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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Update (Unpredictable Weather)

My DD is feeling better today. She went to school this morning and made it to her appointment for orientation to the new school. From what I remember I thought the lady told us the appointment is for to tour the school, but when we got there she had given some questioners which she passed with flying colors. And the school nursed spoke to me about her allergic reaction to peanut butter.

I brought my youngest DS with us knowing we only have to walk around, boy was I wrong. The whole time my DD is getting tested all he wants to do is get out of that stroller and explore every corner of that school. He was whining the whole time, all I can do is roll him around to make him stop. I could have raised my voice on him already and smacked once if we are home. Of course I can't do that in public because all eyes will be on me...saying child abuse. And child services will be called in and have my child taken away from me. I hate the system, that is why teenagers knows how to make their parents shut up in this country. I know parents are not afraid of their children but the system, they don't want their children taken away from them. So, they do nothing to discipline.


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