase for this things. I was using a jelly jar here and I need help taking pictures. They are blurry and the light did not help at all. Last year I used the candy jar for my flowers arrangement (I called it flowers

By the way, the background colors are the colors of the walls down in our basement. The blue one is DH office wall color and the orange is the wall to our family room which will be turn to the master bedroom. Remember my post about giving-up our master bedroom to make room for the classroom, yes that one.

What do you think about the flowers and wall colors?


Wedding Gown for SIL

I'm not really sure if she is looking for a wedding gown because she hardly speaks about her wedding to us in July. This not her first wedding but I think it is still a time to celebrate and do what she did not do on her first wedding, which is have a traditional wedding. I should probably give her the link for best bridal prices just in case she wanted a nice dress. I can't believe the prices of these dresses. I think my sister in law can easily afford them.And the best part is she don't have to pay for the shipping, yes they offer free shipping on most items. If you have a wedding coming up, you may want to check this site out.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

AIMS Web Testing

DD have to go to the library today for AIMS web testing. I'm trying to start teaching early to get most of their lessons done before leaving. I'm hoping we don't have to wait too long for her turn for testing. I have to bring all 4 of them because no one can stay with them at home. I can see it now, trying to control 3 boys in a library will be a lot of fun.

All prying eyes while yelling at them to behave, ans smacking their behind. I hate public places because I can't control my own kids with prying eyes. I'll give them what they deserve for not listening I get the looks, I don't do anything for not listening I get the eyes. Either way people sucks and our society made them that way.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Kids & I Are Home

DH got our nephew to ride with him for Long Island. I'm glad that he don't have to go alone. I would like to go but we don't anyone we can trust with the kids. And most of out relatives are going there. In addition my two little ones are not feeling 100 percent either.

I'm hoping they will make it for the ceremony. The priest is supposed to be stopping by around 9pm if I'm not mistaken. It was the same place where her husband did the viewing. I really don't mind seeing all the cousins but it is the wrong time. I wish they do a family reunion of some sort. But since I been with this family they only had 2 so far, and the only one who makes this kind of arrangement is my oldest sister in law. She don't do it anymore because of their mother.

Anyway, have a good night and I will see all you of in the morning.


Make it Last A Lifetime

I don't know what is it, but we always end up giving my parents in law pictures of our kids. Maybe because they don't visit enough, and we want them to see how they grew, who knows? I am all for the old fashioned way of doing things, especially cooking. My family had an old fashioned portrait done when I was little. Sad but we only have one copy and my parents laminated it and we can't get another copy. My whole family posed for it. No editing was done and everything was real. Just like the way Carl DeFelice of New Jersey Beach Portraits. With New Jersey Beach Portraits there are no sitting fee charges. You can also print the $50.00 off coupon to save even more. Furthermore, when you call New Jersey Beach Portraits you can speak directly to him. You will get your questions answers by the professional himself. This is a great way to run a business and a good way to support our local small businesses in my opinion.


Going To Long Island (NY)

Our Aunt passed away over the weekend and we are going to pay our respect tonight. DH is at work right now and will be coming early so that we can go and get there around 6pm. Hoping the time frame we are given by google is enough to get there.

We might hit the traffic because its the time for the employees to go home. I hate traffic especially when you have 4 little ones in the back seat.

Anyway, our Aunt was the eldest of 5 (I believe) siblings in my DH father's side. And my father in law is the youngest. She was the only female in the family too.

I'm not really sure if DH will take us all, since some of the kids is still battling the bug. I don't really have to worry about their school because they will be excuse. I think I just have to wait and see what DH decide when he gets home.

Rest in peace Aunt Johanna, you can finally re-join your beloved husband at the other side. She never been herself since we lost her husband a year or two ago.


Our Weekend

I am not 100 percent as of yet. I have a headache today. Going through the bug took a lot of me. I am still scare of eating anything heavy. The whole family has been taking colloidal silver and vitamin the whole weekend. I was not able to air out the house because it was a little chilly. I manage to go grocery shopping yesterday and I took my time because I can't move fast. I am still pacing myself because I still don't have the energy and the weather does not help either.

My 4 year DS got what I had on Friday on Saturday afternoon. I was so glad because he let me know when he was ready to vomit. I don't have to clean any carpets or floor. Then yesterday my DD had the bug. DS is still not better but they are handling it better than me. They were playing around and lay down when their stomach started to hurts and ask for a container or ran to the bathroom when it's time.

I'm hoping for a nicer weather today, I wanted to open some windows to get the bug out of our house. The best part of the weekend is DH and ODS painted our basement, woohoo we are moving closer down there

Happy Monday!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Always The First to Go

Only two more months and my husband’s truck will be paid off. You don’t know how glad we are to finally get one of our big payments will be over. We are hoping to buy his next truck with cash to eliminate finance charge and another bill to pay. In addition we are hoping that the truck he has now will last until we can save up for the next one. I keep reminding him to do all the services on the truck to make it last. However, we can always buy a Ford Truck Radiator replacement with a lifetime warranty online. They also deliver on the same day or we can pick it up if we don’t want to wait. What I like the most about the site is having my question answer by an actual mechanic. Go check it out folks.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Got my 8yo DS Bug

It started the same time like with my DS. I was fine yesterday morning, we finished their classes and I even went outside to play with them. After a while being outside I felt very tired. We all came in and I went to bed. I took a half hour nap and when I woke up my stomach was bothering me.

I had to start dinner and while I was putting the pasta in the boiling water. I took 2 teaspoon of colloidal silver to ease my stomach but it did not help because I felt something is coming up. I ran to the bathroom and sure enough.

I only had breakfast and a snack of banana bread the whole day. I vomited twice and I did not feel like eating or drinking anything. I had a few loss bowel movement, so my stomach was empty since 8 in the evening. I don't know what time I fall sleep but I woke up around midnight having a really bad headache and very thirsty. I could drink a pitcher of water and I went back to bed.

I woke up this morning with no stomach ache but my back is hurting bad because I was curled up in bed. I had chicken broth for breakfast and now my stomach is hurting again. I think putting anything in my stomach is a bad idea. One good thing is, they are not coming out of mouth

I better rest more, I'm still very weak. If I keep this up I can lose a lot of weight, however having little ones in the house does not help. I still need to cook and do things for them.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Student Loans

My eldest son has one year left of high school and I am dragging the days. Not because he will be leaving home soon but all the student loans that we have to find and apply for. I don't have a job and I do teach my children at home. You can see my dilemma there can you? If he lives at home while going to local colleges and Universities we can save a lot. However, I am sharing the decisions about his future with his father and we don't see eye to eye with so many things. My husband and I both agree that locally we can easily afford without loans then he can transfer the last year of college at a well known University to graduate. His father disagrees and said that he should experience the college life by himself. Maybe he should pay for the whole thing himself. I have to take advantage of the new financial aid just passed in February. You can find more information about it at Student Loan Network.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Update on my 8YO Bug

Thank goodness it was only a day bug. I think the colloidal silver helped a lot too. Whenever I hear him complained about his stomach I give him a teaspoon of colloidal silver and he would feel better right away.

I teach him while he was laying down on the couch. We skimmed through the activities and went straight to the assessment and it was easy enough for him without extra practice. I did not have to tell his teacher (cyber teacher) that he was sick.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Birthday Party

I'm finally finished editing the picture from DD birthday party. There are a lot of pictures however, half of it did not come out right. My MIL shots are so blurry and FIL shots are missing some lights. And my camera's batteries died halfway through the party.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My 8YO Caught a Bug

Yesterday, after getting all his classes done and right after having his speech finished he ran out of the classroom but did not make it to the bathroom. I had to clean up yet another vomit off the carpet and floor. I hate when they get sick because I'm the one to clean up all the remains.

It was smelly too, I had to put baking soda, vacuum and do it over again just to get the smell out. I gave him colloidal silver before I went to bed and it seemed like he was better by 4 in the morning. He woke me up asking for something to drink. A good sign in my opinion, but still sleeping at this hour in the morning.

We probably have to start around noon to let him catch up with his sleep. I hope it was a one day bug and not the flu. I guessed he caught it during the bowling party on Saturday. I have to keep giving him the colloidal silver if he does not get better today. He is my weak child by far, always the first one to get sick and he gets what ever is going around the household a few times too.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Busy Weekend

The bowling party went very well. All the kids had fun and had a lot of They are just too noisy and jumping all over the place. DD had a chance to reconnect to her friends and I am so glad that they RSVP for her party. One mother I spoke to said that DD is always a part of their kids even if she does not go in the same school anymore. A very nice thing to say and it made me feel better knowing she thinks that. Unless she is trying to be nice that is not very nice. But she thought of it.

I'm still waiting for my FIL to return my camera memory card to show some pictures. He borrowed it because he wants to make a CD to be included into the thank you cards I'll be sending soon. However, I rather do it myself to edit myself from the I'll just make my own copy to send out. We had so much CD's laying around, I don't really mind.

The birthday girl is a little disappointed because she did not get a baby doll. She had so much of them already and we thought she would like other things. However, we are wrong. She had a lot of gifts from everyone, but she wanted to have an apron to help me around the kitchen. So, I enter yet another contest for a chance to win apron for her.

If you are also interested in winning aprons for your child, go to "the apron goddesses" blog and enter. Those child aprons are so cute. With this giveaways you can win four aprons. That is a very nice to have because I have 4 little ones who will enjoy using it.


Get Fit For the Summer

Warmer months are always the best time to lose weight. And I always lose 5 to 7 pounds however; I gain it again on winter months. It would be nice to join a Vancouver Boot Camp to tone and actually get rid of my flab for good. I miss my pre-pregnancy body and who wouldn't. They offer a total-body workout that combines circuit training, hand-to-hand cardio combat (no contact), core strengthening, body sculpting, and functional stretching. My husbands' suggestion was do it at home, which I can't because of the kids. I can't stand being bug by bunch of kids while trying to relax by working out. Instead of relaxing I get more stress out just by telling them to stop fighting or don't touch things. If you are ready to change to a healthier lifestyle check this Fitness Boot Camp at


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Better In Any Way

I am so glad that we are done having kids. We should have been done in 2003 if hubby listen to me that we should only have 2 children. Anyway, by this summer my children should be all potty trained. I'll blame myself if the youngest one is Unless you have the money to live on the rest of your life you don't have to worry about saving money. Furthermore, buying Cloth Couture Diapers for your little ones can save you money. I heard using regular cloth diaper can help you potty train your little one much faster too. Why? Because with a regular cloth diapers they can feel the wetness and would want to take it off. Then you can introduce the potty when that happens.

However, not with Cloth Couture Diapers, they can't feel being wet and they are breathable and no rash can be developed. Follow the link and get your first pair and get free cloth wipe and cloth diaper detergent sample too. They also do a frequent giveaways and discount codes to save even more. Stock up now before the economy goes belly up. You can't buy any disposable diaper if your local grocery store is empty. With cloth couture diapers, all you have to do is wash and dry then it is ready to use again.


Traditional Wedding US/Phil

DH and I talk, once in a My SIL called to greet DD a happy birthday this past Wednesday. And I asked DH to asked her about her up coming wedding. And we got into talking on how the wedding was done from where I came from, in the 80's.

As I remember it, the grooms' family pay for the whole thing. Like my brother and Uncles before him. It is also customary to do the gathering (party) at the brides house, and then goes to the grooms house to do the same at the end of the day. The wedding have two parties in one day. My brother and one sister did just the custom was done (the way it was done a long time ago). My two sisters and I, had a not very custom way of wedding. However, my FIL paid for the reception in my wedding. The only person who came on my side was my sister in California, whom I don't talk anymore because she grown old & not filipina like. DH and I paid for the wedding ourselves and my wedding dress was given to me by my sister in California. We went to Sears to get our professional wedding picture done.There were some lookers when I walk in a wedding dress to the photo studio.

There is no first dance, no walking in the altar by my father. Actually my Dad did not walk anyone into the altar. When one of my sister had the traditional way wedding he was not able to come home because of his job location. However, my very first niece who got married last January asked him to walk her to the altar because his father was still is away in the other country for work also. Now, I don't feel so bad for my Dad not not having a chance to walk any daughter to the altar.

Then DH mention the word "dowery" for American women back when. Really! You pay the groom to take your daughter away? He could not believe that women back home don't have to pay for anything. I'm not really sure if people back home still do it the way I remember. A lot of them are westernize (they enjoy copying other culture, I think. lol) and have one reception in a big hall in a hotel or banquet hall, and both the bride and groom pays for the whole thing.

The good thing about this is we only have one daughter to pay for when the time comes. But then again, we are probably to old to have a job and pay for the wedding ourselves when she gets married. Unless we move to my country and get her a filipino husband and ask him to pay for the whole More likely not.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Got it

I received the "Pillsbury home is calling gift basket" (image below) today. I won it at Dore's Diaries anniversary giveaways. I'm still waiting for shirt, that would come from another sponsor. Anyway, the cookie sheet is pretty thick. I don't know how it will last because it is none stick. Those type does not last long for us because I use it a lot.


Feel Young and Look Young Too

This is your chance to have a young looking skin for free. The best thing in this world is free right? (That’s depends who you ask) All you have to do is subscribe to their newsletter and wait. You could win $1000.00 worth of anti-aging products. This is so right for my sister in California. She is scared of looking old. Maybe I should put in her information and email address to have a chance of winning. But then again, we don't speak to each other and maybe she will start talking to me if she wins. You can also Invite Your Friends Now - Win $1000, make sure you mention sharing it with you just in case you don't win...:).

Aging is optional.
Decades of research. Breakthrough results.

I'm inviting you to check out the possibility of timeless skin. Learn more by subscribing to the Perricone MD newsletter today!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

15 Kids Total

We are going to have 15 kids in my DD birthday party this Saturday. 9 of them came from her Kindergarten class from the local public school. 3 are her siblings and the other 2 are from DH co-worker (other job), and the birthday girl.

I order a cake from the local grocery store yesterday. We can stop by before going to the party to pick it up. DH prefer my home made chocolate cake but I don't know how to decorate it. It will look pretty home made and the taste can beat any store bought anytime.

I still have to go out and buy more stuff for the goody bag. Two boys are coming maybe put a kite in the two bags and the rest are girly stuff. Yesterday was the last day to confirm if they are coming however, two mother called today. One of them is very apologetic but the other one did not say anything.

I am just glad that even though DD does not go in the same school they are still willing to celebrate with here. There are going to be at least 27 people in the party. Wow, that's a lot, the most I hosted is 14. I wish I could do it in our house but we don't have anything to entertain those kids here. Plus, if it rains my house is not big enough for 27 people. The 27 is if a kid brought only one guardian. If they brought siblings or two guardians its going to be more. My very first real party...ha ha ha. I'm excited, hopefully SIL comes to help me entertain the parents.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday DD

Yet another year older and I am getting older too. As I remember I think she was born early in the morning six years ago. I can't remember I will add her picture later in the day. Happy 6th birthday N. Don't grow up too fast. From your family.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Want A New Apron

Yes, I have a very boring apron, it is dark navy blue that I had before I meet my husband. I entered magnanimous giveaways hoping to win this (image below). This is a part of the whole package she is giving away. I can probably give the other stuff to my MIL and SIL for mother's day or SIL's late birthday present for tomorrow (if I win I can not give it to her until I get the prizes). Yes her birthday is tomorrow, so is my DD too.

This apron is donated by Lula Smith Collection. You can find the link above by clicking the kids hand with an apple. Furthermore, if you are interested in entering the giveaways please mention you found it here at NEDEKCIR blog. Thank you.


I Received My Shirt

I got the shirt I won from Mom Gen contest (post here). Thank you so much for sending it. Btw the image is below. She also sells other things at and Please pay her a visit if you can.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Update from our Weekend

Nope, we did not go to the water for a hike yesterday. Hubby turn into this person who don't want to do anything again because he does not smoke. He is the king of procrastination I tell you. The weather did not help either because it did not clear up for a long time. Moreover, his parents came to visit yesterday too.

We were waiting for them to come around noon but did not show up until 2pm. Then it start raining again and know the rest.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

April Top EC Droppers

Thank you so much for being my top droppers for the month of April.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cooler Weekend

DC wanted to use the swimming pool today. I agree it's a little warm inside the house however, it's cooler outside today. If it's not for the sun none of them would ever go out today.

DH told everyone that we are going to see one of the falls about 45 minutes away. He made some instant chocolate pudding for everyone, but he end up eating all of it. So, he got stomach ache and don't feel like going for a walk at the water falls.

DD keep on bothering him about it. He even took a nap, but did not help. Now he is sleeping with a stomach ache since 2:30 this afternoon. Now we are planning on going tomorrow morning. I will ask my DD to keep asking him in the morning so that we can all get out of the house tomorrow.

In another story, my parents informed me that I finally got my reunion shirt. I told them to not give it away. My Dad was already planning on giving it to my nephew. I told him that was the only remembrance I got from the gathering and better keep it However, I gave him a permission to wear it once in a while or maybe take a picture of it while his wearing it. Then he can have it for good.

How is your weekend so far?


Online Activity

There are so many things to do to pass time in the comfort of our home in today's technology. I am also guilty of using our today's technology for my own gain. I think many of us does. However, I do not spend money to have fun online. And for those of you who do better know what you are getting into. If you trust a business I would say go right ahead. And if you hear something bad about them, use your best judgment. Furthermore, you can check the better business bureau and see what other people are saying about this kind of business.

I am actually using a company for my personal use and have a fifty fifty chance with them. I do trust my own judgment and so far so good. If they are willing to settle your differences I think they have the interest of their costumers in mind. Just like gala bingo, just keep your eye open and make sure you know their policy.

I always try something once, and this is the way I am. If you enjoy playing GameOn Bingo and can afford it, do so. I heard you get a better chance of winning and guarantee payout. You can join in every Wednesday and Friday at 10pm.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Where in the World is Ted Murphy?

This was me when I visit my home town of Philippines. One of the great attraction in my area are these rocks. You don't know how much my friends siblings got fooled when visiting our home in the boondocks. There are a lot of indentations around them and they told them to take a big bite if they wanted to return. Most of them would start biting however, my siblings can't hold their laughter. I asked my hubby to take a picture of me between these two big rocks. And check out Ted Murphy expression. Do you think he is happy? I think he feel so hot for that tongue sticking out like the way it is. What do you think?

This was in the Island of Marinduque in the Philippines. And here are the rest of the images. I don't know if you can see me sweating here.


Another Month Gone

Next weekend will be my DD birthday party. I have not received any calls from her previous classmates as of yet. However, I gave them deadline on the 6th. I have to go out and get some things to put in the goody bags for those who are coming.

In blogging: I already copy my top EC dropper for the month of April. I have to gather the 125x125 ads and put it up soon. I was going to do it yesterday but ran out of time because I had to gather my kids work assignments for school. The last day to turn them in was yesterday. I was pre-occupied with those and had only enough time to copy the screen from my EC statistics. Watch for it soon.


One of the Best

We all know that Saab and Volvo is one of the best vehicles out there. Even the people who do not own one can tell you that. Only if I can afford one of this brand I will buy one the heartbeat. I am a mother of five and taking good care of my family is only one part of being a mother. Furthermore, saving money is another with this economy. Buying Volvo parts in bulks online can save me even more, I hope everyone knows that. They also sells parts for other vehicle types, all you have to do is visit their site and search for it.


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