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Friday, May 9, 2008

Food Crisis

I read somewhere that millions of dollars funding the food crisis. Ok, who is paying for all of this? Who is paying the national debt of our country? The citizen of this country, you will see, we are going to pay $10 a gallon for gas. $8.50 of it will goes to pay our national debt. Americans has nothing to do with the national debt, the government of American people does.

Hydrogen power car will be useful right now. But then again you may get arrested if the government find out that you are not buying their gas to pay for their debt. Beautiful, isn't it? All about control.

And where did they pulled the tax rebate they are giving away? They printed more worthless paper money to give away. Our currency should have a gold backup. We don't have that anymore that is why the dollar worthless. Think of it as poker chips, we all have the chips but no real money to back it up.

Research the following: SAVE Act, Patriot Act, One World Government I have more will add them with my later post.


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