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Friday, May 2, 2008

The Revolution: A Manifesto

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Ron Paul new book is out and who else but the media put a nasty review about it. Andrew Malcolm who ever the h**l he is called him a political loser on LA Times/blog/topoftheticket post. That he only run for president to write a book. Are you blind? He is a 10-term representative, how in the world he become a loser. I can tell you why you call him a loser, because he will not feed your family when he wins the presidency. I guarantee it. And how much did you get pay to write that cr*p? Media will do anything for money. How do you go to bed at night knowing that you are the part of the problem in this country. Ahh you are not worth talking about.

Anyway, Ron Paul's book is now available in every bookstore. Get a copy and read what is all the fuss about him. Check my widget on the side bar from, you will find it there.


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