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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Lady In My Neighborhood

Well yesterday I heard a knocked at the door. I looked out the window and didn't see a car outside. So, I opened the door and there's an old lady there. She told me that she was house sitting across the street and wondering if she can use my phone to call her daughter.

I told here that I don't have a house phone and apologized, then close the door. I seen her a few times in my street. She use to walked up and down from the house across the street to 2 houses down because they are her relatives from what I gather from my teenage son.

Why does she wants to used my phone, mind you we never spoken before? When we moved here no one ever try to introduce themselves and welcome us to this street. She never once waved to us when we are outside. Now she wants to use my phone? How weird is that? I was thinking maybe she got paid to spy in our house and pretended to borrow the phone to see what we have inside. I don't know, or I am over acting about the whole thing he he he.

Anyway, after that I always locked my door whenever I leave because I don't know why all of sudden my neighbor will come and make excuses to come in. BTW, I don't have a house phone only cell phone and plus why she didn't go 2 houses down to make her phone call. Instead of knocking in strangers door to use one. It makes me think...hmmm.


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