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Monday, May 19, 2008

New Domain Names

Recently Gregory Nemitz and a handful of space enthusiasts proposed creating special domains, including ".luna" and ".moon," for Web sites based on the moon.

But why stop there? Here are some new proposed domains, and what you can expect from the sites in them..

".trek"--contains audio files of William Shatner

".bill"--Microsoft has bought this company

".love"--for people who would rather cuddle

".slow"--based in a distant country with no T3 lines

".geek"--assumes you know what all the acronyms mean

".404"--we stopped maintaining our servers in 1996

".y2k"--contains theories about the end of the world

".burn"--huge multimedia files will crash your computer

".*"--contains gossip about celebrity melt downs

".duh"--explains, in detail, stuff you already know


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